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... The best I could come up with using the Internet was £557) They also do guarantee to save you money on items costing over £100.00. I'm not saying that this club is right for everyone or that it is the best thing since sliced bread however for me I like to know that someone have taken ... Read review

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Community Level 1spingbruce


Not for everyone but I'm very happy with my membership.

AdvantagesThe more you use the club the more you save.

DisadvantagesInitially it seems expensive to join.

"Most of the responses to this thread seem to come from people that are either not members or people that have not fully taken advantage of the Money Club's services. Like a gym membership, it won't do you any good if you don't use it and the benefits are not always instant. I joined after the club was recomended to me by a friend. Reading the comments they seem to be more about telephone sales than the club. Frankly I hate telemarketing. I made ..." Read review

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Community Level 1stillcooked

Quick review of The Money Club

"Upon registering, I too called them to find a cheap insurance quote. They provided said quote as a photocopied standard document and tried to steer me towards buying the most expensive policy without fully answering all the standard insurance questions - what's the excess, is my laptop insured etc etc. Needless to say, I didn't take out the policy and found much cheaper, more comphehensive cover elsewhere! Upon cancelling my account with them, I called up and cancelled. A few months later, £120 is taken from my account by The Money Club. I call their line and my account is still open and cannot get a refund. It looks as though they palmed me off and then take my money - DO NOT TOUCH THEM! THEY LIE!!!

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Community Level 1Pinds

Quick review of The Money Club

"I was contacted by the money club and after telling the telly sales person that I have been a member in the past and have had no real benifits he continued to persist with how good the service was. As I explained that I had been getting better deals online he cut me off which I though was very rude and was very anoyed with the way they go around trying to sign people up. I would no join them even if they paid me too!!! Most of the time you get better deals on line and they are not at all helpful and I think they need to teach there telesales marketing team some manners.

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Community Level 1jen5732

Quick review of The Money Club

"Wow.. I'm amazed! I'm in my second year of being a member with the money club and i can't beleive they're getting bad reviews. I have always been a bit dubious of joining membership schemes (Gym membership.. now thats a scam!) but the money club really works. I just give them a call with my enquiry and they come back to me with the cheapest price.. its as simple as that! And if its after 6, then i use their website and still save money (I've just recieved a cheque for £153.75 for cash back that i've earned on my orders - Great xmas present). My advice would be to give them a try. I did and i'm still a member.

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Community Level 1Cellux53


Appalling company



"Contacted by the company who claimed I had expressed an interest I had not and could also not understand how they had obtained my phone number as I am ex directory. Because I was looking for a new television I though I would give them a try I joined on the 21stth June they had a special offer where you joined for a month which cost a £1 if you did not cancell you would then pay the full membership which cost £98. I decided to cancel on the and received ..." Read review

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