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published 05/03/2015 | LittleTim
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"I loved The Purge and watched it twice in a month!"

I wanted to see this film when it came out at the cinema in 2013 but I actually had to wait until the beginning of 2014 as I missed. So I watched it on iTunes instead.

It cost me £4.49 to rent it back then and it was then on my laptop for 30 days. From a quick look at iTunes today, it is no longer available to rent, although you can buy the film for £9.99.

The film stars Ethan Hawke as the father of the family but it does not have anyone else in it that I recognised which I like.

The story is set slightly in the future in America at a point where the prisons are overcrowded and so the government has brought in an annual "Purge". One 12 hour period a year when all crime is legal. Including murder. The idea is that people can go out on a rampage during this allotted period each year to get their crime streak out of their systems and then they will be good for the rest of the year.

So the options for people living through a purge is to either lock yourself in your house and try to stay safe until it is over, or grab yourself some weapons and go out and go crazy.

This story shows a regular family, James, Mary, Zoey (16 ish) and Charlie(?) (10 ish) who decide to lock themselves in their "up to the eyeballs in the latest security" house and stay safe. The father of the household has made his fortune by selling top notch security systems to the neighbours and as a result, their house is the best of the best. You do get a sense early on in the film that the family is the cause of some of the neighbours' envy because of this.

The "let's stay in and stay safe" plan would be a nice enough plan if it wasn't for those pesky kids. The girl's boyfriend ends up sneaking in before lock down and the young lad takes pity on a complete stranger and lets him in. Unfortunately what he doesn't realise (not sure if it would make a difference) is that the stranger is being pursued by a gang of youths who have selected him to kill during the purge.

When the gang realise that Stranger is in Mr Security System's house they give the family 2 options - give him back to us so we can kill him as we had intended or protect him and we will come in and take him and kill you lot too.

What follows is a bit of a cat and mouse chase where some are hiding from Stranger, some are looking for Stranger and Stranger is trying to hide from all.

The family is torn between what to do with the heads of the family originally wanting to give him up to the gang to keep their own family safe and the youngsters being absolutely appalled by their parents' plan.

I can't really go any further with the story without giving stuff away so I won't.

I really enjoyed the film. It was a thriller that had me on the edge of the seat a few times. There were so many points when I found myself wondering "what would I do" during the film.

There were some awful scenes that absolutely tore at your conscience and a number of very good twists and turns.

A lot of the film was very tense with people stalking about carrying knives and guns.

The gang of youths wore awful fake smile masks which was a fantastic touch. The smiling masks really gave a sense of horror to what was actually happening on screen and I even ended up having nightmares that night about this film!

The story was created very well as despite the ridiculous concept you do immediately accept that ok this is what just happens....! It was interesting seeing how different people prepared for the annual event and you did end up thinking about what you would do.

The film kept me engaged throughout. I often get distracted during films and end up doing something while I watch - surf the internet, paint my nails etc, but this I just sat and watched from start to finish. Can't remember the last time I did that with a film!

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