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published 07/08/2010 | charlsayslol
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"Calling All Idiots!"

The Moron Test app was one of the few apps that I have purchased and downloaded after reading positive reviews about them here on Dooyoo and Ciao. In this case, thank you xx_nic_xx for recommending this app as I have had many a pleasant hour playing on it. The great thing about iPhone apps being so cheap is that if you buy one and then end up not being particularly keen on it, you’ve only wasted a pound or so, whereas if you bought a physical video game and were unimpressed then that’s a lot more money gone down the drain.

It was with that logic that I happily parted with my 59p and downloaded The Moron Test a few months ago. Filled with the knowledge (or at least the belief) that I am fairly intelligent, I was interested to see whether this test would confirm that I am a little genius or tell me that I’ve been a bit cocky and am in fact, a bit of a moron. Either way I hoped that this game would be an entertaining little time waster and would be the perfect thing to play when I had a few minutes to kill while out and about.


The format of this game is an interesting yet delightfully simple one. There are currently four different sections or tests (though there were only three when I first downloaded this app), each one being slightly more difficult than the last. Each test consists of following the onscreen instructions in order to progress through the section and hopefully prove that you are not a moron. Many of the instructions, however, have been designed to try to confuse you and so you really have to pay attention to avoid making a mistake and being sent back to the beginning again. Tasks include having to click on ducks in order of size or buttons in a certain order, though every time you tap the screen said icons can jump around a bit and make you forget exactly what you’re doing or cause you to click the wrong thing in your haste. Every minute or so there is a checkpoint screen which you will be returned to if you should you make a mistake, though make enough errors and you’ll be kicked back all the way to the start of the section. Every puzzle is solved the same way the each time you go through the section so it gets easier to progress once you have tried the game a few times, it can be very difficult to complete a section as there are sum puzzles that are pretty tricky to get right even with a few attempts. Once you have completed a section, however, your best time is recorded on the menu screen so that you can try to beat your score if you so wish.


This game has been very well designed in terms of both gameplay and appearance. The whole app has a school styled theme, with the background of each level resembling a dark sheet of lined paper and the opening screen of each level has its title written on an old school blackboard. The section names are also school themed but very clearly American (as the terms ‘Late Registration’ and ‘Winter Break’ aren’t ones that we’re particularly familiar with on this side of the pond) and I find this to be a simple idea which works well.

The format of the tests, however, is absolutely nothing like school exams and they are a lot of fun despite being quite difficult to master. I have completed the first three of the four sections and this has taken me quite a while to achieve due to the confusing nature of some of the tasks. A lot of the things you have to do have clearly had a lot of thought put into them and quite clever, such as having to type in the number 0.7734 into a calculator and then ‘saying hello’ before you can continue (see if you can work that one out!). The way the tests are set out means that, although it’s often difficult to progress, the games don’t really get boring and if you’re feeling frustrated about being unable to complete one section, you can always just try the next one instead.

The simple animation in this game is also something that I’d like to applaud. The cute cartoon animals which often feature are well drawn while still being basic and definitely add a more playful feel to the app. The game in general is very attractive and would appeal to children as well as being suitable and not too cutesy for adults to want to use.

Flying Colours

Flying Colours is an extra game separate to the main Moron Test app that became available with the last update. This extra section costs an additional 59p but can only be accessed through the Moron Test app and so isn’t really a standalone game at all despite costing extra. I purchased this ‘Extra Credit’ section as I hoped that it would add a lot more to this app, though while I quite enjoy it I don’t really think it is worth paying an extra 59p for. It consists of three options: speed, memory and reflex, which are little tests designed to test each one of these aptitudes. They look quite a lot like some of the tasks in the main app but only involve following instructions and pressing certain buttons. ‘Speed’ involves pressing as many buttons as possible in the time limit, ‘Memory’ involves memorising the order in which you must press buttons and ‘Reflex’ really makes you think by telling you to press certain coloured buttons but in a confusing way. You can see your top score for each clearly on the Flying Colours page.

While I would say that these games were a nice little addition to the Moron Test app, I don’t really think that they were worth paying for and would have been much happier if they were free. 59p is a very small amount of money, though, so I’m not going to get upset about it, but since new sections are made available via free updates from the App store and these sections are more interesting than Flying Colours, I wish I hadn’t really bothered.

Overall Opinion and Recommendation

All in all I have to say that I really enjoy Moron Test and keep coming back to it when I find myself with a few minutes to spare. It does feel like it would be good for your brain and cognitive skills as it often requires a lot of quick thinking as well as memory, and although I have never played Brain Training for the DS I imagine that they are quite similar in terms of what they make your brain do. This app, however, is a bargain compared to DS games at costing less than £1, which I would say is a very cheap price for such a great game.

I wholeheartedly recommend Moron Test to anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch (if it’s available for it) and think that men, women and children would all enjoy it at least to some extent. I was a bit disappointed with how little you got for your money with the Flying Colours extra, but since it’s an addition to the app rather than essential I won’t let this affect my rating of the app. As with many apps the price is so cheap for what is a very entertaining game and I would say that it’s definitely one to try.

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  • mum2boys82 published 12/08/2010
    At 59p it's worth a go! Rebecca Xx
  • hayleigh_18 published 12/08/2010
    Sounds like something i'd like, AND a bargain!! Well reviewed!
  • LAURALILIA published 09/08/2010
    This seems like a bargain..
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