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The Transporter (DVD)

Jason Statham (SNATCH) stars in this fast-paced and very loud thriller that was written specifically for him by French filmmaker Luc Besson. Statham p...

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published 07/01/2017 | jb0077
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It has been fun all the reads and rates I have received were highly appreciated thank you.
Pro The fighting scenes are great.
Cons The overall story is the weakest point.
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"Who would have thought transporting was so dangerous."

The Transporter (DVD)

The Transporter (DVD)


Well I guess it is what you are transporting or who that you transport for that will get you into trouble.

So What Was It That Drew Me To This Film?

This was actually on the television over the holidays but I was not in the mood to watch it that night so a few days later I fancied watching it, so out came the DVD. Initially I was interested in the film because it looked cool when it first came out, at the time it was said this one was better than XxX but I am not judging.

What Was The Film About?

Frank is a transporter and he has a set of rules that when it comes to the job he lives by. This is proven by his first job that really is just an intro to showcase who he is, the gang of thieves are forced to shoot one of their own because there are four of them instead of three. The first rule is never change the deal, once terms are set they cannot be changed in any way. Rule two is no names, Rule three is don't look in the package.

On his next job he gets a flat tyre transporting a package and as he goes to the trunk to change it, when he opens up the bag is moving. He changes the tyre and proceeds on at his rest stop he has a change of heart and picks up some juice, further down the road he stops and gives the person the opportunity to take a drink. A little later she makes an escape attempt under the guise of needing the toilet, when Frank finally makes it to the drop he now has the girl plus two cops in the trunk.

But he makes the delivery just a little late, the client accepts the package and requests that Frank delivers something else for him. A small case which turns out to be a bomb and Frank survived by pure chance, he returns to the house and takes revenge on the goons and takes a shiny Mercedes Benz to return home. The girl was also hiding in the car so he brings her back to his home to find out how deep in he is, well things go from bad to worse for Frank as his home is soon annihilated in a second attempt to end his life.

Suffice to say that there is more going on here than just simple revenge and soon Frank finds out from the girl that there are four hundred people in a container. The guy that tried to have Frank killed is the only one that supposedly knows the number of the container, Frank decides he cannot sit on his behind and let this go as a former soldier has the skills required to take them on and aside from that they did try to kill him.

Notable Cast Members

Jason Statham, Matt Schulze, François Berléand and Ric Young

Did Any of The Characters Stand Out For Me?

Nobody apart from Statham stands out here but I am sure that was done on purpose, to let the talent stand out plus showcase as many opportunities all those fancy fight scenes as well. Anyway the ones to watch out for are...

Frank Martin played by Jason Statham.
There is no doubt he is the star here, most of the film has him either showing off his impressive driving skills or equally impressive combat skills. As an ex soldier Frank was clearly well trained and this has given him the abilities required to accomplish his new chosen career. He does not really believe in authority anymore no doubt something to do with why he left the military but he does not go into that in any detail. Regardless of his feelings Frank is at heart a good man who initially just wanted a quiet life doing his own thing until Lai literally just was deposited into his life.

Lai played by Shu Qi.
Mr. Kwai's daughter who is stowed in a bag as Frank's delivery, when she has her chance is determined to get Frank to help her, she is a strong willed individual. This is proven in how she is going against her father when she discovered that he was involved in trafficking people.

Wall Street played by Matt Schulze.
The baddie and a complete fool, by that I mean he underestimates Frank in a big way. If he had not tried to kill Frank I am fairly sure Frank would have just walked away as after all he is a professional. To be fair though Wall Street does come off as a bit stupid like he is untouchable but the truth is he certainly is not.

Inspector Tarconi played by François Berléand.
An older cop who has known Frank for a while, there is a mutual respect between them which over time has developed into a bit of a friendship.

Mr. Kwai played by Ric Young.
Lai's father who seems more honorable than his cohort Wall Street is but he still is definitely shady without question.

How Was The Film, Did I Enjoy It Regardless of How Good or Bad?

I liked this film, Statham plays a guy who has a past and has basically moved on, it is clearly a past he does not really want to think about. Of course the action in the film takes a bigger role than the story but said story is not too thin thankfully. It just seems to me that the directors wanted to show a lot of ass kicking whenever the opportunity arose to do so and it seems like they took quite a few of them.

Would I Watch This Again and/or Recommend?

Yes I would watch this film again, mostly because I like Statham and his friendship with the Inspector. The chemistry between them is like a pair of old friends but they both know where the boundary line is in terms of their professions. Frank is not exactly a bad guy even if he takes jobs that benefit bad guys, he is really just a guy out to make himself some cash by transporting stuff no questions asked and the story is not bad.

Some Other Information

The film is rated 15.

Released in 2002.

Running time is 1 hr 32 minutes.

Directed by Louis Leterrier, Corey Yuen.


1 - Title.
2 - Frank does not change the deal.
3 - Escaping.
4 - Landing.
5 - Inspector visits.
6 - Did you look in the package.
7 - Detonation.
8 - Lai.
9 - Confrontation.
10 - Lai's father.

Originality 5/5 I liked the fact that I had seen nothing truly like this film before, sure there are similar films in terms of the action and how the story goes but nothing quite like this at the time.

Story 4/5 Quite a simple story but it does have very cool moments, I see it as a worth at least one watch anyway.

Characters 4/5 Statham as the transporter is a great character, I also liked the inspector. Everyone else is featured are pretty standard with no real out there roles apart from the main baddie who is also good but not nearly as good as Statham.

Acting 4/5 Again Stathm stands out here but other players do well also, again I really liked François Berléand's performance as the inspector.

Sounds 3/5 I have a mixed opinion of the soundtrack used as at some points the music was perfectly suited and other parts I was think why have you used that track.

Overall 4/5 I give the film a four out of five because that is my personal opinion of the film, as for the vast majority then it is most likely a three. The story is not riveting but the action is pretty good and some of the fights are impressive.

Thanks for reading ©jb0077 2017.

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Jason Statham (SNATCH) stars in this fast-paced and very loud thriller that was written specifically for him by French filmmaker Luc Besson. Statham plays Frank Martin, a former Special Forces operative who is now a high-priced courier paid to deliver packages he would rather know nothing about. His creed: never change the deal, never use names, and never look in the package. But when he finds out that his latest delivery is a beautiful young woman (Shu Qi), everything changes, and he is off on a wild chase that includes plenty of explosions, bare-knuckle fighting, cool weaponry, and tongue-in-cheek humour. Hong Kong director Corey Yuen who has previously worked with Jet Li lets the action tell the story as Frank battles the bad guys in the streets of France to a score by renowned jazz great Stanley Clarke.

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DVD Region: DVD

Studio(s): 20TH CENTURY FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment; Deluxe Video Service - Fox

Release date: 21/11/2005, 02/06/2003, 21/06/2004

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Director of Photography: Pierre Morel, Pierre Morel

Screenwriter: Robert Mark Kamen, Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen, Luc Besson

Barcode: 5039036024365, 5039036012515, 5039036012508

Author: Luc Besson

Writer: Luc Besson

Producer: Luc Besson, Steven Chasman, Luc Besson, Steven Chasman

Composer: Stanley Clarke, Stanley Clarke


Main Language: English

Hearing Impaired Language: English

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Special Features: Audio Commentary By Jason Statham And Producer Steven Chasman, An Original Making of Featurette, A Look Behind The Scenes, Extended Fight Sequences, A Multi Angle Storyboard, Sneak Preview Of The Transporter 2

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Dubbing Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1 English

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 Anamorphic Wide Screen, 16:9 Anamorphic Wide Screen

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