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The Gilded Web - Mary Balogh

The Gilded Web - Mary Balogh

Pages: 449, Mass Market Paperback, Non Basic Stock Line

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EAN 9780440243069
Publisher Dell Publishing
Type Fiction
Genre Romance
Title The Gilded Web
Author Mary Balogh
Number of Pages 480
ISBN 0440243068


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Very readable
I didn't want it to end! (*)
light and easy reading
none (*)
An addictive read, emotive, insightful and good character growth.
Some dark themes and quite depressing. (*)
Gripping storyline, intense atmosphere, amazing language.
Fast paced (*)
good characters and easy to read
some small things similiar to other books by same author (*)
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Too much of the story is given away by the blurb (*)
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Lots of romance
Some people may be offended by the plot (*)
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Great characters, keeps you reading, great summer read
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A fantastic bodice ripper book!
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