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"Just as you thought it was safe to go back in, Jaws meets Gravity"

The Shallows (DVD)

The Shallows (DVD)

Oº°‘ The Shallows ¨‘°ºO



“What was once in the deep is now in the shallows”

Oº°‘¨The Film and How to Watch¨‘°ºO

The film is presently only available to watch at the cinema; it is due to be released on the 5th December 2016 and it can be pre-ordered from Amazon for £9.99.
It can also be pre-ordered for £9.99 on Amazon Instant Video and will be available to rent on DVD from LOVEFiLM By Post

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra
Produced by Lynn Harris and Matti Leshem
Written by Anthony Jaswinski
Music by Marco Beltrami
Cinematography Flavio Labiano
Edited by Joel Negron
Production Ombra Films and Weimaraner Republic Pictures
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release dates June 24, 2016
DVD Release 5 Dec. 2016
Classification 15
Running time 86 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $17 million
Box office $119.1 million

Oº°‘¨ The Cast¨‘°ºO

Blake Lively as Nancy Adam
Steven Seagull as himself
Óscar Jaenada as Carlos
Brett Cullen as Mr. Adam
Sedona Legge as Chloe Adam
Angelo José Lozano Corzo as Surfer 1
José Manuel Trujillo Salas as Surfer 2
Pablo Calva as Carlos' son
Diego Espejel as Drunk man
Janelle Bailey as Mrs. Adam
Oº°‘¨The Story¨‘°ºO

“I’m NOT dying here!”

The film centres around medical student., Nancy Adams (played by Blake Lively) from Galveston, Texas; she has taken a surfing holiday on a secluded beach in Mexico – a beach that just happened to have been a favourite spot of her mother, who has recently passed away from cancer, and for who she is still grieving.

Before a MASSIVE shark turns up, we get plenty of beautiful shots of the Mexican beach (it was actually shot in Australia) and Nancy of surfing in this beautiful, quiet cove. When two locals (Angelo Josue Lozano Corzo and Jose Manuel Trujillo Salas), wave goodbye to Nancy as the day is drawing to an end, she decides to catch her last wave of the day. Unfortunately for Nancy, the carcass of a dead whale on a rocky reef has drawn a great white into the idyllic cove. Soon, although only 200 yards from shore, Nancy finds herself taking refuge on the small island that is in the hunting ground of the greedy shark that is fancying something different than whale blubber for lunch. Finding herself trapped, Nancy needs to fight to survive. With only a seagull with an injured wing (Steven Seagull) as company, she must find a way to save herself before the high tide returns and she is the shark’s main course.

Oº°‘¨My Opinion ¨‘°ºO

There are very few cast members in this film; just a few people to move the story along a little; like the taxi driver who drives her through the jungle and tells her to stop texting her friend and looking at the photos of her mum on “Mom’s beach”, and to live in the moment, for herself. There is a short shot of her little sister Chloe (played by Sedona Legge) as the sisters ‘talk’ via a FaceTime chat – both characters simply a way of introducing Nancy’s back story. Then there are the few secondary characters, most of who end up as a starter for the shark’s meal, but basically – as Sandra Bullock was to ‘Gravity’ - "The Shallows" is a one-woman film and we spend mostly all the 86 minutes watching her lying on a ragged rock in various states of dress - mainly a bikini - swimming, running, screaming jumping, cursing and fighting for her life.

Now, you may be thinking that this is sounding like the film is a waste of an hour and a half of your life; but, as simple as this premise of "The Shallows” is, it is actually filled with a lot more character complexity than you would think and it is a very tense watch.

I thought this film was going to be a film dedicated to the lithe body of Blake Lively, and while we do see a lot of the said body the character of Nancy comes across as a lot more than a beautiful body. It is no accident we are told early on that she has dropped out of medical school, or – in the hotel room – we get a close up of her sharp earrings. With her medical background she is able to keep herself alive with what few tools she has. Part of her wet suit becomes a tourniquet, those earrings become sutures and she cleverly uses her watch to time the how long it takes her nemesis to swim around the island so that she can regulate how much time she has to get back her things that float away from the island. And all the time she coolly talks us through her medicinal making do in the same way as she would talk to a patient she was treating - at least this provided a reason for Nancy to talk out loud.
So, far from being just window dressing, Nancy comes across as a clever and talented heroine and gets the audience firmly behind her; and her story is a lean and brutal one about stamina and problem solving.

Then of course as Tom Hank’s character in “Castaway” had Wilson, Nancy has a non -human companion. Stephen Seagull – he is an injured seagull stranded on the same small island as Nancy. Stephen, gets second billing from me as he has more screen time than anyone other than Blake Lively. Consequently, there is hardly any dialogue, apart from Nancy talking to herself during her make-do surgery or to her fellow shark victim, Stephen.

The camera work in this film is fantastic; from the opening shots of the beautiful cove where the only marine life visible is a pod of dolphins cavorting in the clear blue water to the initial cruel and terrifying shark attack. The prolonged underwater shots are fantastic and contain the compulsory shots of gazing up at dangling limbs, a real treat for the hungry shark.
The CGI shark looks real and when shot from above you really feel that you are looking down at a real enormous beast of a great white shark.

Blake Lively does a great job with a role that has very little dialogue in; she makes a good job of convincing us of the pain she is feeling from her wounds as well her resolve not to die alone on that small rock island.

This is not the film of the year but it is a very watchable film; it is not rushed but takes its time to tell the story and grab your attention along the way.
For me the worst part of the film was the ending – it was just TOO unbelievable.
Oº°‘¨Ratings ¨‘°ºO

• Rotten Tomatoes: 77%, based on 174 reviews
• Metacritic: 59 out of 100, based on 34 critics
• IMDb: 6.4/10 based on 55,793voyes

Oº°‘¨Critics ¨‘°ºO

• The Guardian: "With its lean script, clever construction and arresting cinematography, this crass-on-paper bikini movie turns out to be a minor masterpiece"

• The Hollywood Reporter: "'Jaws' with false teeth."

• The Telegraph: "this Gravity-with-sharks grips you in its teeth and never lets go"

• Slant Magazine: "What makes The Shallows churn so forcefully for so long is Jaume Collet-Serra’s visual acrobatics."

• The Washington Post: ‘The Shallows’ pits Blake Lively against a shark — and is better than that sounds'

Oº°‘¨In Conclusion ¨‘°ºO

“The Shallows” is not a great film, there will be no Oscar nominations for Ms Lively and it doesn’t offer anything new for this genre of film. However, Blake Lively does give her all (even though hampered by some awful dialogue) and her action shots are incredible – especially in the final scenes – even if it is a completely unbelievable ending.
Yes, it is bordering on the cheesy, and is not very realistic (just how much can one shark eat!!), however, the camera work and the many thrilling moments more than make up for these short comings.
I would say rent or watch this on Netflix or the likes rather than buy this film, it really is a ‘one watch is enough’ type film, but an entertaining one watch.

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Thanks for reading, I hope that you have found this review useful
Oº°‘¨© Sellerleygirl November 2016¨‘°ºO

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    E review. As there's only one shark in the movie, is it a "loan" shark?! ;-)
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    Super review x
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