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The Railway Children (DVD)

Jenny Agutter (who played Bobbie in a 1970 film version) stars as Mother alongside Sir Richard Attenborough in this Masterpiece Theater presentation o...

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Review of "The Railway Children (DVD)"

published 06/05/2006 | tiger645
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"Daddy, that's my daddy!"


~~~Where did this film originate from?~~~

Originally "The Railway Children" was a book which was written by E. Nesbit. This product can also be found on ciao for those who enjoy reading. However many know this film from TV, of course every Christmas since 2000 when it was released ITV go out of their way to dig up this classic and play it.

~~~What's the film about?~~~

This film is about three children, Roberta, Peter and Phyllis who have to move away from their posh rich home in London and live in a small cottage in the country. This happens after their father goes "away" and their mother was left to look after them. The children adapt to life without having waiters and nannies and have to learn how to live life like a normal person. The children live near a railway line and the trains become their source of fun. They make friends with Perks the Porter and even the station master. But then Roberta finds out what really happened to her father and tries to discover the truth and starts to uncover some secrets which have been kept from the children. With the help of some friends along the way she tries to find out what really happened and why, but can she save her father or is it too late?

~~~Did you like it and why?~~~

Personally I like this film I think it has a great story line, thanks to Nesbit and has been cleverly adapted to film. The plot is good because not only just it keep the viewer interested but also there are many funny moments which will have you laughing out loud. Some of the characters are very funny especially Perks the Porter. The way the children go about their everyday life is rather amusing and Phyllis and Peter certainly make the film more amusing.

~~~What are the actors like?~~~

Roberta is played by Jemima Rooper, she is the oldest and takes responsibility over most of the household chores including looking after the younger two. She tries to forget that she is now living in poverty and always sees the best in things. Her famous quote from the film has to be without a doubt "Daddy, that's my Daddy!" Her acting is certainly very good and makes the film more believable and at one point she makes me cry every time.

Jack Blumenau plays Peter and in my opinion suits the character well. Jack Blumenau shows a variety of emotions and manages to act well. Often he appears immature and silly but also manages to act when it comes to the serious parts. Although Peter does not do that much he considers himself the man of the family and occasionally tries to help out. We are reminded about how much Peter does care for his family when he tries to steal some coal after his family moaned it was cold.

Phyllis is played by Clare Thomas who manages to portray Phyllis' character well in her acting. Phyllis is the youngest and very immature. Although she loves her family she is very selfish and immature at times. However she also adds a lot of humour to the film as she is continuously hungry and cold.

The mother is played by Jenny Agutter who manages to portray well how upset and distraught she is whilst trying to hide it from her children. Her acting is good and she certainly suits the part well. The father is played by Michael Kitchen and even though we don't see him much; when we do he has a great impact. His acting is very good and he contributes well to Roberta's famous "My Daddy!" quote.

*Other characters*
Perks is played by Gregor Fisher who suits the part very well. Perks is a very funny character and adds some liveliness to the film. The Gentleman on the train is played by Richard Attenborough who has a vital role in the film but I will not ruin it…

~~~Who is it suitable for?~~~

This film is suitable for anyone as it has been certificated U. I think this certificate is suitable as there are no scary parts or violent scenes. I think anyone would enjoy this film and recommend it to anyone.

~~~Where can I buy it?~~~

This film costs about £10 and can be bought from a variety of shops and from any good store. It is also available on many online stores including Amazon.

~~~Other details and DVD extras~~~

Director: Catherine Morshead
Production year: 2000
Family film
Universal certificate
Running time = 1 hour 38 minutes
DVD region: Region 2
1 disc
Language: English
Additional DVD extra: Interview with Jenny Agutter (mother)
Barcode: 5037115024039

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  • bluejules published 27/01/2007
    Good review, I used to love this film. Jules x
  • HotBabes published 08/05/2006
    I have to agree with soundsexciting, it is so similar to the book review. x
  • 6chris6 published 08/05/2006
    The original is the best but they usually are...
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