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The Italian Job (PC)

Based on the cult 1969 caper flick of the same name, The Italian Job follows the fortunes of an ambitious gang of thieves led by Michael Caine's near-...

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Review of "The Italian Job (PC)"

published 07/01/2016 | jb0077
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Reads and rates highly appreciated thank you.
Pro Variety of modes, quite fun to play.
Cons Rough presentation of the story, rough vehicle handling.
Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"The Italian Job on PC is a bit of a bust in the end."

The Italian Job (PC)

The Italian Job (PC)

Based on the classic 1969 heist caper film starring Michael Caine and Benny Hill no less this game is one I wanted to seriously get into, I mean how often do you see games based on classic films from an era before video games even existed.

My Purchase.

I was looking to buy this game on a console originally but I just could not find one in the condition that I was looking for at the right price and as I was browsing I was seeing that the PC version was going for lower prices in better condition and so I decided to make this purchase for PC at under £3 which was listed as in very good condition which was correct as when the game arrived it looked like it had never been played.

The Requirements and Installation.

Well the minimum specs for this game are super low and so you will not need to worry too much about performance here but this is what is required to play this game on a PC...
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Processor: Pentium 2 @ 300 MHz
Memory: 64 MB
Video Memory: 16 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible or Onboard
DirectX: 8.1 or better
Free Space Required: 900 MB
Keyboard & Mouse
CD/DVD Rom Drive

Because of the low requirements it took me next to no time to install this game and everything went according to plan, as is the norm for me I took the opportunity to change the destination folder to my own separate folder away from my operating system drive which is as easy as always no matter what game you install.

Game Controls and Setup.

So should you want to adjust the controls in this game you simply cannot, what you can do though is setup a program that allows you to map the keys to a controller and I tend to use Xpadder for that because I own a wired Xbox 360 controller which is compatible with many PC setups, still whatever your preferences the controls are very straightforward...
Accelerate - UP
Brake/Reverse - DOWN
Handbrake - LEFT or RIGHT CTRL
Steer Left - LEFT
Steer Right - RIGHT
Pause - ESC or P or PAUSE

The Italian Job.

When you start this game up you are presented with a number of game options at the main menu screen which you can scroll through and all of those are what you would expect to see like the different game modes, change language and options and going in to them brings up their respective menu screen where you can make your changes, start that game mode or whatever you want and it is easy to navigate through them and understand what does what. The main game mode titled The Italian Job (of course) centers around the plot of the movie but in typical video game fashion there are parts where you are given tasks that were not seen in the film but then going by the way the main mode of the game is set out I think it might have been a little short without the extra missions that they added. So as you may have guessed this is a driving game and the main premise of the game is timed missions but there are other modes and features in the mix as well.

Playing The Italian Job Game Mode.

Okay lads listen up (poorly impersonated Michael Caine voice) this is the plan, we gotta do a job and this is a big one across the con-tenant over in Italy, now I won't go into too much detail but basically wot is gonna happen is we are gonna steal a load of gold bullion and escape the city in the middle of a traffic jam durin' a football match. Well that is the main goal of the job but first you have to complete the London section which is a series of eight missions starting from Charlie (the man with the plan) getting released from prison working through pitching the job and getting the gear and his crew sorted and then we get a cut scene and go on to Turin where there are six missions, now although there are less missions here some of them do take a bit longer than the ones in London so it balances out quite nicely and these cover the final prep for the job through the job and onto the escape.

The final section is two missions in the Alps after the job has been done, now this whole part of the game works are timed missions with different goal and some are okay and others are pretty rough, whenever the cops (or the mafia in Italy) are on you it is ridiculously tough to shake them which is not helped by the very loose driving controls and the amount of things that you can hit that slow you down to a crawl including traffic. Plus there are missions that do not make sense like driving the iconic bus that is filled with all the explosives from the prep warehouse to the testing grounds, it does not make sense, why? simply because you are not allowed to hit a lot of things or the metre hits max and you go boom...

but it is a bus which is the biggest frickin' vehicle in the game and all said and done how much explosives do they need? (you are only supposed to blow the bloody doors off) Still overall despite the rather rough gameplay and the poorly attempted Michael Caine impersonation used in the narration (which is so bad that it is actually funny and I hope they meant it to be that way) the game is not all that bad in this area, it does however, have one issue that I really do not like... no mid mission checkpoints or auto saves and in a game like this you really could use them. For example there is a mission in Turin where you have nine minutes to get to several locations and when doing this the Mafia will attempt to stop you, now if they manage that then you are stuffed and have to start all over again and realistically how many times are you going to want to repeat that mission, the last main issue comes with how you play through the story as you can only progress to the next mission when you have finished the previous one which is rather annoying as well.

Game Features.

Luckily this game has plenty of features and modes aside from the main game mode because if it did not then you would be more than a little annoyed if there was nothing to play after if at all completing the main game mode.
== xx Free Ride. xx ==
Ah yes that sounds good doesn't it? A chance to just drive around without a care in the world, well that is what this mode delivers as you select any car that you have made available by playing the story and the choose either London or Turin and just drive around but... the cops will chase you if you are bad (well I actually think they chase you if they see you) but even so this gives you a chance to practice evading them and the opportunity to just practice driving dodging traffic and other things.

xx Challenges. xx

This is another mode that can help you with those pesky driving physics as this is a series of challenges that will test your in game driving skills and just like in the main game you have to complete each one before you can unlock the next, I thought this was a good mode, tricky for sure but I really relished the challenge of completing all of them, they test your jumping off ramps skill, braking, racing on an ice road, a car damage survival and destructor tests (you will know what the last one is in a moment).

xx Destructor. xx

I really liked this mode, it is very simple to play as there are ten runs in London and another ten in Turin and on each run you start out with a few seconds on the clock but not enough to get you to the finish line. What you need to do to gain time is hit the traffic cones on the road ahead of you and each one you hit gives you time, the good thing is you do not have to get them all just get enough to make it to the finish line so easy enough for the most part anyway.

xx Checkpoint. xx

This is your typical checkpoint race mode with once again ten runs in London and ten in Turin, you begin with a bit of time on the clock and hitting the checkpoints gives you more without which you could not complete the run, the downside here is you are running with traffic on these runs.

xx Party Play. xx

This is basically a mix up of the Checkpoint, Destructor and Challenge modes as you select how many players you want from one to eight (alternating of course) and you can select how many rounds are to be played from one to ten, when this is done you just select any completed or the first runs (because they are available from the start) from those three game modes and off you go, each players score will be shown at the end of a round when everyone has had a go.

xx Options. xx

This game features typical but limited options including language selection, audio options, control options, difficulty selection and display settings.

The Graphics and Sound.

Well aside from the not Michael Caine actor trying to sound like him (I mean subtitles would have worked better really) this game has a true to the film soundtrack, the sound effects used are also equal to many other car games from the mid nineties and while I am on that the graphics are right in there as well, I mean yes there is not a vast variety of cars about and all the buses in London are the same one but it does not matter as when this was originally released it was clearly on par with everything else out there in that department.

The Final Word.

Well to me this game comes of like the film it is based on as a bit of a comedy caper, a few improvements could have been made and to be honest if they properly remastered this game for next generation systems right now then I would buy it. Having the story and a choice of modes I think is good and all they need to do is address the handling a little add some good cut scenes, ditch the voice guy or get the real Michael Caine and just add auto save checkpoints and you have got a top game but as this one stands as it sits The Italian Job for PC gets three stars because it is pretty decent even although this game is as fun to play as it is frustrating.

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Product Information : The Italian Job (PC)

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Based on the cult 1969 caper flick of the same name, The Italian Job follows the fortunes of an ambitious gang of thieves led by Michael Caine's near-legendary Charlie Croker. These loveable rogues are on a mission to snatch millions of pounds worth of gold bullion, using little more than some explosives, Benny Hill, and three patriotically coloured Minis.The various stages of Driver-inspired racing action loosely follow the plot of the film as Croker brings together his dream team of dodgy geezers and sets the stage for the most audacious crime of the century. Swinging London Town is the setting for The Italian Job's first chapter, and here you'll get used to driving some of the game's different vehicles. These include swish 60s sports cars, limos, vans and, of course, those famous Minis. Most missions involve getting to a certain location before the time runs out, with the added complication of having to ditch any coppers that have given chase. As the story progresses you'll visit Turin and ultimately the Alps as Croker's gang attempt to make their getaway via a bullion-stuffed coach.The Italian Job captures the spirit of the film well, with a voiceover from none other than celebrity Michael Caine-impersonator Phil Cornwell. The graphics, look great on the PC and have greatly improved from the PSone version and the jolly soundtrack complements the action rather nicely. However, while dedicated fans of the film will love the obvious care and attention that has gone into this adaptation, other gamers may be a little disappointed by the shallow gameplay and lack of levels. While the sub-games that involve racing to checkpoints or running over traffic cones provide some extra value for money, ultimately there's little here that hasn't already been featured in other driving games.--Tim Cant

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Age: 12+

Publisher: Eidos Interactive

Genre: Racing/Driving

Release Date: 12nd April 2002

EAN: 5021290020917; 5037999005889

Operating System: Windows 98 / XP / Me / NT / 95


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