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The Inbetweeners Movie (DVD)

Will, Simon, Jay and Neil attempt to 'ave it large' in Malia in the movie follow-up to the phenomenally successful E4 comedy THE INBETWEENERS. With sc...

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published 15/12/2011 | daisyleex
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"The Inbetweeners Movie"

The Inbetweeners Movie

The Inbetweeners Movie


I loved The Inbetweeners when it was on E4, and so when I saw the advert for the movie I was beyond excited! I wasn't really sure if it would actually be any good as I couldn't really imagine it as a movie, but because I was curious and knew that it would be funny despite whether the storyline was any good/believable, I decided to go and watch it with a few friends around a week after it was first released. I loved it so much that I bought it on DVD as soon as it was (recently) released and i've watched it about 10 times already!

The Inbetweeners

I'm pretty sure that a majority of people reading this review will be aware of the inbetweeners due to its sheer popularity, but for anyone who's never heard of it, it started out as a TV series on E4 (the home of Skins and Misfits!) and after three series, they made a movie to act as a finale. The Inbetweeners is basically about four very average, young british guys who are a bit on the geeky side. The name 'the inbetweeners' is referring to their popularity status in school - they're not total geeks but they're not popular either. I think the thing about The Inbetweeners that makes it so good is how realistic the characters are - I think we all know at least one person who reminds us of one of the characters which makes it that bit more hilarious.

The Characters

Will (sometimes referred to as Mckenzie) is the sensible, wise beyond his age guy, whos role within the group comes across as a nagging mother figure. He's very full of himself and sees himself as very academic however everyone else just sees him as a plonker! He's quite naive and has a very loveable side to him, he comes out with some hilarious stuff! The character despite being well dressed, well spoken and sensible does have a bit of a naughty side to him that comes out to play.

Simon is probably the most average of the lot, he is just a typical teenager really and doesn't have anything about him that really stands out, he's probably one of the characters that i'm not too keen on as he's often sarcastic and 'dull'. During the series we followed his attempts to hook up with a pretty blonde girl called Carli, and in this movie we see whether he has been succesful in winning her heart.

Jay is hilarious! He is the loud, cocky, try-hard guy that most of us know in real life - the kind of guy who overexagurrates until their is no truth at all left. Jay's lies are hilariously random and because it's so blatant that he's lying it makes it even funnier. His character is quite awkward and he is actually insecure deep down meaning that the viewer developes a liking to him despite his cocky and arrogrant personality.

Neil is the dumb one (he's definetly the male equivilent to a bimbo!), he's really oblivious to most things going on around him and instead likes to focus on girls. He's a real sweetie and the most likeable in my opinion. Despite his geeky dress sense and immature/ditsy attitude, he is actually quite a hit with the ladies (both in the series and in the movie) which causes huge frustrations with the other members as they don't understand why he's such a hit with the girls.

Film Plot

This film follows Will, Simon, Jay and Neil as they head off to Malia after their A levels to escape the stress of life at home and to get drunk and laid! It is seen as being their own lads holiday before going their seperate ways to university/normal life. The storyline is believable and easy to relate to, to be honest! It reminds me of when I and some friends went abroad when we turned 16 and it portrays the whole brits abroad storyline really well - it is just hilarious and so realistic, it includes all the horrible run of the mill (but hilarious) scenarios of being young, single and abroad.

My Opinion

As I said above, I was hugely excited to see this film, and I wasn't left dissapointed! I loved it - it was hilarious! The film summed up the series extremely well and brought things to a close, it has been made clear that there will be no more Inbetweeners after the movie and I actually didn't mind - the movie just about managed to pull off the ridiculousness without going overboard or making it unbelievable while creating imaginative, new scenarios. I think if they did create a new series after this it wouldn't be the same because everything would of already been done. The film was suprisingly fresh, obviously the characters were still the same but the film wasn't repetitive and didn't mention any past characters (apart from a couple who had small roles in the film but these were not repetitive or predictable) or drag memorable past incidents into coversations. The film did a good job in building the characters' personalities quickly so that people who'd never seen the programme before could get the jist of things and relate to the characters, while managing to not be boring to the people who already knew who the characters were.

I will admit that when I saw the advert for the film before I saw it, Kevin and Perry instantly sprung to mind. I thought it could potentially be an unoriginal, run of the mill comedy about young guys abroad looking for girls, but it really wasn't. It was full of hilarious scenes which really outshined Kevin and Perry by far - this film made me laugh throughout and exceeded my expectations by far. It is incredibly funny with very immature/slaptick type humour, however it was quite sentimental in parts which made me feel really happy because i've watched the programme from day one watching their friendships develop, so seeing them all together on holiday made me feel like they were proper friends, little things that the characters say to express their feelings of friendship for eachother are really heartwarming but are said in a way that is still hilarious and not 'lovey dovey' or serious. Saying that though, there are a few romantic sub plots in the film which I loved! In the series the characters are seen as being hopeless with girls, but in the film some of them finally have their chance to not only get laid, but fall in love.

The film does have quite alot of original scenarios and jokes, but the outcomes of most were predictable, but still funny. Some of the scenes were slightly far fetched and some went a bit too far - for example the scene in which Neil poo's in a childs toilet and they attempt to prod it down the hole with a loo brush, it was funny but I think it was a bit too graphic lol - I know it wasn't real but I felt slightly sick after watching it! I also found that some of the humour was quite tounge in cheek, such as the few comments about homosexuals (and the reptetive use of words such as "gays", "bummer" etc), which I think could be blown out of proportion if someone got offended by it. I loved that the characters were in a totally different setting to what I was used to seeing them in during the series (such as school, the cinemas, shopping centres etc) because it brought a breath of fresh air to the whole thing and made it feel like I was watching a film and not just another episode of the programme/an extended episode. One scene did slightly remind me of the 'fish in the boat' scene from an episode in series two, but apart from that I found it very original.

The only thing that slightly annoyed me was the way that the film dealed with the whole fat girl (Jane) sub story line, I know it's part of the comedy and everything but I found it slightly uncomfortable to watch. Whenever Jay made a nasty comment, it didn't bother me too much - it's Jay for god's sake, even if she was as thin as a pole he'd still have something nasty to say, however I didn't like that they kept on and on and on at her weight - it did get a bit tedious and I found it quite unncesscary that she was portrayed as being the ugly one out of her friends due to her weight, but eh, nevermind, it was still funny and the jokes weren't too offensive. I think most inbetweeners fans will enjoy this, and anyone who likes films such as The Hangover, Superbad etc will enjoy it too. The humour is very British and crude, and there's also alot of graphic scenes including a male stripper performing oral sex on himself and various other gross things that despite how grusome they are, are still hilarious!

The Acting

I thought all of the actors in the film were brilliant! Due to how long the inbetweeners has been around, I thought things might start wearing thin and that the actors would be kind of going over the same old material and showing the strain, but the perfomances were flawless. I really don't know how the actors kept a straight face in some of the scenes!

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack in the film is very up to date and fits in with the scenes really well, I can't really fault it. Whenever I hear the song 'We no speak Americano' the dancing scene from the film comes back into my mind and I can't help but smile to myself! All of the songs in the film are well known, and there's also some random songs thrown in there which are very comedic!

Price and Availability

This film is available on DVD and Blu Ray format. It is quite widely available - it's in supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsburys etc as well as HMV/CEX. I bought my copy from Asda for a very reasonable £10.

DVD Extras

My copy of the DVD has two discs - disc one has the film on it (complete with optional subtitles) and disc two has the bonus features, which has over two hours of footage. The bonus features include..
  • The Making Of
  • Joe Thomas Dangerman
  • Things We Did Instead of Rehearsing
  • London Premiere
  • Skye Premiere
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Sims Parody
  • Bloopers

I loved watching the extras as the actors all have their own little traits that remind me so much of the characters! It was bizzare watching the making of the film and I was pretty intrigued.


A hilarious film! I hugely reccomend it. The only downside is that the film really was the end, and that there will be no more inbetweeners! :-(

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Will, Simon, Jay and Neil attempt to 'ave it large' in Malia in the movie follow-up to the phenomenally successful E4 comedy THE INBETWEENERS. With school over and the imminent future set to see the lads go their separate ways, the gang head to Spain for a lad's holiday of booze, beaches, and babes.

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Special Features: Making The INBETWEENERS MOVIE: Featurette, 'Joe Thomas - Dangerman', 'Things We Did Instead Of Rehearsing', Premiere Featurettes, Video Diaries, Deleted Scenes, Bloopers Reel, Sims Parody


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