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published 08/01/2006 | Andy0304
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"The Complete Bed"

Ready Bed

Ready Bed

When we are not working, we like the odd occasional night out, and normally that would involve dropping Ben off to a baby sitters and all the hassle that goes with it. Sometimes Ben is all up for the idea of going to nanny and granddad's and when we first get there he's fine, but when we go to leave he doesn't want to stay, so it's the usual persuasion and then when we do leave, neither of us enjoy ourselves because we feel guilty for leaving him.

We decided that the best thing to do was to get some one to come to us instead to look after him, so we did that in the form of one of Steph's younger sisters, she was happy enough to do this as it meant she would earn a little bit of cash to get credit for her phone and for magazines and make up!!

The problem was we only have a two bedroom flat with only two beds, so where would she sleep? The first few times she came to baby-sit Ben, she would sleep on the sofa, but it isn't exactly comfortable, its creeks like mad and the cushions are kind of worn in, it is old, a hand me down that we decided we would wait till Ben was a bit bigger before we would replace. Also if we came home and wanted to have a night cap we couldn't because she would be asleep in the living room.

We tried making a mattress on Ben's bedroom floor using a couple of quilts with loads of sheets for her but she found that uncomfortable as well and Ben would get on the floor with her, so would our cats! Poor thing, so we decided it would be a good idea to get a blow up mattress but I didn't particularly want the agro of buying a mattress and separate pillows and quilts as we are limited by space.

A friend of ours had told Steph that you could get these things called Ready Beds and they were easily stored and easy to use, so we thought this would be a good idea. I think the only thing we was slightly concerned about was the size because of the limited space that we have in Ben's room as it is like being Toys R Us, but we thought we would have a look around and see what we could find.

We had a look through the Argos catalogue and found they had what we were looking for so we went to our local store to purchase one but I couldn't believe it when they told me they were out of stock, what was going on, a mad rush on Ready Beds due to sleep-over's or what?? I text a few other stores that were local to me to see if they had them in stock, but unfortunately they didn't have it, so I think it was going to be the case that the child minder would have to suffer another night on the sofa or share a bed with Ben! It wouldn't have been so bad getting hold of one of these things but Ben loves Spider Man and he wanted the one with that design on it.

I couldn't believe how much of a problem this little blow up bed was becoming. When I got home I decided to go on to the computer and see if I could get any information about where else I could purchase on of these, so I typed in Ready Bed into the search engine and it came up with a website called Worlds Apart so I clicked on the link and to my surprise it was packed full of info about this product that I was after. It showed me all the places I could purchase it from and it listed all the numbers of the stockist as well, but then I remember seeing them in work, so I rang the store and got them to reserve one for me.

I went and purchased it and it only cost me twenty pounds, so apart from all the agro I had tracking one down I was pleased with how much I paid for it. I better explain, the reason I couldn't remember seeing them where I work, is because I work for a larger D.I.Y retailer and you don't expect to come across things like that!!

When I got it home I thought to be on the safe side I would test it to make sure I hadn't purchased one that was faulty, I really didn't want to disappoint Ben as he knew we were getting him one.

What's in the box?
The box it came in was quite small and wasn't in anyway difficult to carry as it had a little carry handle and a big picture on both sides of the box showing you which design you purchased. We opened the box and inside it contained the inflatable mattress, the Ready Bed cover, a hand and foot pump, a storage bag and the instructions which to honest I didn't bother using. Oh I forgot, if the mattress does end up getting pierced, there is a small piece of what I called sticky back plastic to use to repair the puncture, I thought that was pretty good that they supplied you with this.

What to do next
Now first comes the preparation, make sure the area you put the bed on is free from any clutter or near anything that may pierce it, in our case that would be Ben's toys!! Place the mattress inside the Ready Bed cover, making sure that it is round the right way. I say this as Steph put it in the wrong way at first!!
Now comes the inflation….. Connect the hose from the foot pump to the bed following the diagram on the instruction or in my case guess!! Then start pumping the bed up until it is nice and firm but not too hard as the little one may find this a bit uncomfortable. Then once it is blown up to how you want it place the cap on and screw it up and then cover with the flap of material that's provided. The bed is now ready for use.

It's that simple, this took a matter of minutes.

How do I deflate it after use?
This was just as simple to, lift up the flap of material, unscrew the cap and push in the valve flap until it stays open and the air starts to deflate, whilst you are doing this, you can leave the Ready Bed cover on it and start to roll it up from the foot of the bed until there is no air left inside and then fold it up and put it inside the storage bag that is supplied with it and then pop it away in the back of a cupboard until you need to use it again!! You can also deflate it by following the instructions with the pump but we have yet to try this! Oh and the pump fits in the bag to!!

Can you wash the cover?
Yes you can just by following the washing instructions that are sewn in on the inside of the cover, and the inflatable mattress is wipe clean

The size of the bed itself is 155cm x 67cm x 20cm which was the right size for Ben, but on the box and the instructions it instructs that it is designed for children from three upwards.

If you don't inflate the bed fully, you can use it as a chair which I thought was quite a novel idea. I also found that if you pumped the bed up too much the pillow became too hard. The cover isn't extremely thick so I would advise that if you use it in the winter and you live in a fairly cold house, to throw on an extra cover or two. We first used ours in the summer months and found it just right for Ben.

The instructions came with a few warnings to, for example keep away from fire and other heat sources like radiators and open or electric fires. To only be inflated and deflated by an adult and also the product is NOT to be used as an Aquatic toy.

The bed is made by a company called Worlds Apart which I think I mentioned earlier. There web address is . Go and have a look as the have a fantastic range of products from Kites to Active kids toys and they support The British Heart Foundation. They also make pop up tunnels and tents which I think are a good idea as they just fold away when the kids have finished playing with them and they take up no room at all. (Ben used to have one of their tents)

I think I mentioned they can tell you the stockist which includes the phone numbers which is a good idea as it saves you the time of doing that to.

We paid £19.99 for ours but they do range in price from £24.99 to £29.99. At first I thought this was something to do with the size but the price appears to be determined by the design on it which I found odd. Also my other little gripe was the was it is displayed in the Argos catalogue, I would have thought they would have all been on the same page but they are not, they come under more that one section, seems a bit strange to me.

The address you can write to is as follows…

Unit 3
The Innovations Factory
St Columb Major Business Park,

On the website there is a map of how to get to them if you need to.

Free phone 0800 389 8591

There is a full warranty policy on the website as well.

Ben enjoyed sleeping on this, he had a comfortable night and now keeps nagging us to get it out for him again. I think Steph's sister slept better as well as she had a bed all to herself!!!

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  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 15/05/2017
    They are useful for children
  • Shroud published 15/03/2007
    Well covered topic, and youa re correct. In winter, you need an extra blanket!
  • wiseboi1 published 01/03/2006
    well done great review
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