The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GameCube)

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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GameCube)

Genre: Role-Playing Game (RPG) - Publisher: Nintendo - Developer(s): Nintendo - Age Rating: 7+

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published 05/07/2004 | DBZKing
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"Zelda, ride with the wind!!!"

This is a good game, that is on the Gamecube, it is the only Zelda game that has been made especially for the Gamecube. It comes with the game Zelda Ocarina of Time and Zelda Master Quest, which is exactly the same as Zelda Ocarina of Time but a harder version, that’s all. Zelda Wind Waker is a new story, of the beginning of a new life for Link, a different world as well.

You start off in your city, on a small island; well it is more like a village that has loads of problems. Link has a sister, that gets captured by modern pirates, and Link manages to get onboard, but if he wants to get his sister back, he will have to do what the pirates say, and they throw him onto this island prison to free one of their members. Link has to struggle by all the guards before they capture you and put you in a prison where you can escape really quickly.

There are many good things about the game, like all the enhanced graphics, kick butt storyline and all that, but there is one big problem, it is the shortest Zelda game that I have known. You can pick up different weapons when you are on that island, but there are many guards that you do not want to let them see you, unless you kill them first, but it is best to dodge them, and be safe.

You have loads of missions that you have to do, and loads of enemies you will have to face, including bosses, minions, and just some annoying monsters that really annoy you. You will be able to interact with loads of other people, that you can talk to, and they will let you know where to go.

You get to go to different islands when you are further in the game, by you getting this small boat which has a sail, which you can go riding around everywhere you want to, it is best to go to places where you are meant to go of course. I like doing this, because in most Zelda games, you are stuck in one area, but this one you can go to loads of areas.

The story of the game is good, it has loads of good things you can do, loads of enemies which makes the game more thrilling, and more entertaining. The game is very playable, you can have fun by trying to sneak around on the island with the prison on, it can get quite annoying when you keep getting caught, but it is still great fun.

The game is very enjoyable, it has great areas, great people to interact with, great battles, and also great strategies you have to fool. The game is very addictive, you can be playing this game for hours and on end, you will have many hours of fun, and you will get stuck a lot, so you will want to play the game for longer, so you can get past the stuff you are stuck on.

The game is quite surprisingly very original, as it is quite different to the other Zelda games. It is very much different to most of the Zelda games, but very entertaining still the same. The graphics are superb, it is very good, as it is on for the Gamecube. The graphics are very smooth, not pixily, which annoys me sometimes. If you don’t like the game, you will still like it for the graphics.

There are no voices in this game, which is surprising, it is done in typing form, so you can read what they are saying. I was hoping that it would of, had voices, or something better then typing, but nothing is perfect. The soundtrack is very good, you can listen to it, while you are wandering the seven seas. You can get MP3’s and Midi’s of the music from the internet, like always, you only just have to search for it. The sound effects of this game is good, with all the slashing, and the screeching, and the weird noises from the ogres you meet on your adventures, very good, very good indeed.

The game is not really difficult, you need to have a lot of patience as there are places where you can be stuck for ages. You can’t change the difficulty to this game, as it is already hard enough, but you should be able to complete the game, when you finally got the mind to finish it. This game is worth its money, it costs around £20 now, so you can buy it quite cheaply now. It is cheeper if it is pre owned like most things nowadays. I recommend you to buy this game, as this game is very good, but not a long game, which is quite annoying.

I think this game is very good, it has great graphics, and good gameplay, I give this game a 3 star, as it is a good Zelda game, but not the best one I have ever played, and not the best Storyline I have played with either.

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  • hackersupr published 02/04/2005
    Great review :D Id have to say I thought this game was hopeless, I spent much more time playing on the Ocarina Of Time bonus disk :P
  • jamesmonkey4u published 18/12/2004
    this is a good review but this game is nothing compared to ocarina of time . James :)
  • AlasdairHenry23 published 04/12/2004
    WHAT... WHAT... WHAT are you thinking. 3/5, no way. Sure it was shorter than previous renditions of the franchise, but this is undoubtably onee of the best games of all time. Pssstttt... call your self a Nintendo fan
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Product Information : The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GameCube)

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Genre: Role-Playing Game (RPG) - Publisher: Nintendo - Developer(s): Nintendo - Age Rating: 7+

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