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The Shadow of Solomon - Laurence Gardner

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... The subtitle of Gardner's book "The lost secret of the freemasons revealed" seems to suggest that this book is going down the same road of half-baked theories and unproven sensationalism, thankfully as soon as you begin to read this 400-page tome, you realise that this is not the case. With ... Read review

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New light shed on ancient secrets

Advantagesa factual and balanced look at freemasonary

Disadvantagesa fairly dry subject

"...brought Christian mysteries back to the public attention, albeit for really all the wrong reasons, the was one area that had long drawn much attention from the conspiracy theorists. Unlike similar seemingly philanthropic organisation, Freemasonry has been a subject that has always attracted more than its fair share of strange theories. Due to its antiquity and the relative secrecy many authors over hundreds of years have speculated on the inner workings ..." Read review

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Type Non-Fiction
Genre Religion
Title The Shadow of Solomon
Author Laurence Gardner
ISBN 0007207603
EAN 9780007207602


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