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The Inbetweeners Movie (DVD)

Will, Simon, Jay and Neil attempt to 'ave it large' in Malia in the movie follow-up to the phenomenally successful E4 comedy THE INBETWEENERS. With sc...

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published 15/12/2011 | charlsayslol
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"You Won't Have To Read Inbetween The Lines To See I Enjoyed This"

The four Inbetweeners

The four Inbetweeners

As I write this it is 3am and I am still awake, due to foolishly napping this evening until half past midnight. I am therefore, unsurprisingly, unable to sleep but my flatmates are either both asleep or out, so I’ve been left with little to do. I decided that the best way to spend this time would be to finally watch The Inbetweeners Movie, as I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while but hadn’t got around to it. I was a huge fan of The Inbetweeners series when it was on telly and have watched a lot of episodes since then and so was greatly looking forward to the film. I missed seeing it when it was out at the cinema purely due to circumstance and so am happy to now be able to see it now that it’s out on DVD.

The Inbetweeners

For those of you unfamiliar with The Inbetweeners series, it was a comedy series following four sixth form pupils in the south of England, written by and starring Simon Bird and Joe Thomas. The first series starts when Will (Simon Bird) has to leave his private school and start going to state school when his dad leaves his mother (doesn’t sound like prime comedy material, I admit). At school he immediately gets labelled a ‘briefcase wanker’ and finds fitting in difficult. He eventually manages to make friends with Simon, Jay and Neil, but mainly because they’re also not the most popular boys in the school. They’re not utterly uncool or nerds but are certainly not cool either, but rather somewhere in the middle, hence the name ‘inbetweeners’. Jay (James Buckley) likes to think he’s a bit of a player and exaggerates his sexual history to his friends, while the truth is that he’s never had sex; Neil (Blake Harrison) is a lovely if somewhat naïve boy who suffers from being rather slow, but definitely gets more girls than his friends; and Simon (Joe Thomas) is attractive and a nice lad who would have every shot at being more popular if he wasn’t friends with Neil, Jay and Will, and also if he wasn’t embarrassingly obsessed with a popular girl from school, Carly, who he’s been in love with since they were children. The end of the third series ends with Simon about to finally get together with her while his family plans to move away to Wales.

The Movie

The film starts not long after the series finished, with year 13 basically over. Simon hasn’t had to move to Wales, for some reason, but not all is good, as Carly decides to break up with him as she doesn’t want a long-term relationship once they go off to separate universities. Will’s dad (Anthony Head) has also got re-married without inviting Will and Jay’s granddad has just died. What a better way to cheer them all up than to go on a lads’ holiday, and so the four jet off to Malia on the hunt for ‘pussay’ and good times.

What I Thought

This is definitely a film for fans of The Inbetweeners and certainly didn’t disappoint. The humour and style of the film was consistent with that of the series, which led to a very funny, entertaining hour and a half of cinema. The comedy was as cringey as it ever was, with some previous jokes even being referenced in the film (Will shouting at people who turn out to be disabled, Simon having trouble in water, for example).

In terms of storyline, it could not be said that there is anything massively uniquely to be found here. The boys go on holiday and, surprise surprise, the hotel is not as nice as they expected, they embarrass themselves royally while trying to chat up girls, and so on. That said, the plot was well thought out and written and was believable and consistent with the series. Jay still over exaggerates his sex life, Neil still pulls (although he mainly attracts the older market), Will is still hopelessly unlucky with girls despite them finding him nice and funny, and Simon is irritatingly still obsessed with Carly (Emily Head) and getting back together with her.

The storyline was great and the characters were true to how they were in the series – none of them have been exaggerated nor have they become parodies of themselves on the move to the big screen. While not the most unique or thought provoking film I’ve ever seen, the story was good and I have no complaints.

The acting in this film was up to its usual high standard. Simon Bird still steals the day as Will, I feel, so it’s impressive that he’s also a lot of the brains behind the series and film. The other actors and actresses in this film are also all good, with nobody letting the quality down at all. My favourite was a small cameo by Anthony Head as Will’s dad, who was playing a character reminiscent of the one he did in Free Agents. Since his daughter Emily plays Carly I don’t imagine it was difficult for them to get him to star in the film, but I enjoyed the cameo nonetheless. Greg Davies also returns fantastically as his character of Mr Gilbert, although he only has a small role in this film.


This was a very enjoyable film that will not disappoint fans of The Inbetweeners. If you haven’t seen the series, however, I wouldn’t recommend starting with this film, as it doesn’t make many allowances for people unfamiliar with the characters already. It is a brilliant film though and I would highly recommend it. It’s currently available for just shy of a tenner on Amazon, but since it has just come out and it is before Christmas, if you wait till January or February to buy it, it should have gone down in price a lot.

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  • sweetybi published 15/12/2011
    I am not familiar with the series, maybe I should start with that first! Great review. x
  • daisyleex published 15/12/2011
    I love this film! xx
  • Luvlylana published 15/12/2011
    Love this film! xxx
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Will, Simon, Jay and Neil attempt to 'ave it large' in Malia in the movie follow-up to the phenomenally successful E4 comedy THE INBETWEENERS. With school over and the imminent future set to see the lads go their separate ways, the gang head to Spain for a lad's holiday of booze, beaches, and babes.

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Review: It has two different gag ratios - the laughter one, and the urge-to-spew one. Both are high. (Daily Telegraph, 2011-11-21)<br><br>[...] this is gag-for-gag the funniest film of the summer and a fitting end to a much-loved series. So long boys, it's been great to know you. (Empire, 2011-11-21)<br><br>He's got a briefcase, a superhot mom, and three new buddies in social purgatory. Definite cult-show potential. (Entertainment Weekly, 2011-11-01)<br><br>Enjoyable, frequently hilarious teen comedy that sticks closely to the winning formula of the TV show and delivers crude sight gags, witty lines and strong, likeable characters, thanks to enjoyable comic performances from the four leads. (ViewLondon, 2011-11-21)<br><br>

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Special Features: Making The INBETWEENERS MOVIE: Featurette, 'Joe Thomas - Dangerman', 'Things We Did Instead Of Rehearsing', Premiere Featurettes, Video Diaries, Deleted Scenes, Bloopers Reel, Sims Parody


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