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published 28/11/2010 | HannahBoo
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Pro Warm, Cosy, Can us your hands whilst wearing it, Potential to save on heating bills...
Cons Can't walk about in it with ease, You won't want to take it off, You will look silly wearing it :)
Value for Money

"Slanket or Blanket? - That is the Question......"

What better time to talk about ‘Slankets’ and blankets than the present? I am sure most people are not thinking about these two items at the moment, but it could be argued to be topical. It is currently 1 Degree Celsius in Southampton and it will be –2 Degrees Celsius tonight. Many parts of the United Kingdom are currently covered in snow and ice (luckily it hasn’t reached my city yet). On top of this the country is experiencing hard times, with people losing their jobs and money being tight. Could the ‘Slanket’ be part of the solution in these troubled times?

What is 'The Slanket'?

A ‘Slanket’ is a blanket with a difference: who needs a blanket in the 21st century? The difference is not huge, but sometimes it is the smallest of tweaks to a product that make the biggest impact. To explain it in basic terms, a ‘Slanket’ is like a blanket, except that you can put your arms through it like a top. Therefore it could be described as a blanket with sleeves. You might by now be wondering what benefit these sleeves might have? I will address this shortly in the ‘Slanket V Blanket’ part of this review, however I first want to describe the product in more detail.

I was opening my presents last Christmas and there was one fairly large present that I tried to squeeze to guess what it was. I knew it was something fairly light and soft, and I had a feeling that it might be a ‘Slanket’ as I had seen them advertised during the run up to Christmas. My Mum knows that I have a ‘thing’ for warm, soft, pink items and she must have known that I would like a ‘Slanket’. I tore off the wrapping paper and there it was – a pink ‘Slanket’ inside a clear plastic case. I was really chuffed with this present and was looking forward to trying it out.

Upon opening the plastic case and pulling the ‘Slanket’ out I had a little giggle, as it seemed massive. Slankets measure approx 2.4 mtrs in length x 1.5 mtrs in width 95" x 60"). I am a size 8 and the ‘Slanket’ looked a bit overwhelming, but it has to be big to serve its purpose of successfully keeping you warm. It comes in one size, although there are now ‘Slankets’ on the market for children and also for couples (the ‘Double Slanket’) i.e. extra big with two pairs of sleeves so you can share it with your partner. Probably not the best idea for my husband and I as I tend to fidget quite a lot and I’m not sure he’d appreciate us both being in the same ‘Slanket’. Also it would probably get annoying if one of us wanted to actually move about and take ‘The Slanket’ with us. However I must point out now that ‘The Slanket’ was not built for walking in, unless you are a giant. I will touch on the impracticalities of ‘The Slanket’ later on in this review.

‘The Slanket’ is soft to touch, is fleecy, and of medium thickness, and once on it is very long like a normal blanket. It is machine washable and made from 100% Super Soft Polyester Microfibers. There is a nice little label stitched on the outside (on the bottom of the sleeve) saying ‘The Slanket’ in blue. This label distinguishes ‘The Slanket’ from the other copies on the market. You can put ‘The Slanket’ on in two different ways. You can have it so that it is closed at the back of your body and open at the front or vice versa. I am currently sitting in it with it open at the front and the extra material at the back is pulled over me to cover my head a bit like a hood. I look like a complete idiot but I am nice and snug and I do not have the heating on. I must be saving a fortune in heating bills, too bad that the animals in the house are probably cold. Maybe they will produce animal ‘Slankets’ next…..

Slanket V Blanket

Blankets have been around since 1340 and were named after their manufacturer Thomas Blanket. Therefore blankets have been around for a very long time indeed. I do not think that blankets will ever disappear from our world, but it is only natural that we develop and improve products. For instance we had the electric blanket (the concept was developed in 1912), and now we have ‘The Slanket’.

Try putting a blanket over you whilst typing on your laptop, or whilst playing cards, or a board game with your children and see what happens. Or try to pick up your nice hot cup of tea from the floor whilst you are trying to keep the blanket covering your whole body. Yes, you’ve got it – the blanket might move or it might fall off altogether leaving your body exposed to the extremes of the cold air in your house. Pretty disastrous huh? Well, admittedly it is not the worst thing that could possibly happen, but it was a problem that needed fixing, and I assume that the inventor of ‘The Slanket’ has made a lot of money from their idea.

The notion of ‘The Slanket’ is that it gives you more mobility than a blanket. If I had a blanket wrapped round me now then it would be pretty likely that there would be some of my body that was not covered and therefore not snug. ‘The Slanket’ stays in place while I type on my laptop and fidget about, thus keeping me warm. A blanket would slip and slide and I would have to make a conscious effort to wrap it under my arms to try to keep it in place. If I wanted to keep my chest and neck warm then I would lose use of my arms and hands if I were using a blanket. ‘The Slanket’ allows me to use my laptop with ease, grab my drink without getting cold and change the TV channel without getting cold arms.

Where ‘The Slanket’ looses ‘brownie points’ is that it restricts your mobility if you want to actually move from the sofa or from your bed. It is very difficult to walk about in a ‘Slanket’ as it drags along the floor. I think this would even be a problem for tall people. Additionally the sleeves are very baggy and long – perfect for keeping warm but not good for doing things when you are moving about. When I am sat down I just push the sleeves up, as they are too long. When I am moving about there is nothing I can do about the long sleeves. I attempted to load up the dishwasher the other week without removing my ‘Slanket’ (as I did not want to take it off and get cold again). I ended up smashing a plate (the first plate I have ever broken), because the baggy sleeves were getting in the way and caused me to drop the plate. Therefore only put a ‘Slanket’ on if you are happy that you will be sat in one place for a while e.g. to watch a film, read a book, or surf the Internet for an hour or more. Because once you put the ‘Slanket’ on, you will not want to remove it and get cold again!

How can 'The Slanket' save me money?

I myself am somebody who likes to save money and also I like to keep warm (I am one of those annoying people who is always cold). I do not function well when I am cold, but I function even worse when an expensive heating bill arrives. So ‘The Slanket’ is a product I like. I am not seriously going to argue that ‘The Slanket’ is going to eliminate the need for heating, but it could help save us a little money. Take today for instance, it is only 1 degree Celsius outside I do not have the heating on as my ‘Slanket’ is keeping me sufficiently warm. There is a slight problem in the idea that ‘The ‘Slanket’ can save money on heating bills – and that is that the whole family will have to have a ‘Slanket’ to join in. It is no good if you are nice and warm wrapped in a ‘Slanket’ and the other members of your family are suffering from hypothermia. But a ‘Slanket’ can save you money if you live alone and want to save on your heating, or if you are home alone for a few hours as I am today. Therefore I think ‘The Slanket’ does have the potential to save you a few pennies but only in the long-term as there is a cost to buying the product in the first place.

How much can I expect to pay for 'The Slanket'?

As with anything, prices vary depending upon where you shop. I have listed a selection of prices I have found online for the product: - £20.99 - £24.99 - £25.95 - price varies depending on choice of colour. Ruby red is currently £22.49

It is always worth shopping around as prices change, but keep an eye out for copies as there are a few out there. Although I cannot comment on whether the cheaper versions are inferior or not.

What colours are available?

‘The Slanket’ is available in a variety of colours. Purple, pink, ruby red, cream (although probably not the best colour if you are slurping tea and coffee whilst wearing it), green, blue etc. etc. There are also a few designs available e.g. ‘Walk the Slank’ which is a skull design, camouflage, and a flower design.

You are spoilt for choice really, and Amazon has a pretty good selection of different types of ‘Slanket’.


In my opinion ‘The Slanket’ is a great product, especially for someone like me that likes nothing better than feeling warm and snug during the cold winter. ‘The Slanket’ is warm and soft and comfortable and keeps the cold drafts from reaching you, leaving only your fingers and face exposed. But you can easily cover your fingers with the long sleeves when you do not want to use your hands anymore. The ‘Slanket’ is a wearable blanket and is much better and more practical to use than an ordinary blanket. It has the potential to save you a few pennies on heating and it will leave you feeling contented and cosy.

Although ‘The Slanket’ is not cheap to buy, I think that it is well worth the price and it makes a nice novelty gift. The only downside to ‘The Slanket’ is that you cannot move around in it with ease and you will look like a Wally wearing it! But if anyone laughs at you in your ‘Slanket’ then just buy them one for Christmas and they will end up loving it….. and then you can look silly together :O)

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