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The Officers Club (Shop)

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... The ‘Officers Club’ has branches in many High Street shopping centres these days, as well as some Indoor Malls. It’s banners boldly and all too brightly, claim - “70 % Off Everything !” Inside you will find racks upon racks of clothing with prices from £29.99 ... Read review

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Community Level 7flashpointz


70 Per Cent Off....Don't Be Fooled

Advantagescheap prices

Disadvantagescheap and often shoddy gear

"...they are really only…£xx…..WOW !” Hold the bus a minute - before you hock your jewellery and buy all these wonderful ‘designer’ garments at dirt cheap prices. ‘Dirt Cheap’, did I say? Just go across to the nearest ‘Mr Byrite’, ‘MadHouse’, ‘Blue Inc’ or something similar. You’ll see all those ‘famous’ names like Giorgio, Baresi, PlaySchool, Whispering ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Lizzii


I'm not a man...does that matter

AdvantagesOK clothes at cheap prices

DisadvantagesAll the bad publicity!!

"...it's a scam and that the reductions aren't genuine - SO WHAT!!! When I first saw the big posters in the windows I, like many others, thought 'excellent, I'l go get a bargain', of course it doesn't take long to realise that the posters aren't the most truthful in the world, but that's marketing for you. I have purchased over the last couple of years a lot of stuff from T.O.C, and never once have I had to return an item because of poor quality, ..." Read review

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Community Level 8dynamicnurse


Not fit for any of MY officers.

AdvantagesSee text.

DisadvantagesSee text.

"...to write a review on the Officers Club, a shop that I don't care for very much as we shall soon see. You may disagree with me which is fine, but please do listen up. On arriving in the store, I am greeted by a mass of men's clothing from suits and casual wear (or jeans and t-shirts) down to the basics such as underwear and accessories. As my local store in Plymouth is not a very big one in terms of space, everything is crammed in - and is even ..." Read review

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Painfully trendy clothes and hideous, defeningly loud music

Advantagessome cheap jeans (but not very good ones)

Disadvantagessell a lot of vulgar, trendy garbage, music is awful and far too loud, patronising sales pitches

"...myself fit pretty right in the middle of this age range, but I dont find the shop appealling at all. First of all, they have a habit of holding "sales" where items are reduced down from ludicrously high prices to more sensible ones (575% off! Jeans now down from £600 to £35!- that kind of thing) which I find utterly patronising and transparent. Secondly, nowadays the shop tends to sell two types of jeans- painfully trendy, god-awful-looking things ..." Read review

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Community Level 2OUTRAGEOUS...


An Unrealistic Discount

AdvantagesCheap, quite stylish

DisadvantagesCon, Low quality

"I first went into the Officers Club around 1 month ago in Bournemouth Town Centre. I must admit that I was attracted into the shop by the name being a rather up-market one attracting visions in my head of top quality clobber, but also the posters which almost shouted '70% Off!' and that were frankly as big as Prince Naseem's ego. The clothes are what you could find on a stall at Camden Town, with makes like Whispering Smith and Richard Chang coming ..." Read review

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