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published 10/11/2006 | BadCompany77
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"Tis An Art To A Good Wee Forum Doncha Think"

Tis An Art To A Good Forum.

I have been a member of this forum for over a year now but it's only after I started a forum of my own that I realised how hard it is to keep one going and the effort one has to put into it. …..

Anyway as most of you will know the Reviewwriters Forum is run by Rachael (Thingywhatsit) and is mainly a writer's site. Most people are usually put of a site by the signing up process but here you just pick a user name (which is usually best being your site name) and give your email address and as soon as you get an email back you are ready to go……….

On logging onto the site you can see at the bottom which other members are online at the same time as you and you do have the facility to private message them. You are of course met with a cartoon picture of Rach holding up pens but hey don't let that frighten you off the site or give you sleepless nights ….

The site has three main sections which are Site Info, Review Site Talk and Members Fun Area and it does have a little bit of everything to keep almost everyone happy. There is always a bugger that is never happy. "Yeah you Art, you are always in a mood and you just drag me down". "So what's in these sections anyway?" "Patience my friend, read on!"………..


OK hands up if you have an idea what is in this section; ok put all your hands down now you bunch of smartasses. Naturally this section contains all the help you will need to get the full benefit from your time on the site. Firstly there are the rules of the site which still a lot of people don't bother their lazy ass reading. "You didn't read them that time Rach told you off for naming a member" "Yeah but I didn't say I wasn't lazy did I so button it as I am writing a review" I will explain the naming rule etc when I get to the review site talk section ok..Anyway the site info contains other things like welcoming new members which is a nice touch. Someone joins and most of the current members pop on to a thread to say welcome to you. For some reason nobody welcomed me, cant for the life of me work out why not. You can also sign up for a monthly Newsletter which is posted straight to your email, jeeeez you didn't actually think it got posted to yer door, get real. Anyway there are loads more but you need to join to see it all for yourself…..............

Review Site Talk:

This is in my eyes the main area of interest as it covers all the writing sites. It has a section on Ciao, Dooyoo, Other writing sites, Epinions and Trivago. Please note Trivago has absolutely no connection at all with Dr Zhivago, tis an easy mistake to make..........

I log on to this bit if Ciao has gone down or I am having problems with the site. Because some member will have logged on and started a discussion on it. I only look at the Ciao and Dooyoo section as to be honest I don't use any other writing sites but in the section about other writing sites you may find another one that takes your fancy. It is a fun side of the site as well because you also get light-hearted banter as well about the every day things about Ciao and Dooyoo that perhaps piss you off. I only the other day saw someone chatting about some sad drama queen on the site that deleted himself only to come back again. "Hey hang on, that was me for goddsake!". All joking aside though if you are a regular on Ciao or Dooyoo then you really are missing out by not reading this section on a regular basis.................

Members Fun Area:

Hands up if you love a bit of fun ? Hands up if you are married ? Yeah bugger the fun then. Anyway this section is where one can just pass away an hour reading stuff about Entertainment, Current Affairs, The Arena, Books and Ebay................

You really are spoilt for choice in here as in the Entertainment you can discuss the latest Movie or talk about Simon Cowell and the X_Factor or many other different topics. As a member you just log into the Movie bit, click start new thread. Put in your title and type your view on a film and press the POST button. You will find that other members will reply to your post and you can then reply back. It's like having yer own wee bunch of mates online, can you ask for more. Jeeez I knew you would ask for more.................

There is also Current Affairs were you talk about anything that is going on in the world from something serious to a nice discussion on whether you are for smoking being banned in pubs. The Arena is a basically where you challenge other members to take part in a games challenge and scores are posted. .....

I like the last two sections which are reviews on Books and Ebay. Members pop into the Books bit and let you know what latest book they have read and give you their opinion of it. I find this a useful section as I enjoy reading and I also know I am getting an opinion from a fellow member that enjoys writing and reading and most times they are spot on with their opinion of a book. The Ebay section is all about the trails and tribulations of that giant that is Ebay. It has discussions about the strangest things you have seen on Ebay which I enjoyed immensely and also warnings about scams on Ebay…..............

The site has about 6 or so Moderators who act in a policing role. Running a Forum by yourself is impossible because any fool can just log onto your site and post really abusive material. The moderators have the power to either delete or edit any comment that is posted on the site. But if you are the sort of person who behaves themselves like me you won't ever have to worry about that…….

I forgot to mention in the Ciao and Dooyoo section you are not allowed to mention a member by name. It is a simple rule and it is one that is there for obvious reasons, it stops any petty bickering that may spill over from the actual sites. ............

Another great thing about Reviewwriters Forum is that Ciao and Dooyoo do actually read the posts themselves so if you have any sort of grievance just post it and they will look at and take it on board. ............

Like any other forum it can only exist by its members and that is a fact. I myself have not posted anything in ages and I really should as I do have views on Ciao and Dooyoo. I think Rach has done a great job with this site and I take my hat off to her. "What hat, you twat, we don't have a hat". Rach has been helped of course with people like Sirg, Drewboy and Spoilt_Little_Brat and they also deserve a pat on the back……

I totally recommend this site and obviously if you are reading this you are either a Ciao or Dooyoo member so really you should join this site. To be on Ciao or Dooyoo and not be a member of the Forum is just missing out on vital information about all the latest stuff going on within the two sites that you don't know about….

"Jeeeez why are you still here, go sign up now!" "You didn't give us the website address you plonker, that's why". "Jeeeez sorry about that was just thinking about the weekend".............

The website is at and if you don't sign up you are just missing out. Jeeeeez some people just need taken by the hand don't they. Anyway that is another review done and dusted and I wish you all a happy and peaceful weekend, take care !!

This has been a BadCompany Production 2006 ..

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Comments on this review

  • Punkychik published 27/11/2006
    God, I thought it was women that never shut up :-S I stand corrected :-P :-D Ill be good now, pwomise! Hanny xxx
  • reddragonflame87 published 21/11/2006
    I was a member but sort of forgot about it. I carried on again but got a bit bored; I was never any good at forums unless it involves comptuer games
  • missy0303 published 20/11/2006
    I'm already a member albeit not very active at moment but I did take part in the review writers big brother competition earlier this year and came second woohoo LOL it is good fun indeed....just been a busy bee lately get on much! x
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