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The Gleed Girls Technology College, Spalding, Lincolnshire

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Review of "The Gleed Girls Technology College, Spalding, Lincolnshire"

published 02/09/2008 | charlottedannielle123
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"Schools out for ever"

every one in my maths group

every one in my maths group

As I have finished the whole of my secondary education. I am going to write about the school at which I spent 5 boring sad years.

After not doing my eleven plus, and not being there to the end of the year 6 (as I was involved in a car accident and was on crutches) I didn't know how long I had to wait to get the notification of what colour group I was in, or into which form I had been placed.

During the six weeks holidays I was raiding the post every day to see whether the letter had come for me and when about two weeks were left I got some post (yay!) I was looking forward to going to the big school and being with the big kids. I was also looking forward to studying all the different subjects I didn't study at primary school. So on the 3rd of September 2003 I walked to school with my mum and my elder sister so I would learn the way to school. Then while I was walking to school I was continually checking if I looked all right in my new school uniform. When I got there my sister took me to the main hall where the whole of the new Year 7s were supposed to go. When I got there I waited for some one I knew before actually going in. The first person I met that I knew was called Hannah as I had met her on the induction day. So then we went in the main hall together.

As time went on more and more people came in to the hall and Hannah and I went to stand with the friends we had at primary school as we knew them better than anyone else. Then it was getting louder and louder as people were talking over each other. Suddenly a booming voice came from the front of the hall on the stage. The owner of the booming voice introduced herself as Miss Smith, the head of year 7. Then she started calling out peoples names, and for certain teachers located in different areas of the school. I thought I was going to be in 7B but that was Mr Butler's and my elder sister had been in his form and to my surprise I wasn't as the last form to be called was 7K this was Mrs Bakers form and I was in her form.

Unfortunately for me I was with no one from my primary school, so I was awfully scared and nervous in case I didn't make any new friends but luckily for me Hannah was in my form. So in form time I hung around with her until she started ignoring me. When she started ignoring me, I thought I would start to mingle with others, and to my astonishment, I found out that one of my friends Sophie, my nursery friend was in the same form as me and that she had changed an awful lot since I'd seen her last. Then I thought I would mingle some more. Later I came across some one that was as weird as I was and who laughed at my jokes when they were not funny at all. So during that form time I found a new friend and an old friend and I started getting a 'gang' built up. This was made up of Hannah A, Keeley G, Jemma G and finally myself, so we would all eat lunch together and talk about random stuff.

So as year 7 went on I no longer needed to hang around with my sister and her friends as I had made my own. Then tragedy struck as I was still a freak and although I tried really hard to blend in, the bullies came after me as they did not like the way I looked, or the way I got on with things. So I would always be getting verbal abuse fortunately for me it never got physical.

Near to the end of the year it came to our prize giving which I had never before attended. We got told we were to sit in a chair and wait: if our names get called, go to the front and shake the person's hand. I was so bored that afternoon as Hannah and Keeley were sat beside me that we were quietly talking to each other. Finally the name "Charlotte Morgan" was called and I was like "me, its me, its me, its me" so I went up the front and it was for music and the funny thing was that I hated music. He he he!. So it came to the end and Mrs. Murrel had given out one certificate to me, and two to Hannah; none for Kelley and Jemma though.

In year 8, I thought it would be a laid-back year as we did not have to do too much (as we had done our cats tests in year 7 and the next big tests were in year 9). But I was wrong as the teachers were very pushy and expected great things from us, so I would work very had and the teacher praised me a lot as I would always complete my work. At the end of the year I was told in maths that I was to move up a set (and that means move up a colour group) but that didn't happen and I got all excited for nothing so I was rather upset (but not enough to moan). At the end I thought I was very lucky as I got three certificates and I was constantly up and down like Hannah and Jemma - none for Keeley again though.

Year 9 - now the time had came to put all the hard work we did in year 8 to the test as there was nothing up to Christmas. After Christmas the harder work began as there were only a few weeks before we had our SAT's exams; then it was work, work, work as we had a lot of preparation to do before the SAT's. So we got on with it and came out well in the end as I got Cs in all the key subjects like Maths Science and English so that determined what colour I was going to be in for the next two years. The colour I had been put in was gold the same as yellow.

So year 10 was here finally, only another year to go before I am out of the school! We started to crack on with the course work and the first teacher to give it was the English teacher Mrs. Bye - she was awesome. She was always having to give me extensions on all my work as I have serious problems in English. Then the maths department gave us coursework; then history and the rest followed. We had a good time in year ten as there were a lot of trips to go on and other things such as work experience and they were my highlight of the year as we had parties like every day there as well as work. I got £50, a diary and a plant from the place I went for work placement, also. Prize giving came and I was like a yo-yo receiving my certificates.

Year 11 was now here - time goes fast. So last parts of the coursework turned in and ready to be marked; also completion of the assignments; also the task in making sure that the tiny year sevens didn't go through the bullying I did as I was a prefect. I was very important (yes I was) and we had parties every term. So then the exams came and we were to attend school in full uniform until we had taken that exam - then we were out of the lesson and people like me went and relaxed down the playing field. So then after all our exams we didn't need to return till the 23rd of August (when results day was) so when my last exam was over I had to look for a job.

I went to university again and had a great time again and waited. I got a little card saying thank you for your help being a prefect and I got 50% off Butlins but I don't go to Butlins, so, really, it was worth nothing. So I attended a job club every week and then results day came and these years at the school paid off as we had to open them in the school building my results were as follows

Maths ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C
Science ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C
Product design ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C
Citizenship~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C
English~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D
English literature~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D
Human phys & health ~~~~~~~~~~~~ D
RE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ E
History~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ E
ICT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PASS
Hairdressing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PASS

Those were my results and I would say they were fairly good so there is the good education bit of the school.

Anyway, thanks for reading my review on the Gleed Girls Technology College. I hope I didn't bore you too much.

Charlotte xx

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  • retireduser published 06/06/2009
    Nicely reviewed.
  • Veytrivey published 30/01/2009
    Great review.Thanks for sharing.
  • ChemicalRomance published 08/12/2008
    Nice.. You can't live too far away from me.. I went to Boston High School.. Sure you've heard of it at one point! x
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