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The Journey - Tony Blair

In 1997, Tony Blair won the biggest Labour victory in history to sweep the party to power and end 18 years of Conservative government. He has been one...

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Review of "The Journey - Tony Blair"

published 23/09/2010 | 1st2thebar
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"A Journey to Broadmoor"

Separated at birth : Larry Grayson and Tony Blair
(you never see them in the same room together!)

Separated at birth : Larry Grayson and Tony Blair (you never see them in the same room together!)

Tony Blair - 'A Journey'
Genre: Autobiography
Price - £17.99 in most bookstores - Now dropping in price

Ex - Prime Ministers' after office; after the dust has settled, or not; nevertheless confides in the solitude pen for comfort, self-reward, or in Blair's case, an ego boost. Not mentioning the extra couple of added zeros in the bank balance as a sweetener, for TV show guest appearances, after dinner speeches, and celebrity-ism; and what have you, of course. It is a book, full of self absorption, assessment, and forehead creasing decisions that changed *other* people's lives forever; the title: 'A Journey,' the 'A' word used, epitomizes the detachment Blair has made from a thirteen year stint in Labour's high office. What do you expect from a highly acclaimed actor?

Now the curtain has fallen and the stage is bare, except for a duo act mucking about, practicing their one-liners in the corner namely 'Cameron and Clegg.' Blair's book; that shifted over 92,000 copies in the first week, is a testimony of what we've had to endure for ten years; that transfixed over-acted smiley grimace, his staged 'all in hand' stance with a mug of hot coffee while dealing with severe concerns. The offering on camera of an over zealously whippy ice-cream to Gordon Brown while on Labour's campaign trail shortly before the Election of 2005; these images flood the mind as if on a 'Generation Game, conveyor belt,' when you laboriously plough yourself through his book 'A Journey.'

Initially, I expected a stronger sense of leadership 'Machiavellian behind closed doors' maybe. Nothing of the sort, not even a leader with an inner 'true' Labour belief, similar to the late John Smith who sadly passed away in 1994, which led *us* to the marketing Labour dream team; cleverly named 'New Labour' - headed by freshman, 'be my friend;' Anthony Blair, and an entourage of 'New Labour' writers of *History* - Alistair Campbell, Gordon Brown, John Prescott, Peter Mandleson; the so-called architects of the political 'new wave' and 'brand.' (The decision of who was to lead this propaganda of internal political rhetoric, to gain power from the weak Tories was made over an Indian meal) Tony Blair got his calling and his insecurities needed a surrogate elder 'Brother' to steam-roller into Downing Street. And so the sturdy Gordon Brown stepped up to the fore; unbeknown to Blair would later be his nemesis.

It has been well documented since the release of 'A Journey,' Blair's public mask slipped to the level of saying the voting public, taxpayers, were all psychological vagrants. An outburst in printed word, in a biography whereby consideration would've been made; to how to elaborate such hidden resentment to a public who once voted for his policies, beliefs, and trusted his values, to a huge electorate majority in 1997. The Tony Blair we see in the media or in public is *not* the real deal. Personally, I was very suspicious of all his War-mongering agendas and 'doing the right thing' rhetoric, according to 'Tony.' Though I'm sure he did soul search for answers, often Blair missed the obvious, even though he never scored any decapitating 'own goals' his Premiership was marred inadvertently surrounding his in-house allegiances, plus adding the 'age old' agenda 'his Christian beliefs' - Adding impetus to media coverage and highlighting a 'faith' that endured his Premiership for far longer amongst his peers and public alike. George W Bush also did the same trick on the public stage. Ultimately the plan was in-place for Blair to become a 'Middle East Peace Ambassador' all in order, way before he left Number ten. The stage was set, for the next chapter.

Euphoric in triumphant, Blair infamously gave a Number ten a party for the iconic splendor whereby he mingles with 'lovies' and foul-mouthed pop stars; slurping champagne from crystal flutes and briskly shaking hands with the 'Gallaghers' evidently with a photographer in toe. Historic occasions, deserves historic measures. Blair's slightly uneasiness; perhaps even coy, emulated a reluctant child embarrassed by his own rhetorical sporadic 'greatness' - but when urged on by his peers to bathe in his successes - he would bathe like a Roman God, eating grapes from Pre Raphaelite buxom females, all coyness out of the window and demanding plentiful of pleasures. 'A Journey' exemplifies his lustful urges to revolting 'cringe-worthy' status, so please refrain from eating or slurping hot drinks while reading those parts, in case of extreme choking or vomiting. Yes, 'Trust me, it's you're Tony here.' He is no 'Mills n Boon.' The slap and tickle episodes are just Tony doing a bit of the 'other Tony role playing;' ready for his next scene I assume, when he manly signs away thousands of lives by just a signature.

'It'll be on my mind forever.' What the role playing; or the thousands of lives lost?'

The raconteur thrills were not that convincing; let alone worth publishing. I half expect Rory Bremner to sidle up to me and whisper whimsical anecdotes that he'd done for TV sketches in areas in 'A Journey' by Tony Blair, no I wished Bremner had written it actually. Much more Blair like, than Blair. After all the investigational turmoil destined to create blood-shed and shatter reputations - out of the mist walks a pristine oak varnished Blair - telling yet more self-revelations about his thought process and the admiration of a morally serious man, called Bush. Blair's tone does change to a mild, soft, appreciation to the crazed Texan hell-bent on getting oil. Delusional, yes, Blair believed every miniscule detail that came before him from his friend 'George.' The terror threats, the accurate data that wrongfully proved Sadam had WMD's, and chemical war-fare capabilities. History emphasized that - by what happened to the Kurds in 1988, plus what happened to the Kuwaiti's in 1990. Evidence from thereon in was incredulous assumptive for a March 2003 Iraqi invasion. Blair went via his 'gut feeling;' probably the same gut feeling he had when in that London Curry House determined he could lead a united party. Forget Sadam, he was more afraid of Gordon Brown's Scottish wrath; Brown must've heard something through those thin walls at Number eleven, rather damning and incriminating. No other British Prime Minister has had to endure such a painstakingly tough, relationship with his Chancellor.

How could anyone have such a slimy gracious acceptance of a repugnant wooly sweater; that was designed only to fit a Poodle?

Now with the inevitable crazy gang public spending cuts on the horizon and Brown out of the way after nearly three years in power. Blair then pipes up in the book 'A Journey,' that Brown would lose Labour the election 2010; because he was losing the thread of 'New Labour' policy, which got Labour into power in the first-place. You can't help but deem this was the case and Brown minced off into the Highlands, after giving the best speech of his political life on the pavement of Number ten. Blair couldn't help himself, in twisting the dagger a couple of times after the demise of once a huge majority in government. That potentially should've given a strong-footing for any continuous administration. Blair's shallowness is astounding, especially with the elite and finance sector who'd rocketed this great nation into an abyss - he doth not talk of the dreaded bankers bonus's - frantic capitalistic markets - foreclosure of many businesses - the numbers of lives lost due to hunches - data errors that has made the fraud industry thrive beyond recognition. The truth never lies. Feeling guilty Tony Blair? Let me finish off the title of this book for you: 'A Journey to Broadmoor.' That is more appropriate.

Meanwhile back in 1979:

And sadly, we the public have been basking in lies - ever since the Cold - War propaganda was first introduced. Now it is back to 1979 - On stage we have the calamity twins 'Cameron and Clegg' working out what routine they're going to perform for us.

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  • daniella2010 published 04/10/2010
    I've seen my mum reading this book so I must borrow it after her - excellent review
  • jonathanb published 30/09/2010
    Takes self-justification and nest-feathering to new heights. Just when you think it's safe to go back into a bookshop it'll be time for the paperback launch, so his smarmy mug will be all over the place again. Can't wait.
  • RICHADA published 29/09/2010
    Apologies for the slow arrival of my E here! R.
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In 1997, Tony Blair won the biggest Labour victory in history to sweep the party to power and end 18 years of Conservative government. He has been one of the most dynamic leaders of modern times. Few British prime ministers have shaped the nation's course as profoundly as Blair during his ten years in power, and his achievements and his legacy will be debated for years to come. Now his memoirs reveal in intimate detail this unique political and personal journey, providing an insight into the man, the politician and the statesman, and charting successes, controversies and disappointments with an extraordinary candour. The Journey will prove essential and compulsive reading for anyone who wants to understand the complexities of our global world. As an account of the nature and uses of power, it will also have a readership that extends well beyond politics, to all those who want to understand the challenges of leadership today.

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