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Da bomb blast in Paris - The Saboteur


Trophies, Free downloadable content, tutorial function, different missions .

No multiplayer function .

Recommendable Yes:

Detailed rating:




Value for Money

Difficulty & ComplexityAverage - suitable for most

LongevityVery good longevity

MultiplayerVery poor multiplayer functions

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The saboteur

This game was just release on Friday 4th December 2009 for PS3, Xbox 360 & PC. It’s made by Pandemic and produced by EA (Electronic Arts). On initial first play of this game. You’ll need to do an initial setup test which takes 5-10 minutes to complete before playing for the first time. This is a historic action adventure game with a game rating of 15 due to violence, nudity, and swearing. I have been playing this game for the last 2 days and I found it quiet easy to learn with the help of in game tutorials. I would not advise parents to buy this for the younger players due to swearing and the odd nudity scenes. But that’s down to each individual parent’s choice. In each game purchased between now and 31st December 2010 you can get The Midnight Show downloadable content for free which will increase the amount of blood and nudity scenes. But I have found this game easy to play and
nice to move freely round different areas.


A game about a fictional man called Sean Devlin an Irish mechanic in Paris in the 1940's during the 2nd World War and Germans have invaded France. He becomes driver for a racing car team for the Italians. His life style as a single man who loves a drink and the women alongside the fast cars and the racing. In one final blasting race against the Germans and his life changes with one blast of a gun and his world transpires into the Germans invading France and causing the next war and his closest friend Jac being shot for supposedly being a part of the French resistance and Sean being accused of British spy.

As you play thru the game you come across some forms of nudity, swearing, and also striking fascist by-product from the German Army/Nazi's. You take on the role of Sean and take revenge on the German army for the death of your friend and eventually become a part of helping the French Resistance and take on missions to remove and destroy the German Army empire. Missions ranging from destroying German barrack, shooting down Zeppelins, stealing cars, collecting contraband and even killing Nazi commanding officers. You get you chance to disguise yourself as a Nazi officer to infiltrate and cause mayhem.

Game Information

Age rating: 15+
Developers: Pandemic Studios
Game Producer: Electronic Arts
Number of Players: 1
Game Size taken on Hard Drive: 4049MB
Size of High Definition viewing: 720p - 1080i - 1080p
Voice over’s: English, and most European languages.
Sound: Dolby Digital or Digital Surround Sound
Input Controller: PS3 Six axis Controller

Online game play: None
PS3 Trophies: Yes

Game Play

A single player historic action adventure game based in the 1940's World War 2 in Paris. You come across NPC's (Non playable Characters) who hand out missions
and requests for your services to help the French Resistance against the German Army. You as a Saboteur normally work alone sometimes with the help of the odd
NPC. You can buy, sell and even gain weapons, grenades, and other sellable goodies to trade with the Black market. For each mission completed the French gain back there pride and parts of their country from the Nazi invasion. Each section on your map colours more colourful the more the French resistance becomes stronger and one step closer to pushing back the German's. A yellow pin on the mission/mini map denotes mission objective markers. Alongside green markers for hide-outs, red pins denotes enemies, Blue squares denoting French Resistance hide outs, Black market shops, Garages etc. Red and yellow Warning triangles denotes Nazi check points within the game. White markers show free play markers that are mini missions that you can do freely whenever you choose to do so.

Also a suspicion meter is built on to the mini map on the screen, the more suspicion you cause round locals or Nazi's and the meter grows with yellow and once full circle of yellow this will turn red and become an alarm to all local Nazi officers to check for your location and shoot to kill. To lessen your suspicion meter and turn it to white. You’ll need to walk, hide your guns from view, do not climb buildings and also if you’re in disguise not to be too close to Nazi soldiers/officers etc.

An extra added feature is the Perks menu. Each time you complete a target for each perk you unlock the next level on that perk. Which in turn gives you better abilities?
to help with hand to hand combat, shooting, driving cars etc.

You have access to a journal within the menu. Which tells you information in the glossary, tutorials, messages received from NPC's and also dialog. Also a stats section in the pause menu. This tells you on quest progression, Stats, and also your collection of valuable hidden gems within the game.

This game has an auto save function built in but you also have the choice to save as well.
All controls can be learnt in the tutorial.
  • Left Stick - Move, while in hand to hand combat mode you use to turn, driving vehicles to turn
  • Right stick - Camera control in general, hand to hand and driving vehicles
  • Directional Buttons - Inventory
  • X Button - Jump, Quick punch in combat, hand brake in vehicles
  • O Button - Drop/Stow weapon, Kick in combat, Plant bomb in vehicles (when O button is held down)
  • Triangle Button - Pickup/Use, Grab in combat, Enter or Exit vehicles
  • Square Button - Weapon bash, Strong punch in combat, Nitrous boost on vehicles
  • Select Button - Resistance Strikes menu
  • Start Button - Pause
  • L1 Button - Enter brawl mode/Zoom in when held down
  • L2 Button - Enter sneak mode when held down, to reverse and brake in vehicles
  • L3 Button - Sprint, when standing still to light a cigarette
  • R1 Button - Draw weapon/Shoot
  • R2 Button - Throw grenade (hold down button to cook off), accelerate in vehicles
  • R3 Button - Focus objectives
*Background music - Option to turn off or turn up/down

*Sound Effects - Option to turn off or turn up/down

*Voice - Option to turn off or turn up/down

*Speaker Quality - Select between Home Theatre and TV options


*Change Gamma - Option to turn the brightness up or down.

To buy brand new between £32.99 up to £49.99 from various shops and online prices. Not too sure how much it would be second hand at present.

Pictures of The Saboteur (PS3)
The Saboteur (PS3) The Saboteur (PS3)
The Saboteur (PS3)
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slayer1293 18.04.2010 22:06

Very detailed review. Ive played it a little, thought it was good but i didnt like the look of the graphics much

Siren25 07.12.2009 13:25

I have included a Video review of this game....Bear in mind this is my first video review so feedback would be great...thanks all so far on ur comments

paulpry118 06.12.2009 22:57

Sounds like something my husband would enjoy

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