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Somehow I don't think anyone would not know what the The Sims was; and it now has pets! Adopt them, feed, them, scoop their poop up, and become your best friend.
Despite the bug problems that many has encountered, if you are still a big fan of the The Sims despite of this, this is definitely a worthwhile expansion for you.
The Sims: Unleashed is pretty much focussed on the adoption and caring of pets rather than the controlling of the Sim itself. Plus other major features added to the original The Sims, including the household pets, outdoor lots for building & furnish, gardening, plus some new career paths and new objects to decorate your well-designed Sim homes and lots which you can then visit.

Household Pets:
the spotlight of The Sims: Unleashed, where your Sims can adopt pets at the new pet store which is located publicly. It allows you to adopt cats, dogs, parrots, turtles or lizards, upon adopting them you can feed them, teach tricks to them, and enter them into pet shows to win prizes, the prize is based on how well you have trained your pet. However, you can't implement the way how your pet acts, and don't have as much control over them as you can over your Sim; you cannot instruct your pet to go to sleep or eat like you can with your Sim. Having said that, your pet will pretty much help itself if it is tired, for example, it will sleep. Or if your pet is bored, it will chase its tail to amuse itself. Pets can also add options to your Sim's social life; if your Sim and your neighbour have a pet love in common, they can, for example, discuss dog loves and increase in the friendship scale, and if you don't like the neighbour, you can even order your dog to attack. =P

One of the new features to Unleashed is that your Sim can have farming plots in your backyard, with which you can buy a scarecrow to ward off strays from messing up your plants, and buy seeds to plant crops. If your Sim becomes a particularly good farmer, your Sim can fend for itself with its own homegrown crops! This is particularly useful when you want to try something new career-wise, as you can sell their crops at the market in Old Town. Otherwise you can choose the career paths from the original Sims with the usual procedure; find an ad for a job using either the newspaper or the computer, and based on your skills that you can increase with the use of traditional skill objects such as the bookshelf or chess board, your sim can be promoted with increased pay, but more work hours.
(Of course if you really don't want to do any of those jobs, you can also *cheat* to earn more money, or can even download custom careers if you look for them online)

In the Old Town neighbourhood, there are new houses and lots that your sim can visit: Pet stores (where you can adopt your pet), the Farmer's Market (where you can buy seeds and sell your homegrown crops), and Shopping Centres (where you can purchase new clothing for your Sim), which your Sim can visit using transportation that can be called from your Phone. The Sims: Unleashed has neighourhood trolleys, when previous versions such as Hot Date has taxis. And from the previous versions of expansion packs, you can modify and build these lots to your fancy with the new objects and shops that is provided within Unleashed. Plus, providing that you have all the previous expansion packs, you can have the 8 neighbourhoods to explore, which you can modify to your fancy. The expansion also adds a number of new furniture objects for your homes, such as play areas, food dishes, and bedding for your pets and a new pantry item for sims who wish to be farmers.

The graphic engine is obviously showing signs of age compared with the newer and better engines that other games may offer, and that your Sims themselves is still stuck in the 2D sprite-age, despite the expressions of the Sims characters are still amusing to look at with their 'sim-lish' . As the sound effects are just as great as ever, even the songs are in 'sim-lish'! It's just a totally new world put together right in front of your computer screen. Ready for you to play god.
Of course, there's always the annoying bugs that is in the game that will most probably exist for other games too, the problem being that EA games haven't tried much to fix the game's problems; the in-game camera scrolling is still quite sluggish, and the pacing of the game is still horribly erratic; you'll find yourself always wanting to pause, speed up and slow down to see what your Sim is doing and that their wants and needs are met, so unless you want to just activate your Sim's free will, there's pretty much nothing you can do with that.

Just as previous The SIms games, you have to play a over-dominating God (or not, if you turn on the Free Will function =D) to the Sims that you created, and make sure that their needs are met, otherwise the Sim will be pretty much useless and do nothing but throw tantrums that they haven't been to the toilet for the past hour or throwing themselves backwards and collapse when they are too tired in the backyard. The baby-sitting of your Sims in Unleashed can be frustrating for some as the expansion had no improvement in the poor pathfinding; unless the lot has wide-open spaces and no clutter in the household, your Sim will constantly complain that they cannot reach from point X to Y, and all they'll do is just turn around look up to you and wave their arm frantically in the fashion that you'd only see if there was a major celeb, but to complain to you that they cannot reach this object because a little of a counter corner is in the way and then forget about the actions that you instructed for them afterwards. It's these little things that will just continue to agitate you, since other expansions of the previous nature did not attempt to fix this either. Which could stifle even the biggest of the big Sims fans from doing what you want your Sims to do; playing or training with your pets, planting crops in the yard, or taking your family out town for family trips.

System Requirements
XP/98/95 (Windows NT is not supported)
350 MHz Intel Pentium II processor
64 MB RAM (128 MB required for Windows XP, or if using other expansion packs for The Sims)
1.3 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games (additional space required for Windows swap-file)
4X CD-Rom Drive
This expansion requires The Sims or The Sims Deluxe Edition for Windows

Linux -
Kernel 2.2 or higher, Glibc 2.1.3 or higher, XFree86 4.0 or higher or equivalent, 350 MHz Celeron/Pentium II/Duron/Athlon or faster or equivalent, 64Mb of ram, 128 recommended, sound card supporting OSS or ALSA, video card capable of 16 bit color and 800x600 resolution, nvidia GeForce GPU recommended with 16mb of video ram. (NOTE: This is the ported Linux version from TransGaming)
This expansion requires The Sims or The Sims Deluxe Edition for Linux

Mac OS X 10.0.3 or later -or- Mac OS 8.6 or 9.x-
with CarbonLib 1.2.5 or later, 233 MHz or faster PowerPC G3 or G4, 64 MB RAM (Mac OS 8/9) or 128 MB RAM (Mac OS X), G3/333 MHz recommended; 128 MB of RAM
This expansion requires The Sims or The Sims Deluxe Edition for Mac

Happy playing! =)
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Miskah 17.07.2007 23:35

Excellent review... very detailed. ♥Beth.

Khior 17.07.2007 17:23

Really informative with humour and detail - I've been wondering whether to bother with this expansion but I HAVE to train a dog to attack my neighbour! (We don't get on...) Anyway, great review. E!

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