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The Risen Empire - Scott Westerfeld

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The undead Emperor has ruled the Eighty Worlds for sixteen hundred years. His is the power to grant immortality to those he deems worthy, creating an elite class known as the Risen.

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Publisher Orbit
Title The Risen Empire
Author Scott Westerfeld
Type Fiction
ISBN 1841493724
Genre Science fiction
Edition Paperback
EAN 9781841493725


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similar by Price (5 GBP to 9 GBP)
Good overall epic story, not too technical, fairly easy to read
Little variation in characters, some superfluous plot threads, too many characters. (*)
Great illustrations, good quality, plenty of space to write on.
Illustrations a little dark. (*)
Stunning ideas
The rest (*)
Better character description, multiple plots
Too long!!! Lack of action and over compensated useless detail (*)
The next book in the Anita Blake series.
Not for the under 18's! (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (T)
Chilling story, more than just the sci-fi tale which it is often referred to as
None, really (*)
Will not have wide appeal. (*)
A very entertaining and thought provoking read.
Some may well object to an apparent anti 'green' bias. Some will just object to science fiction. (*)
fast pace, funny
not long enough (*)
Large collection of Adams' work outside of books.
Only 79 pages of "reconstructed" story. (*)
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Intelligently written, very good storyline, interesting vision of the future
Heavy-going read, very complex, brief ending (*)
Good characters and set up for better things to come
Very slow paced, over load of information (*)
An entertaining read
Some will be put off by the science fiction nature of the story. (*)
Classic space fantasy
Rather dated - but fun (*)
An entertaining story.
Some may be put off by the science fiction nature of the contents (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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