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published 18/10/2016 | sellerleygirl
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The Intern (DVD)

The Intern (DVD)

:¦: The Intern :¦:

:¦: Film Only Review :¦:

:¦: Introduction :¦:

On Sunday afternoon a miserable wet afternoon, my hubby chose a film off Sky Cinema; this doesn’t usually bode well – they’re usually pretty awful choices however for once the film stayed on for the full duration and we BOTH actually enjoyed it.
After checking and the film wasn’t available on Ciao – I suggested it and – amazingly it was accepted the next day.
Consequently, today we have a review of the said film – ‘The Intern’.
:¦: Genre :¦:

Comedy. Drama.

:¦: Tagline :¦:

“Experience never gets old.”
:¦: The Film :¦:

Nobody calls men "men" anymore. Have you noticed? Women went from "girls" to "women. "Men went from "men" to "boys?" This is a problem in the big picture.

'The Intern', written, produced and directed by Nancy Meyers, is a 2015 American comedy film starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.
While the film got mixed reviews Quentin Tarantino stated that he thought it was Oscar winning material and stated that "One of my favourite movies this last year was Nancy Meyers’ The Intern." A reviewer from the Guardian that said that the poor reviews for the film were mainly coming from men, who form the majority of film critics.
Robert de Niro was nominated for the 2016 Critics' Choice Movie Awards for Best Actor in a Comedy.

Directed by Nancy Meyers
Produced by Nancy Meyers and Suzanne Farwell
Written by Nancy Meyers
Music by Theodore Shapiro
Cinematography Stephen Goldblatt
Edited by Robert Leighton
Production RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Waverly Films
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release dates September 25, 2015
Running time 121 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $44 million
Box office $194.6 million

DVD released 29 Feb. 2016
Certificate 12
:¦: The Cast :¦:

Robert De Niro as Ben Whittaker
Anne Hathaway as Jules Ostin
Rene Russo as Fiona
Anders Holm as Matt
Andrew Rannells as Cameron
Adam DeVine as Jason
Zack Pearlman as Davis
Jason Orley as Lewis
Christina Scherer as Becky
JoJo Kushner as Paige
Nat Wolff as Justin
Linda Lavin as Patty
Celia Weston as Doris
Mary Kay Place as Jules's Mom
Steve Vinovich as Miles
Molly Bernard as Samantha

Drena De Niro, who is Robert De Niro's adopted daughter plays a cameo role as the hotel manager.
:¦: The Story :¦:

“Mark Zuckerberg never brought in a CEO - and he was a teenager!”

The story starts with a narration from retired, 70-year-old widower, Ben Whittaker (played by Robert De Niro) as he does Tai Chi in the park, as he quotes Freud “Love and work, work and love, that’s all there is”.
Ben is bored with the sameness of his retired life; after 40 years working in a telephone book printing company and then losing his wife of 42 years, he was best to fit in to his new life. He had used up his air miles by travelling the world and took part in a variety of new quests in the community to keep him occupied, but it wasn't enough – and he found himself mainly attending funerals. While shopping in Brooklyn, he saw a poster for a senior intern program at a young, but escalating internet clothing company called ATF or about 'About the Fit'. The instructions for the application were that the applicants had to send in a video résumé - Ben gets his 9-year-old grandson to teach him how to use a USB connector to do thus!

The founder of the company is wife and mother, Jules Ostin (played by Anne Hathaway), a determined, driven, self-motivated workaholic. Despite her protests against the community outreach scheme hatched by Cameron (played by Andrew Rannells) one of her young executives, Ben gets one of the intern positions and is made her intern. However, Jules doesn't intend to give Ben much to do, this is simply a minimal role to her she is just being seen to ‘do the right thing’ by employing the 70-year-old man.

It doesn’t take long though, for the charming Ben to prove just how useful he can be just what a basis of wisdom, support and knowledge he can be for the over-worked young mother and boss as she looks for the CEO her investors in insisting she employ.
:¦: My Opinion :¦:

To quote a certain Mr Cowell – “I didn’t like it – I LOVED it”!!

This is a simple heart-warming and charming film; no high drama (apart from a VERY funny ‘Ocean 11’ style break in and getaway-’), no thrills just a very gentle, well written and well-acted film that keeps you engaged throughout. I have to say I had an idea as to how the film would end, which didn’t prove to be true, I won’t say what as I don’t want to spoil it for you; so perhaps it is not quite predictable as I thought it was going to be.
Maybe because of our ages (me 66, husband 74) we had more empathy with De Niro’s character than younger people would do; but this film certainly echoed a lot of our beliefs in just what the older generation can offer the work place – but not in a preachy, shove it down your throat way.
In fact, there were quite a few modern day-to-day aspects of life on show here - like the stay at home housewives looking down their noses at the working mum, the said working mum feeling guilty for leaving her daughter and for her husband giving up his career to be the stay at home dad, that dad’s exhaustion which his working wife doesn’t really understand, the successful belligerent entrepreneur's fear of upsetting her mum – but the main point for me was the wasted talent pool of older people that few people are willing to hire.

We quickly learn that Jules' on line clothes company – ‘About the Fit’ - has grown to 200 employees since it was founded by the inspirational 30 something woman. Rather like Google, the offices are filled with attractive young employees, who get updates on good news (like receiving 2,500 hits on an Instagram post) by a bell being rung and everyone stands and applauds. This modern, light-filled former factory, (coincidentally the very one where De Niro’s character had worked for 40 years) is very ‘now’ – they even have a massage therapist called Fiona (played by Rene Russo) for the staff to make sure no one gets too stressed-out. The boss, Jules, rides her bicycle from one end of the office to the other to save time – all of this is completely alien to Ben’s working experience.

While every day is ‘dress down Friday’ for the staff of ATF; Ben still insists in attending in a smart suit, collar and tie (complete with handkerchief), carries a well-worn leather brief case that contains archaic office essentials like pens, a calculator and an old fashioned flip phone)

While initially, Ben stands out like a sore thumb and is the butt of many a joke his genial personality, cool head and old-school approach to life soon endear him to the young work force, His life experiences come in handy to help the youngsters, like when workaholic Jason (played wonderfully by Adam DeVine) is mooning after a work mate, Becky (played by Christina Scherer) who he fancies but who won’t speak to him because he ‘accidentally’ slept with her roommate; the old-fashioned, gentlemanly Ben persuades him to apologize to her in person, instead of through text and email. Then there is the genuinely funny ’Ocean’s 11’ escapade to delete the email from Jules’ mum’s computer before she sees it. Little by little we see the youngsters changing through his example, they learn why it is important to carry a handkerchief (nothing to do with blowing their nose) , where to get a good briefcase and why it's needed, hwy ties are impoortany and why they should tuck in their shirts - and little by little their appearances begin to change.

This film though is far more than a story about generational differences; it’s a drama with comedy that contains nuggets of generational insight, not judging people by their age, or sexbut making the most of people's talents. It's also a movie about starting over, and doing what you enjoy. Demonstrated when the 70-year-old Ben tells his successful 30-year-old female boss - “I hate to be the feminist here, but you should be able to have a huge career and be who you are,”

There are several sub-plots – like Jules family life and, her husband’s infidelity, but the main storyline is the fact that the financial backers of ATF want Jules to employ an older and more experienced CEO (despite her huge success). So we follow the story as Jules looks for the perfect person to fit the role.
All the cast (especially Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro - the chemistry between them is palpable) are fantastic in this gentle comedy, the younger actors make a good job as the supporting cast and Rene Russo as the more mature massage therapist brings plenty of light relief.

This is a heartfelt and funny film with a perfect mixture of emotion and comedy.
Well recommended.
:¦: Rating :¦:

• –62% critics approval rating
• IMDb –7.2 out of 10 from 140,876 votes
• Megacritic – 51% with 243 critics

:¦: The Critics:¦:

• Quentin Tarantino "One of my favourite movies this last year was Nancy Meyers’ The Intern."

• NY Times: "In ‘The Intern,’ She’s the Boss, but He’s the Star"

• The Atlantic: "Thanks largely to performances by De Niro and Hathaway, The Intern is a gentle, enjoyable fantasy—and certainly Meyers’s best film in more than a decade."

• The Guardian: "Anne Hathaway is on hectoring and charmless form in Nancy Myers’ latest saccharine-fest, and not even Robert De Niro can save it."

:¦: How to Watch it :¦:

As of 18/10/16 ‘The Intern’ can be purchased from Amazon new from £3.86, used from £3.22 or £4.99 on Amazon Prime Instant Video and rented from LOVEFiLM By Post (you can get a 30-day free trial from Amazon and then you receive 4 discs a month for £4.00 or £7.99 for Prime customers.)
Some DVDs on Amazon are available for free delivery within the UK and are if you have a Prime account, if neither of these apply add £1.26 for postage.
There is a current offer (valid up to the 30th November 2016) where you get £1.00 credit to spend on movies or TV on Amazon Video when you purchase a DVD or Blu-ray
It is also currently available to watch free if you are a subscriber on Netflix or Sky Cinema, I watched it on 16/`0 on Sky Cinema.
:¦: In Conclusion :¦:

This is a completely charming fim that is a pure pleasure to watch; the actors, the story -in fact everything about it, is a pleasure to watch.
I really recommend this funny, touching and entertaining picture that contains NO foul language, NO blood and gore, NO evil villain and NO crude sex scenes (there is one delightful bedroom scene that made me smile!).
Do watch it – this is, in my opinion, De Niro’s best performance yet – he is maturing well, like a fine wine!!
I have to give it 5 stars, because it made me smile, it made me laugh and it had me nodding in agreement with a lot that was said and done in the film.

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Thanks for reading, I hope that you have found this review useful#

(¯`'•.¸*:¦: © Sellerleygirl October 2016 :¦: *.•'´¯')

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