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published 02/04/2002 | JoJammy
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"Blow me up I'm sleeping over"

How cool would it be to be able to carry your bed, bedding and pillow around with you …. Just in case you fancied a quick nap, or had a few too many beers at a mates house and didn’t fancy kipping on the hard floor? Well, now you can! That is if you are between about three and seven years old. What? You are not? Oh well .. nevermind .. read on and find out what you are missing!!

*** The READY BED ***

Quite simply the Ready Bed is an inflatable bed, that gets inflated inside a sleeping bag. When the bed is not inflated it all fits neatly into a lightweight storage bag that can be carried over the shoulder.

*** The SIZE ***

The Ready Bed is approximately 155cm x 67cm x 20cm (61” x 26” x8”) This is pretty accurate … but didn’t really mean that much to me when I bought it. I was more concerned about the age range that was recommended for usage .. which brings me nicely on to ….

*** The AGE ***

The box states that children from the age of three up can use the Ready Bed. The lower limit of three is a good age, any younger then they would be totally lost in the sleeping bag, and could perhaps slip down whilst sleeping which could be dangerous. So .. three years and up can use the bed … hmmmm … I really don’t think an eleven year old would find this very comfortable …. Not to mention totally uncool! So … with no upper age limit stated on the box I would suggest children could use it comfortably up to the age of around eight.

*** How does it INFLATE? ***

The bed comes complete with a little hand held pump …(well it should do … I actually managed to pick up a box without a pump in ….typical! Really must go back and get one!) Most other types of pumps can be used. An adapter comes supplied also. On the box it states that it can be inflated in less than four minutes. The only way I have inflated it so far is by blowing …(don’t you just love that heady feeling after inflating something by mouth for too long?!!) It only takes me a couple of minutes to blow it up. I reckon it would still be quicker than four minutes if you used the pump provided. Of course you could use an electric pump in it would be done in a matter of seconds! The valve is nice and big .. and very easy to find. It only works one way so any air that is put in will stay in even if you leave it for a while to get your breath back. When fully inflated it is easy to put the cap on without any air escaping out.

*** How does it DEFLATE? ***

This part is the easiest part! All you need to do to deflate the airbed quickly is undo the cap, and push the valve open. The air comes out quickly and without any fuss. (It would also be very easy to be let down as a joke at a sleepover … be warned!!)

*** The SLEEPING BAG ***

The Ready Bed comes with a sleeping bag. This is where the Ready Bed differs from other inflatable airbeds … the airbed fits inside the underside of a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag part itself is a lovely fleecy material. Jamie has Bob the Builder on his sleeping bag, but you can also get a Barbie one and a Winnie the Pooh one. The material feels soft and snug and lovely to snuggle up to. However, I don’t think it is particularly warm. In the summer months it would probably be enough if you were sleeping indoors, but for other months and sleeping in tents I would recommend an additional cover. Jamie has slept in his several times and each time has woken up cold. The top of the sleeping bag feels lovely and soft, more like a fleecy blanket than a sleeping bag. The bottom part of the sleeping bag acts as a sheet, and feels pretty much the same as a sheet. The sleeping bag come off and can be washed on a low wash or handwashed. Tumble drying is not recommended. I haven’t washed my bed yet so will pop back to update this op when I have and let you know how well it does wash.

*** The AIRBED ***

The Airbed starts of its life nice and neatly folded. Not for much longer! Once straightened out and blown up it never seems to fold quite as well! This isn’t a problem though as it doesn’t actually need to be folded if it is going to be kept in the bag that comes with it. The Airbed feels pretty strong and so far we haven’t had any punctures on ours. For the bed to be comfortable it needs to be well inflated. Once inflated the bed doesn’t have ridges in like some airbeds ..(like LiLos) Instead it is nice and flat, so it is more like a mattress to the child. The bed stays up well as long as no one fiddles with the valve!

*** The PILLOW ***

At one end of the airbed you will find the pillow. This is attached and doesn’t have its own valve. I find that the pillow is too hard, and stands out too much … but Jamie doesn’t complain although he does like to have his small pillow from his bed as well. I know if it was me sleeping on the bed then that is what I would do as well, put an extra pillow on top … it really doesn’t look that cozy or comfortable. It is a shame that the pillow doesn’t have its own air compartment because then you would be able to put a little less air in the pillow than the mattress.

*** The PUMP ***

Like I said earlier in my opinion I didn’t get the promised pump with the bed so I can’t really comment much on it. However it is pictured on the box .. and from that I can see that it is a tiny (and yes I mean tiny!) yellow hand held pump…. I will fill this bit in properly when I next pop to Mothercare World and pick one up.

*** The CARRY CASE ***

The bed comes with a handy carrying case. This is made out of blue nylon so is nice and lightweight. The bed rolls up and fits into the bag quite snuggly, and I know for a fact that my three year old wouldn’t be able to put the bed in the bag himself. It has an over the shoulder carrying handle and a long zip holds everything in nicely.

*** The COST ***

The Ready Bed will cost you between £24.99 and £30.00 depending on where you shop. I found mine in Mothercare World at the sale price of £24.99 (it is usually £29.99 in there) I understand though that you can pick them up in the Early Learning Centre for the regular price of £24.99 … so if Mothercare aren’t giving them away at the sale price, trek it over to the ELC and get one!

*** WHERE can I BUY ONE? ***

As stated in my previous paragraph I bought Jamies Ready Bed in Mothercare World. You can now pick one of the beds up from several places though, including the Early Learning Centre and Argos.

*** Who MAKES it?

The Ready Bed is a registered trademark of Worlds Apart Limited. Check out their website at


Jamie has now slept in his bed quite a few times. He found it so exciting at first that he has his own new bed that he can carry around that he tried to use it whenever he could. This included having a sleepover in my room!! Yup … he laid the bed on the floor at the bottom of our bed and crashed out for the night. I never realised before what a noisy and restless sleeper he was! He didn’t really wake up though, other than the obligatory toilet trip. I asked him if he wanted to get back into his other bed when he came back and he looked at me as if I was mad! Needless to say he went into the Ready Bed. He took it to his Nannys when he stayed there the other day. This time however he didn’t stay in the bed. He got too cold and wanted to sleep in a double bed …(I guess this is just as cool when you are three and only have a single?!) He stayed in his brothers room the other day on his bed and stayed there, although he did keep on trying to move the bed to other rooms in the house to sleep in. He failed at this attempt though because he couldn’t suss out how to get the bed through the door frame!!

*** The GOOD POINTS ***

+ It is a good thing to have for when you child does go on sleepovers.

+ It holds a high cool factor if you are between three and seven

+ Ideal for camping in warm weather

+ Easy to inflate

+ Easy to deflate

+ Comes complete with sleeping bag and pillow so saves time when packing

*** and THE BAD ***

+ Sleeping Bag not that warm

+ Pillow inflates very high

+ Easy to deflate …(yes I know this is in the good points .. but it is a bad point if you go to go to bed at a sleepover to find someone has deflated your bed .. haha very funny!)

+ Your child wont want to sleep in their real bed anymore

+ Rolling the bed up small enough afterwards to fit in the bag is difficult for the younger child as it is a real snug fit.

*** The LAST WORDS ***

This bed is definitely a cool thing for your child to have. It is practical and easy to use. For the fun factor I would definitely give it a 10/10. Otherwise I would give it an overall score of 7/10. The reason it has only scored a 7 is because the sleeping bag isn’t very warm and the pillow is too high and firm and needs a separate valve. Other than that it is great. Jamie loves it! He thinks it is so cool to be able to walk around with a bag on his shoulder .. and then out of nowhere produce a bed! (With help from me!) Worth getting if your child has people over to stay often and you don’t have a spare bed. Worth getting for the excitement on your childs face when they realise that have their very own bed in the bag :)

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