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published 19/05/2005 | showbiz0
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Pro It's funny, stupid, filled with celebrity gossip, agony aunt and beautiful women.
Cons People look down on those who read it
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"Are You Brave Enough To Admit You Love It?"

The Sun newspaper is described as the "people's paper" and as the number 1 newspaper in the country, it came as quite a shock when i realised so many people look down on you for reading it. After a considerable period of time debating why this is, i came to the conclusion that people are either just ashamed to admit that they like it or they're total prudes.

I agree with people's opinions that it isn't the most educational reading available and i also agree that the front page story's are usually related to some celebrity scandal rather than political or world news. But to be fair, don't we need something to keep our mind off the constant reminder that we are under a terrorist threat? Don't we need something that can make us laugh, whether the paper intends to be funny or not? Don't we need a source that we can find out about the latest celebrity gossip -which we all love to read about secretly?

My purpose and sole aim in writing this review is that i want to tell everybody that i love The Sun, i want people to agree with me and i want to stop people looking down on those who read The Sun.

Okay, i understand that The Sun genuinely isn't what EVERYBODY likes to read and that's fair enough. I don't enjoy reading the broadsheets that require a great skill to open up, before i can even lay my eyes on the text, for the sheer size of the pages. We are all entitled to our own opinions - that's what's so great about being British. I do not intend on offending anybody who dislikes The Sun.

***The Main Contents of The Sun***

The Front Page

This is the page that is merely designed to catch the audiences attention through the big, bold headline attempting at shaking the world and causing havoc with the news it is so lucky to reveal to us. The front page of The Sun is usually filled with colour to appeal to people walking by and the ratio of text to pictures is usually around 1:5.

Page 3

This is one of the most famous pages of all British newspapers. Page 3 gives us a delightful, daily treat of beautiful topless, glamour models. I don't see the point in including page 3, although it's great to look at, for some doesn't really serve much purpose. Needless to say, Page 3 obviously works for The Sun as it is the highest selling paper in the country and it has uncovered a handful of celebrity models.

Ally Ross on TV

This guy will say anything he likes about anybody or anything that has appeared on TV. I love reading his page because it is filled with sarcastic comments, funny quotes amongst other things that make his page excellently, satisfying reading.

Victoria Newton's "Bizarre"

Bizarre is a double page spread featuring all the celebrity gossip a celeb-lover would require. There's always a main story in the center covering a gig or revealing some scandalous news about a singer/model/actor or It girl. Dotted around the rest of the page is lots of smaller stories covering newly released singles, top bands, who was spotted shopping where, movie premieres, pictures from nights out and award ceremonies amongst other celebrites exposed. This page doesn't cover anything remotely important or significant making it a superb read.

TV Biz

The TV Biz, recently taken over by Sara Nathan, covers a range of news relating to the world of television. TV Biz reveals forthcoming storylines for the nations favourite soaps as well as other stories relating to the soap stars and other stars of the small screen.

Ths Sun TV Guide

The Sun TV Guide is a double page spread giving details of all the programmes featuring on BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Sky One and some Sky Sports channels. The guide is a daily tv guide and usually features near or on the centre pages.

Dear Deidre

Dear Deidre is the agony aunt section of the paper, featured towards the back of the paper. This page presents letters, supposedly sent in by public, revealing sexual secrets and problems that they would like Deidre to solve them. Many of them seem too extreme to be real, but i couldn't possibly tell you whether they're fakes or not. Not that it matters because it makes a funny and sometimes helpful read.

Mystic Meg

Yes, the same mad, mystic Meg who used to read out her predictions on the National Lottery. Mystic Meg provides The Sun with her daily horoscopes...and although i read them, they're rubbish. I find that mine always ends with "luck enters a Reality TV show" or "A text at 7pm is lucky".

Sports Section

The sports section covers many pages at the back of the paper and keeps you up-to-date with the world of sports. The sports section covers big games and reveals news of scandals involving footballers and their clubs.

Obviously, i havent mentioned every page in the newspaper as there's approximately between 60-70 pages a day. The Sun includes many advertisments for a range of products including mobile phones, loan companies, banks and supermarkets. The Sun is just 30p and really delivers the goods. I love this paper and it is a good read after you've read a more serious paper.
Brilliant stuff and i am not ashamed to admit that i love it.

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Comments on this review

  • silverstreak published 04/07/2005
    Well done for standing up and saying that, and I thought you were very diplomatic with your comments. I don't read the Sun, but I have to hand it to them for their brilliant front page headlines sometimes - at least we get a laugh, which many people could do with these days.
  • derek-j-a published 04/07/2005
    I find the Sun easy enough to read but don't take it regularly. I tend to look through papers that do book/film reviews to get some ideas for reviewing DVDs on Ciao.. LOL It's a bit of a personal challenge to me at the moment.. Great review, clear and easy to read. .. Derek
  • craggsy23 published 12/06/2005
    I wouldn't say that I love the Sun paper, but it is def. readable. I prefer reading this to most of the others available. Great review, Helen
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