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published 24/03/2017 | catsholiday
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"Not "The Knot " I want to untie again"

The Knot (DVD)

The Knot (DVD)


When I spotted this on the ciao lottery I thought it might be worth a watch so borrowed it from a friend. She did warn me that it really was not a great film but I explained I would suffer it for the sake of reviewing – you can all thank me later for saving yourselves wasting an hour and a bit of your life!!

GENRE: Comedy, romance


LENGTH: 1 hr 32 min


DIRECTOR: Jesse Lawrence

WRITERS: Noel Clarke, Davie Fairbanks, Geoff Carino
STARRING: Noel Clarke, Daran Somers, Mena Suvari ,Matthew McNulty, Talulah Riley and others

~~~~~~~ THE STORY ~~~~~~

Well truly there isn't much of a story. Two young people Alexandra (Talulah Riley) and Jeremy (Matthew McNulty) are getting married. Rather stupidly they have the stag and hen parties the night before the wedding and after that it seems that there is one disaster after the other in a supposedly comic way . The comedy I suspect rather depends on what you find funny. I thought “Bridesmaids” was a bad film but this takes bad to the next level. They chose the most inept people to support them with best man Peter (Noel Clarke) and chief , bridesmaid Sarah (Mena Suvari) who both seem particularly useless when it comes to organisation on the day.

~~~~~~~ MY VIEWS ~~~~~~

Well I won't be watching this again and would not recommend anyone bothering unless they really like juvenile toilet humour and slapstick tinged with rather crude sexual scenes and innuendos.

Th best parts of this film were the small interview sections where they ask the bride and groom why thy want to get married and these answers are actually quite thoughtful and in contrast with the rest of the film .

There have been some good film around catastrophic weddings like “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “ My Big Fat Greek Wedding” but this is bad. I didn't laugh once and in fact didn't even smile. I found the whole thing a mixture of boring and embarrassing. If I had' nt been going to review it I would have switched it off.

Some of the scenery was interesting such as when the girls are in the limo driving over Westminster Bridge with their heads out of the roof. It was rather strange to think that only a day or so ago such an awful act of terrorism happened on that very bridge.

I found it odd at times when the story was actually quite normal such as the best man's speech which seemed to be at odds with the slapstick humour in the rest of the film.

How one couple could suffer so many ridiculous disasters on their wedding day prior to the main event beats me . They suffer a visit to A&E, a lack of wedding car, toilet visits, split outfits , hunting for the ring in a blocked toilet ,a ridiculous gay hair dresser who seem to do nothing except lie on the bed and so on.

I think maybe that this is aimed at the juvenile teen market , young lads just discovering sexual and toilet humour and not at anyone who enjoys more subtle comedy. It makes “ American Pie” and “Bridesmaids” look like Shakespeare in comparison.

It seems as though it was a film in two parts with ridiculous toilet humour, crude jokes and slapstick humour prior to the wedding. The wedding was actually quite dull and ordinary until a visit from an old love turn up but then that kind of falls rather flat too.

The acting is rather wooden and uninspired and has the feel of an amateur production. I am sure they enjoyed making the film but the result is a mishmash of crude, unfunny jokes and scenes th then ends up with a fairly boring wedding.

The music was fairly forgettable, in fact totally forgettable as I can't remember anything played in the film apart from the song at the end which was okay.

~~~~~~ EXTRAS ~~~~

I didn't sit through these but they did include: A Gala Screening with Cast & Crew, To Be An Actor… with Brett Goldstein, an Interview with Mena Suvari, an  Interview with Noel Clarke,  Meet Voller,  Feature Cast and Crew Audio Commentary .

I felt I had done my bit sitting through the film and couldnt' sacrifice any more of my life to this dvd.


The film was pretty much panned when released in cinemas and has a 0% rating on rotten tomatoes so I am not alone in my opinion of this film it seems. It isn't the worst film I have even seen but it is p there with the worst!

Big Gay Picture Show : “Despite a lot of effort being put in by the cast, they can’t overcome the fact a lot of the jokes aren’t great, the characters are uneven and the structure is lopsided. There are a few laughs, but it really would have been better off as a TV comedy.”

Rank The Movies: “The Knot is a charisma sapping, lousy and a completely hopeless case of a British comedy-romance which struggles to find a bright spark in its wasteland of brain cells and comedic grasp.”

Empire magazine : “ A reminder of exactly how good Bridesmaids was, this British facsimile fails to replicate its charms or laugh count.”

The Guardian – Peter Bradshaw “ the only knot I cared about was one securing the noose with which I wanted to hang myself. It is relentlessly bad: crass, unfunny, charmless and speckled with embarrassing lad-mag moments of awfulness ….. this is relentlessly bad.”

Fan Carpet : “Where The Knot - a romantic comedy lets not forget - suffers the most, is within its inability to be either romantic or comedic in the slightest. Bearing a quite terrible script, this picture reminds me of something I would have written for a secondary school assignment. And even then I would have got a bad grade for it. It's simply unfunny, with a host of recycled jokes we've heard a million times over, with about as much cliched drama found as in an Eastenders wedding. Except at least that has the benefit of being a third of the length.”

~~~~ AWARDS ~~~~

Needless to say the only award this film might be put forward for is the golden raspberry, the worst film of the year or decade .

~~~~~~~~ RECOMMENDED? ~~~~~~

Seriously do you need to ask? This is a bad film. The jokes are not funny, the script is poor, the characters one dimensional and even at the and of the film I couldn't differentiate one from another in any way, they blurred into a mass of white frills or suits.

It was nice to see scenes around London and the sky shone blue showing England off at its best in lovely summer weather.

Don't waste your time as life is too short to sit through this and my husband is eternally grateful that I chose to watch this one afternoon when he was out fetching the grandchildren from school so he didn't have to sit through it.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I will have saved you some suffering,


24th March 2017

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  • Secre published 27/03/2017
    Nope nope nope nope nope!
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    think I can find better use fo my time!
  • RICHADA published 25/03/2017
    Not one for my collection. R.
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