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EAN 9781405823609
Publisher Longman
Type Non-fiction
Genre History
Subgenre British and Irish history
Title The Red Rose and the White
All Authors John Sadler
Author John Sadler
ISBN 1405823607


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(+) Good portrayal of lives and events from an interesting period
(-) Informal style mildly grating at times; spoilt by some inaccuracies

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similar by Price (25 GBP and more)
Interesting, thought-provoking, readable
Has various biases (most of them explained) (*)
an great introduction to alternative ancient history
will test the broadness of the readers mind (*)
Sympathetic yet objective portrait
A few mysteries about the character's marriage unresolved - mainly down to lack of evidence (*)
Fascinating read, lots of useful information
Unfortunately a little dated now, but still a good introduction (*)
Interesting, amusing, an easy read
Much of the info seems to be based on speculation (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (T)
Excellent detail, factual information and portrayed brilliantly.
Not enough information about Lady Rochford and her part in the downfall of A Boleyn and K Howard (*)
Wide-ranging, detailed, incisive look at the years leading up to war
The occasional omission or questionable argument, inevitable in a book of this nature (*)
Interesting historical perspective, very well-written and engaging read.
The fact that I can't actually go back in time. Possibly a good thing. The black death an' all.. (*)
A compelling frightening read based on true events
None but will leave you wondering and questioning the ethics (*)
similar by Author Surname (First Letter) (S)
Absorbing and readable
Not enough credit given to the Red Army (*)
Interesting introduction to a turblent time in English politics, some good background information
Not enough case studies, very basic (*)
Excellent perspective
Sometimes hard to read (*)
funny and light reading
requires a knowledge of history to some degree (*)
Simplistic & Inaccurate in places (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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