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The Sims Bustin' Out (PS2)

Genre: Simulation - Life Sim/Virtual Pet - Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA) - Developer(s): Maxis - Age Rating: 7+

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Review of "The Sims Bustin' Out (PS2)"

published 05/03/2012 | char2011
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"Let's Bust Out of Mom's House."

Originally when I first seen this game advertise on TV I thought it was about busting out of prison or sneaking out at night without getting caught by your mum. I was a kid and thought it would be fun and exciting to pretend to bust out of jail but after actually playing it I realised that I got the advert all wrong and it was really about moving out of mum's house and finding your feet in the real world.

The game is part of The Sims collection of games and I think its really good fun an occupied quite alot of my time when i was a kid.

The aim of the game is you create a character which will start by living at mum's house. To get out of mum's house you read the newspaper to find a job. There are a collection of jobs such as movie star, mad scientist,paramilitary, fashion victim, jock, gangster, counter culture. The variety of jobs makes it fun for everyone. My personal favourite was the movie star because you get to live in the best houses. All jobs start at the bottom of the scale once you pick a job you will need to move out to start work. You do that by getting on the motorcycle parked at the front of the house. When you go to work on time and have the right amount of friends skills and have a good life scale you will get promoted up to the next level of your career. My advice would be to stay in mums house till you have built up you skills bars because its alot harder to get skills while you have moved out and trying to keep your life up as well as get skills, go to work and make friends.

Skills bars are:
Cooking skills (gained by reading cook books from the bookshelf)
Mechanical skills (gained by reading mechanical books from the bookshelf)
Logic skills (gained by playing chess)
Charisma skills (gained by talking in the mirror)
Body skills (gained by using exercise equipment and swimming in pools)
Creative skills (gained by painting)

Each skills bar needs 10 points to be full. The more you use these objects I have stated the quicker they get full. I find that the creative skills are easiest to get because painting is fun so it brings you fun life bar up not down like the rest. The most needed is the cooking skills because if you have none when you cook you tend to start alot of fire and cook nasty food. When you cook bar is full you cook nice food and never start fires.

To keep your life good you need to sleep, socialize, have fun, eat, keep yourself clean basically just the regular everyday things that people do. The bar that I find ever so hard to keep clean is the toilet because it runs down ever so quickly.and then it make your wet your self if you dont go toilet, then you need a shower and the environment bar goes down because the place is messy. The toilet is one to watch or it could make your came life hell.

The houses that you can live in are as follows:
Mom's House (All careers start off her)
Dudley's Trailer (after moms house jock,gangster, mad scientist and paramilitary careers will move here)
Mimi's Place (after moms fashion victim, movie star, counter culture will move here)
Tinsel Bluffs ( rich posh house)
Pixel Acres (Forest)
Shiny Things Labs (science lab)
Club Rubb (night club)
Toane's Gym ( a gym)
Studio 8 (an art gallery)
Casa Caliente ( a love shack)
The Octagon (military base)
Goth Manor (graveyard)
Malcolm Mansion (mansion where all careers end up living for last promotion)

At some point in the game you will have a chance to live or visit all of these houses. Its best to make friends in each so if you choose or your career requires you to go live there you know them. Knowing characters allows you to sleep in the same bed as them which is good as some houses only have one bed and instead of spending your money on a new one you can just sleep in theirs. The posh totty that lives in Tinsel Bluffs is one hard person to communicate with I never waste time trying to make friends with her. To make friends you just talk to people by clicking on them.

Other features of the game are you unlock furniture and objects to use in free play mode. Once you have had enough of playing this mode you can move onto Free Play mode that allows you to build your own house start your own career and have kids and start relationships with people in the neibourhood. The are 3 areas that houses can be built in free play mode. Your free to do whatever you want.
The thing about free play mode that really annoyed me that i never played it much was that you only get a little bit of money that can barley buy or build anything. So you end up getting stressed saving money to finish your dream home.

Money in the game you earn by working. You can also earn money by selling paintings and sculptures on the easel bored and lump of metal that can be purchased in the buy mode You have to pay every time you enter the fridge. Buy mode is where you by furniture etc.. Build mode is where you build houses and pools. In the game you can also get married and have kids but I find that this is only fun in free play mode because you have less to to.

This game is quite old as it came out about 9 years ago and you can get it for next to nothing on Amazon or eBay.

I definitely recommend this game and I spent about a year hooked on this game. I could still play it to this day that's how much of an influence it had on me.

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    Yes, until replacing it last year, my life was made hell too by our toilet! R.
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    Great review, welcome to ciao!
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Product Information : The Sims Bustin' Out (PS2)

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Genre: Simulation - Life Sim/Virtual Pet - Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA) - Developer(s): Maxis - Age Rating: 7+

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Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

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Age: 7+

Genre: Simulation

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