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The Hunger - Whitley Strieber

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... The author concentrates on presenting a complete picture of Miriam, being so cruel and tragic in its fate, and the impossibility of being lonely, marked by her search for partners during centuries. Strieber tries to avoid unnecessary pathos or reloading his narration with too much details ... Read review
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Thinking man's vampiric romance

AdvantagesGood plot, style, believable characters, hint of science

DisadvantagesVery trivial ending, unworthy of such good story

"...Miriam Blaylocks. Ancient creatures, with the equally venerable lineage, extremely different from the mortals around them. Active during the day, however - and other creatures of their species – later compelled to Sleep for a few hours, regenerating their strength. Widely regarded as beautiful and sexually attractive, both for themselves and for the mortals. Observing and attacking, in order to satisfy their hunger... However, terrified Miriam notices ..." Read review

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Author Whitley Strieber
EAN 9780743431026
ISBN 0743431022


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