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The Forgotten (DVD)

Until the very last moments of Joseph Ruben's spooky suspense thriller, viewers will question who's who in the us-versus-them conundrum. We have but o...

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published 03/07/2007 | inbetweendaysx
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Pro Interesting, camera effects, great acting, suspense.
Cons Slow in some places, a little predictable.
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"what if everything you've known, never happened?"




The Forgotten was a film released back in 2005, I had heard people talking about it and had seen it numerous times on the shelf in movies stores. The cover was pretty intriguing, but yet I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up, until I heard it was on TV the other day, missed it and decided to go out and get it. Not too expensive, but I wasn’t going to order it online and wait for the post to arrive.

In my personal opinion I believe that the film was actually quite disappointing, I know my partner found it that way, as she turned around, and said I’m going to sleep - yawn? Kind of impression. Although it wasn’t as good as other films I’ve seen, it still had a good plot, and the acting was alright, yet everything didn’t seem to fall into place. Okay, so I don’t want to sound negative, but I think the film was great, but not the best I’ve seen, everyone likes different things; besides I was hoping it would be so much better as everyone had “hyped” it up to be. Kind of similar to the situation of the disappearing of a child - like on Flight Plan (featuring Jodie Foster) where a kid goes missing, but their existence can’t be traced. Then the caring parents are questioned by themselves, are these other people really right? What I thought existed didn’t exist? Am I going crazy?

All the way through the film until the last moment, you are kept in suspense wondering if their kids really do exist, and why are people doing this for? Everyone that is asking them questions and telling them that there is no children, “It’s not about the children”. A young mother - Telly (played by Julianne Moore), refuses to forget the death of her young son, Sam - who was 9. 11 kids, along with him, died in a plane crash on the way to camp. Infact the strange thing is, that even Telly’s husband (Anthony Edwards) can’t remember Sam, he keeps mentioning that he never existed, and the worst case scenario emotionally for Telly is that - the plane cash was never reported, and never happened - so she was questioned. Does Sam really exist? Besides who is going to believe Telly, when everyone else, even her therapist believes that Sam was just a figment of her imagination, that she made up - that she could see in pictures and in memories. Yet there were never pictures of Sam, they were of everyone but Sam, yet she could see him there. As for the childhood memory videos - they were blank, but she only realised when her husband told her that he never existed. That she’d had a miscarriage and post-traumatic stress disorder; this left her to question, what is really happening?

Maybe she is delusional, but she wouldn’t stand to that being put to her name, but she finds another parent, Ash (Dominic West) whose daughter died in the same plane crash, along with her son. Upon questioning him, he doesn’t remember Telly, but she needs him to stick with her to prove their theory. Telly tells Dominic that 14 months ago he started drinking, that’s when it happened - and that he’d forgot his daughter. Whilst sleeping off his sorry state, she uncovers the wallpaper in his office, leading to some proof of his daughters existence, crayon drawings on the wall of which once used to be her room. Ash thinks she is totally insane when he wakes up and calls the police - but when she is arrested by the federals, Ash reveals his worst nightmare - that he actually forgot about his child. Stepping in the room he admired the crayon drawings that covered the walls, and was sent back to memories as flashbacks of his daughter talking to him. Immediately he realises that Telly is sane, and rushes out to save her from being sectioned. He fights to set her free, where the run for their lives, spending nights in Motels to try to not be found. There is definitely a lot of action and adventure, with special effects in the movies, and a lot of birds eye view camera shots, which make you feel as if you’re watching them, just like they feel their kids are.

Furthermore, after days of running away, an agent is hunting them down, Ash beats him over the head and takes him hostage, tying him up to a chair. After they question him, they slap the living daylights out of him, as he refuses to tell. Spookily he is zapped away from their existence, as if he never was there. The teams manage to track them down to where they last hid, and realised that the explosion didn’t hurt anyone as their were no blood trails or even bodies to be found. A woman called Anne, has called them up to try to tell them that she understands and that she wants to be part of her case, but she doesn’t trust her.
They trick a professional into giving out an address, to where the airline people may be, or even where they are hiding their children. Yet Anne follows them, and witnesses in front of her own eyes, the stranger that keeps appearing (played by Linus Roache) is asked to turn around to Anne, or she’ll shoot. She shoots him but the wounds can’t be seen, just holes in his top - this is something shocking for her to witness; it makes her realise that there after all is someone bad under all this, and that she is going to have to find it out. Whilst running in distress to stop Telly from running away, she tells her that she understands, she knows their kids are missing and she knows what freaky happenings have gone on. In a bid to stop Anne going any further - something mysterious zaps Anne from her existence and into the sky. Telly is confused but she knows her and Ash have to get to the bottom of this. They again are confronted by the stranger, who never gains a scratch on him, and is totally invincible. Ash throws them both out of his flat window, just to fall. But they are sucked into the sky, Telly rushes down but finds no trace, just shattered pieces of glass. Her psychiatrist does everything in his power to tell her to go to the police, but she threatens him to take her to the airlines hangar instead.

It looks like a run down hangar, the paint coming off, looks flimsy, but they enter. Empty, dark, shadowy. Again the strange man appears, yet the psychiatrist admits they know of their cruel experiments of the separation of child and parent, but they can’t do anything to stop it. He tells her not to go any further. She carries on though, she wants her son. Telly is strangled by the strange man, who asks her to recall her very first memory, but he even is shocked when she gets back off the ground and can still remember the attachment between her and her son. She runs, and later ends up at the playground shouting for her son. And I won’t spoil the next bit, but I found it sort of dream like as if nothing had ever happened. Lets say the first few minutes go really slow, but the last 10 minutes just don’t seem to round off properly. Okay, you find out the truth of what really happened, but where’s the explanation for this? The directors just left it at that, to let you question, why?


The film was alright, a tiny bit slow to start off with and towards the end the film just fell apart, I didn’t really feel as if it was a twist, but it was predictable of what might happen. I like films that keep you guessing, unless you don’t have many brain cells, I don’t think that this will be that hard to establish of what is going to happen. I know many people that have said the film was really good. What attracted me to pick it up, was it’s unusual cover, striking, just white with half a face and shadows of what looks like kids, with a faint glow around the shadows. Must comment that there is an element in the film that makes you want to find out what really is happening, as well as the suspense as they travel, trying to hide away from the people that are chasing them.

If you enjoy this film, or want to try another one that is similar, try Flight Plan - I have another review on it, basically about the disappearance of Kyle’s (mother played by Jodie Foster) daughter, who is only 6 years old. Where they are in flight - airborne and she just disappears whilst Kyle is sleeping - only to wake and find that nobody witnessed the little girl sitting in seat 26, and that Kyle must be imagining things as of her husbands tragic death.

Or another film which is alright, which I saw in the cinema - White Noise 2, it’s pretty spooky, not really to do with disappearance, but like someone is watching you type of feeling. But most of you have probably heard the hype of that film anyway. Nevertheless, is more of a suspense film.


Julianne Moore – Telly Paretta
Christopher Kovaleski – Sam
Gary Sinise – Dr. Jack Munce
Alfre Woodard – Det. Anne Pope
Anthony Edwards – Jim Paretta
Dominic West – Ash Correll
Linus Roache – "A Friendly Man" (the stranger)


Directed by Joseph Ruben
Produced by Bruce Cohen
Written by Gerald Di Pego
Music by James Horner
Cinematography Anastas N. Michos
Editing by Richard Francis-Bruce
Distributed by Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment


Rated - 12
Length - 91 minutes.
Budget - $42,000,000
Extra - Audio commentary from the film's writer and director
Extra - Deleted scenes - On The Set: The Making Of The Forgotten
Extra - Remembering The Forgotten


I bought it as a part deal of 3 for £10, at ChoicesUK the DVD and game store.

It is available cheaply online:

£5 delivered at play: which is a bargain

£1+ as low as a pound on eBay, probably around £3 with postage, or however buy it now would be more?

£1.30 - used and new on Amazon, or you can buy it just under £6, for new

Thanks for reading, and hopefully my 2000 near enough words haven’t bored you to death. If they haven’t and the film seems remotely interesting, grab yourself a cheap copy, or even rent it out for the night? And see what you think of yourself?

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  • Seresecros published 15/04/2008
    I think your review could benefit from losing some of the plot description towards the end, especially anything which reveals any of the twists. That aside, this is a great review.
  • Merced published 25/08/2007
    Great Review. I've seen this film and did enjoy it but I think that was because I started out thinking it was just a thriller and then it turned out to be scifi which is one of my favorites.
  • Soho_Black published 29/07/2007
    Sorry for the H, but if this is to be a full DVD review, I would prefer to see a review of the extras in similar detail to the way you've reviewed the film, rather than just a list of them.
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Until the very last moments of Joseph Ruben's spooky suspense thriller, viewers will question who's who in the us-versus-them conundrum. We have but one hint: 'It's not about the children'. But as local police, the feds, and other unknowns follow Telly (Julianne Moore), a young mother who refuses to forget the death of her 9-year-old son Sam, it's clear that the children are a hot-button issue. While it's fishy enough that nobody--not even Telly's own husband (Anthony Edwards)--seems to remember Sam, and the plane crash she claims killed him was never reported in the newspapers, it's a question of whose story to believe. And Moore, the frantic mother with madness flickering in her eyes, may simply be delusional, or so her shrink (Gary Sinise) says. But when she finds another grieving parent, Ash (Dominic West), whose daughter died in the same accident, she now has a partner in conspiracy theory. Together, Ash and Telly flee through the damp alleyways beneath the Brooklyn Bridge where steam escapes from potholes and police searchlights penetrate the gothic fog. Somebody knows something about the children, and 'they' want Ash and Telly to forget. THE FORGOTTEN springs into an action-adventure race for the truth, with surprising special effects, exciting jolts, and bird's-eye camera shots on ominous geometric patterns in the urban landscape keeping this mystery in fifth gear.


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