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EAN 9781405823609
Publisher Longman
Type Non-fiction
Genre History
Subgenre British and Irish history
Title The Red Rose and the White
All Authors John Sadler
Author John Sadler
ISBN 1405823607


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similar by Price (20 GBP to 24 GBP)
Well argued theories and balanced arguments, useful illustrations
Distracting writing approach give the book an autobiographical feel at times, England centric (*)
Lots of information and images - well set out
None (*)
Extremely well-written, scholarly, authoritative, a nice pocket size book
despite the convenient format, you can't read this lying on a beach... (*)
A look into the personal lives of the early Caesars
Overlooks some important events in favour of personal tales (*)
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Very comprehensive, lively and readable history
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similar by Author Surname (First Letter) (S)
A lovely little book filled with personal insights and memories
Not widely available in British bookshops - you'll probably need to go on-line (*)
funny and light reading
requires a knowledge of history to some degree (*)
Good Stories, thought provoking
not made clear that it is three separate stories (*)
Gripping summary of last 700 years.
Some may prefer to watch the DVD. (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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