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The Love Letter - Fiona Walker

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... When I was sent a copy of Fiona's latest book The Love Letter for reviewing as part of her new blog tour, I was curious to once again try another of Fiona's books and see how good it was. I was surprised by how big a book it was, at over 650 pages it isn't a short read, and with a fairly small ... Read review
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A Book to like, not love

AdvantagesSome good bits, the last third of the book was good

DisadvantagesToo long, too many characters

"...job brings her back to the beautiful Devon coast where romance first blossomed and she hopes that they can start a new chapter. As summer storms circle, the exes juggle rebellious parents, vengeful family members and a very reluctant celebrity author who holds the key to everybody's future . . . It's been a good few years since I have managed to pick up a Fiona Walker novel, having devoured several of them when I first began reading chick lit a good ..." Read review

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Author Fiona Walker
Title The Love Letter


Listed on Ciao since 22/04/2012

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