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The Inbetweeners Movie (DVD)

Will, Simon, Jay and Neil attempt to 'ave it large' in Malia in the movie follow-up to the phenomenally successful E4 comedy THE INBETWEENERS. With sc...

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published 08/12/2012 | thedevilinme
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"It's not quite The Young Ones but what the hell!"

Men dressing as kids?

Men dressing as kids?

Star – The Inbetweeners
Genre – Comedy
County – British
Certificate – 15
Run Time – 97minutes
Blockbusters – £3 per night
Amazon – £5.00 DVD (£8.00Blue Ray)

I must admit I don’t quite get what all the fuss is about with The Inbetweeners. I watched the sitcom with an open mind when it first came out and chuckled away her and there but not that fussed when I missed an episode or two, which is a good sign than maybe it’s not for you. But with younger Brit’s it has a decent following, ‘The Young Ones’ of its time, popular enough to be the highest grossing comedy film on opening in the UK of all time, beating the rather dreadful Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason and the equally poor sequel to The Hangover. Although The Inbetweeners is comfortably the best of the three it’s clearly no where near the top three British comedies of all time where the critics are concerned, merely a British version of the American Pie movie, which I hated.

The film tidies up the end of the sitcoms final series and is clearly what kids of the day want from their sitcoms and pretty much everyone who had seen and enjoyed it wanted more by pitching up at the multiplex to watch the movie, deliberately puerile and very crude, averaging an impressive 7.6 with 18-year-olds on the Imdb database. It was down to just 5.9 for the over 45s. critics gave it the big splat for further balance with a 55% critic’s approval rate whilst their website users gave it a fresh 75% approval and thumbs up, that kind of movie. But the British student class age loves their toilet humor and this square peg was easily whacked into a square hole. Nothing wrong with a dose of knob gags now and then after all!


• Simon Bird as Will McKenzie
• James Buckley as Jay Cartwright
• Blake Harrison as Neil Sutherland
• Joe Thomas as Simon Cooper
• Emily Head as Carli D'Amato
• Laura Haddock as Alison
• Tamla Kari as Lucy
• Jessica Knappett as Lisa
• Lydia Rose Bewley as Jane
• Theo James as James
• Anthony Head as Will's Dad
• Belinda Stewart-Wilson as Polly McKenzie
• Martin Trenaman as Alan Cooper
• Robin Weaver as Pamela Cooper
• David Schaal as Terry Cartwright
• Alex MacQueen as Kevin Sutherland
• Greg Davies as Mr. Gilbert
• Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Mark Donovan


“So smelling like an industrial accident in a Lynx factory and looking like the world's shittest boyband, we hit the town”.


Friends and loveable losers Will (Simon Bird), Simon (Joe Thomas), Jay (James Buckley) and Neil (Blake Harrison) have just wrapped up their A-levels and are about to leave school. Within their final week, however, Simon is dumped by his girlfriend Carli (Emily Head) and so the boys decide to go on holiday together to help him get over it, Neil, booking them on a trip to a resort in Crete.

As expected their accommodation on the island is crap but they hit the town in good spirits and soon half-cut from those spirits, Neil, who has a girl back home, not that fussed who he snogs and soon sticking his tongue down a tattooed northern grannies throat.

When tricked into an empty bar on the main town centre drag by a pretty tout the boys somehow manage to impress some girls with their dancing skills, Alison (Laura Haddock), Lucy (Tamla Kiri), Lisa (Jessica Knappet) and Jane (Lydia Rose Bewley) just about giving them the time of day for their embarrassing moves. But Simon is still pining over his girlfriend and so killing the mood and the groups go their separate ways.

Neil, who is not that brightest bulb in the socket, had asked Carli where she was going on holiday and booked the same resort and so she, too, in town, much to the surprise of ex Simon, who grabs the chance to try and rekindle his relationship. But Carli is seeing some local rep and so the boys have to cheer him up again by heading out to party some more on the strip, hitting a bar that turns out to be a gay one, and then just getting hit, piles of puke, blood and coarse humor sure to follow, sex obsessed Jay not backing off with his dire chat up and gaucheness around the girls bringing further trouble for the boys.

Will, the sensitive and witty one, also on heat, clicks with posh totty Alison when the two groups meet up again although she also has a boyfriend on the island. The plan is to all get tickets for the big party boat cruise at the end of the week, one last chance for Simon to hook back up with Carli and for Will to get the girl of his dreams – and for Jay to get off with the fat one. Neil still doesn’t care who he kisses.


Jay Cartwright: Don't you know about foreign police? They take you up a hill, beat you up and then they bum you!

Neil Sutherland: Yeah, and if they don't kill you, you kill yourself because of the shame of you getting a boner whilst you was being bummed!


What can I say, Kevin and Perry meets Bottom, the best I can do. But this is a young peoples film and they clearly enjoyed it with their popcorn and mates at the multiplexes in the summer and so what does it matter what I think. I always believe newspapers and magazines should only use film and TV reviewers the same age as the demographic the film or TV is aimed at. You wince when 55-year-old Chris Tookey of The Mail slaughters a movie aimed at 12-year-olds.

There are funny bits and there are obvious bits and the Brits abroad thing an easy vehicle to hit those 18-30 holiday clichés out of the park with saucy postcard and cringe humor. The characters are appealing and represent you and me at that age when we went out to a club or bar – or that two weeks in Ibiza – and we got drunk and incapable so we had an excuse not to be brave enough to chat up pretty girls, preferring to look at our feet or buy huge macho rounds of shooters to taking the plunge. But for English girls the two weeks in Ibiza is a very different experience and they just want to let their hair down and leave their English reserve at home though some guilt free snogging and bonking, why this film also appealed to them, before they slip back into their shell and timid routines back home. In fact the film is very much that two weeks in Ibiza indulgence.

All this means is there’s plenty of scope for cringe and knob gags all the way through and the boys don’t let us down. I always wince a bit though when twenty something guys are cast to play teenagers, noticeable here, an added dimension detrimental to the humor if you ask me, 28-year-old Simon Bird playing an 18-year-old all rather odd. But the show is all about that awkwardness and it seems to work, as did the film, although not one I would recommend to anyone over 30 and who doesn’t read the Viz comic. As popular as The Inbetweeners are it’s the Young Ones for me every time.

Ratings – 6.8 /10.0 (32,456 votes) – 44% critic’s approval rating –55% critic’s approval rating


Los Angeles Times –‘Basically just another bawdy spring break movie - with an accent’

The Times – ‘A disposable but inventive and intelligent series follow-up which satisfies as a standalone experience’.

San Francisco Chronicle – You may not be proud of it, but you'll probably find something to laugh at in "The Inbetweeners Movie’

New York Times – ‘The movie is apparently the most popular British comedy in history. I guarantee that its success has nothing to do with the quality of the actual movie ...’

Idaho News – ‘A torturous motion picture experience that I don't recommend to anybody more mature than the protagonists’.

The Sun – ‘It's vulgar in the extreme and technically rough, but with enough endearing moments to redeem the raunch’.

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  • danielclark691 published 20/01/2017
    well reviewed
  • aclevername published 08/12/2012
    Great review - Lol at what LA Times said about it! Xx
  • dbuk2000 published 08/12/2012
    Agree with everything you say
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Will, Simon, Jay and Neil attempt to 'ave it large' in Malia in the movie follow-up to the phenomenally successful E4 comedy THE INBETWEENERS. With school over and the imminent future set to see the lads go their separate ways, the gang head to Spain for a lad's holiday of booze, beaches, and babes.

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Review: It has two different gag ratios - the laughter one, and the urge-to-spew one. Both are high. (Daily Telegraph, 2011-11-21)<br><br>[...] this is gag-for-gag the funniest film of the summer and a fitting end to a much-loved series. So long boys, it's been great to know you. (Empire, 2011-11-21)<br><br>He's got a briefcase, a superhot mom, and three new buddies in social purgatory. Definite cult-show potential. (Entertainment Weekly, 2011-11-01)<br><br>Enjoyable, frequently hilarious teen comedy that sticks closely to the winning formula of the TV show and delivers crude sight gags, witty lines and strong, likeable characters, thanks to enjoyable comic performances from the four leads. (ViewLondon, 2011-11-21)<br><br>

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Special Features: Making The INBETWEENERS MOVIE: Featurette, 'Joe Thomas - Dangerman', 'Things We Did Instead Of Rehearsing', Premiere Featurettes, Video Diaries, Deleted Scenes, Bloopers Reel, Sims Parody


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