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published 16/10/2017 | thedevilinme
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"Russ Crowe and Ryan Gosling doing comedy?"

The Nice Guys (DVD)

The Nice Guys (DVD)

Stars – Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe
Genre – Crime Caper
Run Time – 116 minutes
Certificate – 18
Country – U.S.A
Awards – 8 Wins & 32 Nominations
Amazon – £4.99DVD £5.99 Blue Ray
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So Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe together in a knockabout buddy crime caper? It’s not something you expect from two macho actors. But Crowe has stacked on the pounds in recent years for a bacon roll rather than an acting role and so limiting his leading man opportunities in his sixth decade. This film also proves the super sexy and cool Gosling can do anything. Teaming up with eccentric and fun screenplay writer/director Shane Black of Lethal Weapon fame helped this to work and get these two guys on board and we re glad thy did. Black loves that crime genre and enjoys messing with it and at it again here. It’s a lot better than when Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds teamed up for City Heat.

The boozy Aussie Crowe has fallen off his pedestal in the last few years and made little effort to get back on it, probably because he is too pissed to. The Mel Gibson alarms are beginning to scream. He still has that A-List sparkle on screen though and I’m sure he will have a hit soon when he realizes his career is running down and so needs that role. Gosling, on the other hand, has just gone stratospheric with La La Land and so a measure of the man taking on buddy cop roles.


• Russell Crowe as Jack Healy
• Ryan Gosling as March
• Angourie Rice as Holly
• Matt Bomer as John Boy
• Margaret Qualley as Amelia Kutner
• Keith David as Older Guy
• Kim Basinger as Judith Kutner
• Yaya DaCosta as Tally
• Beau Knapp as Blue Face
• Lois Smith as Mrs. Glenn
• Murielle Telio as Misty Mountains
• Daisy Tahan as Jessica
• Jack Kilmer as Chet
• Ty Simpkins as Bobby
• Hannibal Buress as Bumble
• Robert Downey Jr as Sid Shattuc


In 1977 Los Angeles….

An 11-year-old kid (Ty Simpkins) witnesses the death of fading porn star Misty Mountains (Murielle Telio) in a car crash, lying bloodied and naked in his parent’s garden. Later that week, alcoholic private dick Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is contacted by Misty's aunt (Lois Smith), who claims to have seen her niece alive and kicking after her supposed death. March is skeptical of her sighting but realizes that a missing girl named Amelia Kuttner (Margaret Qualley) is somehow involved and accepts the job. However, the Amelia in question does not want to be found and hires beery enforcer Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) to lean on March into staying away from her, breaking March’s limb in the process.

Later that night, Healy is attacked in his pad by two thugs, ‘Blue Face’ (Beau Knapp) and ‘Older Guy’ (Keith David), who try to beat out of him Amelia's whereabouts. After fighting back he then teams up with a reluctant March the next day to find Amelia before the thugs do. The two are assisted by 13-year-old Holly (Angourie Rice), March's inquisitive and tenacious young daughter, despite dad’s feeble attempts to keep her out of the case for her own safety.

March and Healey quickly discover Amelia was working with Misty Mountains and an amateur filmmaker named Dean on an "experimental film” called How Do You Like My Car, Big Boy? An activist’s film about the smog in Los Angeles and some nakedness thrown in. Dean, however, mysteriously dies in a fire that burned the film. The trail lead leads to a party in the Hollywood Hills to search for the film's financier, Sid Shattuck (Robert Downey Jr), a notorious pornography producer where drunken March ends up finding Shattuck dead, while unknowingly coming across Amelia. Anyone involved in this film is turning up dead.


I enjoyed this, if just for its sense of adult fun and naughtiness presented in the genre, Gosling and Crowe great fun in the lead with good chemistry throughout. It turns out Ryan is as good at comedy as his ice cold thrillers and worthy Indies and so another arrow to his bow. I like this guy and he always comes across as nice in his interviews and not a Hollywood d*ck. Crowe is just the boorish Aussie on and off screen and you would only expect him to behave that way. Aussie down to earth non-pretentiousness is their one likable trait. Russ has accepted middle age with dignity and the extra timber and stubble is staying. If you ask him to lose the timber I’m sure an expletive would come back in your general direction.

The film is L.A Confidential meets Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and the mischievous Shane Black not afraid to mix comedy with sudden violence. He shocks you with plot twists and no problem throwing 12-year-old girls through plate glass windows. Its just violent slick fun sending up the period and genre in 1970s LA with aplomb and a cracking script. There is real warmth and joy to the film and you fall for the lead performances. It’s funny, naughty, sexy and seedy in equal measure and enjoys sending up the 1970s and the crime genre.

It was rather expensive at $50 million to make and did just $57 million back which is flop these days as they spend another $10 million marketing films like this. But to be fair the two stars sell the film and very good here and make the movie work. They play it just right, comedy meets menace, and Gosling particular good. It’s refreshing to see Black be so naughty on screen and putting kids in such peril and make humor of that. Again, a young child gets hurled through a window!

RATINGS – 7.4 /10.0 (193,245votes) – 92% critic’s approval – 70% critic’s approval

Special Features

-Always bet on Black-

Shane Black is a fun guy and we see that here in the behind the scenes stuff.

-Worse Best Ever-

More behind the scenes stuff-

-Deleted Scenes-

Quite a few


Financial Times –‘Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling represent polar opposites of movie masculinity. It's one of the reasons why their first film together, Shane Black's knowing comic thriller The Nice Guys, is such a pungent delight’.

NY Post –‘They're flawed but likeable characters, set in an outlandish, ridiculously entertaining story. You've got to see The Nice Guys’.

Independent –‘As buddy movies go, it has enough irreverence and originality never just to seem like a cynical rehash of a kind of film that has been made countless times before’.

The NZ Herald –‘Gosling does a lot of physical comedy throughout the film, and he's a genius at it. The simple act of busting a glass window with his fist results in a comedy of errors that had me laughing for a solid two minutes’.

The Miami Herald –‘The Nice Guys is a piece of contemporary cinema that encompasses everything I love about where we are. It's self-aware, it's clever and above all else, it accepts the faults of people and uses them to create a story about finding humanity’.

Times –‘The movie enjoys all the politically incorrect pleasures of the Seventies with a knowing chuckle’.

Total Film s-‘For a knockabout farce, The Nice Guys scores high on the charts’.


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