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"Floating Away to my Personal Sanctuary..."

Front view

Front view


Bargain hunter that I am, after two whole years of slowly maximising the Advantage card scheme at Boots, I'd finally collected more than enough to spend! Usually I save these and use them to help reduce the cost of Christmas, but once in a while we all deserve a little treat so I decided to hold back and save them for sales spendings with the overall goal of bagging a host of new beauty buys without actually spending any money!

A close friend of mine has begun working at Boots within the last six months; not only does she love her job, she adores her staff discount and currently spends most of her wages on personal care items, despite trying hard not to. One brand has come up repeatedly during our conversations and that is Sanctuary Spa, Convent Garden.

She told me that they're all luxurious yet not over decadent, a bit closer to splurge than save but effective with the results speaking for themselves and not a single product within the line disappointing her as of yet. My close friend is a very good friend I must comment and she recently rang me with a list of recommendations of products which were within the sale or under a promotional offer! I got down to my nearest branch and promptly stocked up and here we are a few weeks later.

Sanctuary Spa: Convent Garden

Founded in 1977, explains that Sanctuary Spa was created as 'the ultimate act of love by a man who was madly in love with his ballerina wife. The flagship establishment was opened in Convent Garden and quickly became a prestigious favourite where the ballerinas who performed at the Royal Opera House nearby could relax and unwind.

Over the years, further branches opened and in 1988 due to high demand for their products and to make the brand more accessible, the company expanded into the Sanctuary Spa we know today; creators and retailers of luxuriously and intelligently formulated skincare products to be indulged in at home.

A little research online quickly reveals that Sanctuary Spa no longer own and operate any functioning day spas due to a declining demand but their products have only grown in popularity and become the market leaders that dominate our shelves and bathrooms today.

Product & Promises

The product I am reviewing today is the Sanctuary Spa Luxury Bath Float and it will be the first in something of series so stocked up am I on their goods right now.

This product promises:

_Clouds of bubbles, irresistible skin-softening ingredients and a sensuous oriental fragrance for the perfect long, hot soak.
Baths should be a relaxing treat and this much-loved bath float combines decadent clouds of bubbles with the exquisite beauty of freesia flowers, moisturising Baobab and vitamin E.
So your skin will feel hydrated and silky-smooth no matter how long you soak._

(as per product listing)

First Impressions

I am using and reviewing the travel sized format of this product today which contains 75ml of the Luxury Bath Float and as a result of this the bottle is the smaller sized option on the market. The clear plastic of the bottle is more pliable than the lid and construction is solid. The cylindrical shape is smooth and sleek with the bright orange lid fitting seamlessly into the design. There is very little in the way of graphics or design on the bottle but the minimal appearance and product information in solid, black text lends a high end, professional impression which makes me believe this is artisanal and does not need to rely on gimmicks to sell it's contents.

The company branding is clearly and prominently marked on the term but it isn't emblazoned in enormous, showy letters and once again I get the impression this isn't a brand which needs to scream to gain attention. The formulation, especially the inclusion of Baobab and Vitamin E, makes me confident that this will be something both my skin and senses appreciate and though I may need to get out more, I'm really looking forward to pouring this under hot running water. The sturdy construction of the bottle overall makes me confident that I could easily enjoy this little luxury on my travels too, with little to no risk of spills or leakage.

Screwing off the lid is a comfortable and easy process and the smell which rises up to meet me is altogether different from anything else and also from what I had expected. The oriental fragrance is gentle, clean yet decadent and heady in it's complexity, compelling the user to immediately inhale deeply once more. The aroma is reminiscent of eastern shores and although it is mature and more traditional than I had initially anticipated, the clean and invigorating scent is one which immediately makes a highly positive lasting impression. I can easily anticipate pouring this into a running bath and lying back, surrounded by aromatic clouds, being transported to a warm and byzantine landscape by the intricate tones.

In Use

Sure enough, pouring a generous amount of this under running water causes frothy, creamy bubbles to begin spreading across the surface although I found mixing the bath water round really encouraged this and seemed to optimise the amount of foam created. I probably used around 10ml of the luxury bath float in a filled tub, maybe even slightly less but felt that this amount was more than sufficient. The bubbles weren't exploding over the edges but the abundant covering and the creamy froth that covered the water in it's entirety left the bath a tantalising sight and that clean, trademark fragrance really did fill the steamy little room.

Sliding into the hot, perfumed water I found the fragrance gentle and unobtrusive, far from pungent yet deep and balmy enough to be readily apparent. There really is nothing showy or overwhelming here and far from feeling underwhelmed I'm really appreciative of this. I felt as if the scent lingered in the steam the bathroom held and every inhalation seemed to reveal a new depth to the intricate tones held within where so many bath products disappointingly peak and dissipate long before the water has grown cool.

The Sanctuary Bath Float seemed to counterbalance the hard water our taps provide and I found the water soothing and soft against my skin. I felt the product invigorated the water with moisturising properties and these were demonstrable in the way I was able to shave my legs and armpits without the added application of shaving gel or foam I would usually need to rely on for the supple, nick free and fluff-free look I''m aiming for. Without using any further products or performing any of the skin improving traditions such as exfoliating, my skin does seem visibly more supple and calm and the improvement is evident in the way it feels also.

The creamy bubbles last almost as long as the luscious and elaborate aroma and overall I am impressed with the longevity of all aspects of this product within the confines of my bathroom. Thankfully, in spite of the moisturising characteristics of the bath float there is no greasy or oily residue left behind in the water and in turn, the enamel of your bath isn't left with any of this unwanted nastiness either. I am happy to report that a quick blast of cold water from the taps or shower head is all that is required for a fast and efficient clean up effort... I mean, who wants to get all relaxed and then spend half an hour scrubbing the greasy evidence away?


While the bathing is of utmost importance, it is also essential to consider how this bath float effects my body once I'm dry and out of the bathroom. Although I'm not usually meticulous about using complimentary products offered from the same brand and the same manufacturer, when using Sanctuary Spa products I do tend to use them in conjunction with each other. This is for a number of reasons; the complex and unique aroma is a luxurious treat in itself which could easily be worn as a fragrance in it's own right and for that reason I never want to cover or complicate it with the scents of products offered from other brands. In addition to this, I feel that the Sanctuary Spa range compliment each other very well and when used in conjunction they seem to drastically improve both the feeling and appearance of the skin. Finally and maybe most importantly, as the products have been cultivated by a company who were once so famous for their day spas, I feel that their advice and superior level of knowledge is one of the aspects I am paying for when purchasing and the experts and brand leaders at Sanctuary have formulated their range to use together. Who am I to ignore them when the results advocate for their honesty so well?

My skin remained supple, substantially softer and much calmer than usual long after the clouds cleared and even after a nights sleep, both the improved feeling and the gorgeous Eastern fragrance are still lingering on every inch of my skin... I confess that for my tastes the delectable aroma could be a little stronger, but most artisanal products seem to share this understated quality.


Aqua (Water), Sodium laureth sulfate, Decyl glucoside, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Sodium chloride, Parfum (Fragrance), Phenoxyethanol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, PEG-250 distearate, Polyquaternium-10, Citric acid, BHT, Tetrasodium EDTA, Benzophenone-2, Sodium benzoate, Tocopheryl acetate, Saccharide isomerate, Propylene glycol, Magnesium chloride, Magnesium nitrate, Hydrolyzed adansonia digitata extract, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Freesia refracta extract, Carbomer, Hexyl cinnamal, Benzyl benzoate, Linalool, Limonene, Benzyl salicylate, CI 15985 (Yellow 6), CI 14700 (Red 4), CI 19140 (Yellow 5)

I'm thrilled to say this product is 'Vegan Friendly' meaning it is a cruelty free product which has not contributed in any way towards the animal testing or animal by-product industries. No vague phrasing, no misdirection. Sanctuary Spa: Convent Garden does not test on animals nor do they use ingredients which have been tested on animals since 1998. Sanctuary Spa do not supply Chinese markets or sectors which insist on animal testing to meet their own guidelines.Not much further expansion required there... Yippee! Who doesn't adore an effective and ethical beauty product?

Pricing & Availability

Sanctuary Spa: Convent Garden products are available online or in store from Boots or directly from their via their website, The Sanctuary Spa: Convent Garden Luxury Bath Float is available in two sizes, one being the 'full' sized 500ml bottle while the travel sized format of the product contains 75ml. A full sized bottle has an RRP of £10.00 while the smaller one size only seems to be available within gift sets boasted by the company.

Overall Conclusions

Considering I'm so heavily stocked up on Sanctuary Spa products, I couldn't be any happier with my initial introduction to the brand and feel our dalliance is something I'm very keen to repeat in the near future. The product provided me with a sumptuous and refined bathing experience and the most beautiful delicately perfumed skin. As stated, I would much prefer a stronger fragrance but found that the strength and longevity of the fragrance do seem to be galvanised when using Sanctuary Spa products in conjunction with each other. The complexity of the Eastern tones is noteworthy and the overall fragrance is clean, delicate and unique, a scent I would now immediately associate with Sanctuary Spa as something of an aromatic signature.

I really enjoyed using this bath float but am unsure as to whether I will be adding it to my staple routine... While a little does indeed seem to go a long way, I feel as though £10 for 500ml of bubble bath is more than I'd usually be willing to pay, but the superior quality which soothes, invigorates and moisturises my skin really does speak for itself. Based on this, I feel that the Sanctuary Spa: Convent Garden Luxury Bath Float is a product I would like to continue using but this use will be on a weekly basis as opposed to being a staple factor of my daily routine. Despite this initially sounding like something of a criticism, I think I'm quite happy to use my usual during the week and treat myself to a fragrant, spa style experience at the weekends. I don't feel this is a compromise either as the refined, luxurious formula seems to cherish my skin enough that once a week is enough to retain the improvements which I can see and feel.

While I am appreciative of my luxurious experience and feel the results speak for themselves I feel that the higher than average price and the pleasing results are not enough to make this a 'must have' for me. I truly like it and feel that I'm having a special bathing experience vs the norm, but not so special that I couldn't live without it and likewise, the improvements to my skin are pleasing but I do feel that they are partly due to using the entire Sanctuary Spa: Convent Garden range as opposed to only this product. If I was cutting corners and pinching pennies, there are other Sanctuary Spa products which I would opt for over this, but when the cash flow is comfortable, this is a product I'm more than happy to continue investing in.

On that note, those beautiful oriental heart notes are creeping across the landing and the bath is almost full, so I'll be slipping away for now to lie back and ponder sun kissed shores and swaying palms... Sanctuary actually have an ad campaign at present with the hashtag #LetGo. After receiving survey statistics which resulted that over 40% of women reported being scared of 'burning out' while another 80% admitted to putting too much pressure on themselves to be perfect. Both of these statements I personally relate to very heavily and I do feel that this bath float with it's uplifting and intricate aroma helps me to lie back, soak the aches of the day away and forget about the troubles.

I've said enough, one more paragraph and all those lovely bubbles will be coming to meet me!!!


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