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The Tutankhamun Exhibition, Dorchester


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Review of "The Tutankhamun Exhibition, Dorchester"

published 24/07/2017 | kiss_me2070
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Pro lots of information, interesting, easy to get to
Cons lots of reading, children may find it boring, a little over-priced
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"A Great Exhibit If You Have An Interest in Tutankhamun."

The Tutankhamun Exhibition, Dorchester

The Tutankhamun Exhibition, Dorchester

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During my recent holiday in Weymouth with my sister and other family, we wanted to visit a few places. I have wanted to visit this museum for a while now and despite being down Weymouth last year and the previous year, I only got around to visiting it this year. The Tutankhamun Exhibition is a spectacular recreation of Tutankhamun's tomb and treasures. This internationally acclaimed exhibition spans time itself. Extensively featured on television throughout the world. The current exhibition of Tutankhamun follows the Treasures of Tutankhamun exhibition that was shown in London at the British Museum in 1972. The exhibition travelled to many countries including the USA, USSR, Japan, France, Canada and West Germany. During this period, in spite of expert supervision and care, the exhibits unfortunately suffered from their ordeal. The Egyptian Government, in an effort to preserve them from any future stress, made a decision that the Gold Mask of Tutankhamun and many of the major treasures were not to leave their home in Egypt again. Tutankhamun Exhibition was designed and created to overcome this problem. All the exhibits have been carefully crafted by meticulous reference to the original antiquities, photographic records and detailed measurements and diagrams.

Craftsmen and artists have recreated the treasures by using, wherever practicable, materials and methods used in making the originals, making the treasures shown in this exhibition identical as possible to the originals now in Egypt. This care and accuracy of the archaeologists and craftsmen have extended to the reconstruction of the antechamber of the tomb. It has been recreated exactly as it was when Howard Carter entered it in 1922. The burial chamber has been recreated to show the moment the golden coffins were removed from the sarcophagus. Such is the accuracy of the treasures and setting in this exhibition that they have featured in a number of national and international television programmes on Tutankhamun, which have chosen to feature the tomb and treasures in this exhibition rather than the originals, now in Egypt. They have also been reproduced in books, magazines and newspapers. There is no photography allowed in the exhibition, so you are not allowed to take pictures using your phone, camera or any other methods. This was a bit of a shame as I would have loved to have taken some pictures; how-ever I respected that you weren’t able to take any pictures so have instead included a picture of the things my nephews purchase from the shop there.

(Please note that the above information has been taken from their website)

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Getting There
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The museum is located in Dorchester, Dorset and is in the centre of Dorchester, on High West Street. There are car parks nearby and is sign-posted. We caught the bus from Weymouth to Dorchester which took around 15mins. We got off in the town and the museum was about a 10min walk from there.

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Admission Prices
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• Adults - £8.99
• Children - £6.99
• Family (2 adults & 2 children) - £28.99
• Under 5’s – FREE

You can purchase a Gold Saver Pass which allows you to visit the Dinosaur Museum, The Tutankhamun Museum, The Teddy Bear Museum, The Terracotta Warriors and The Mummies Exhibition.

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The Exhibition
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As you enter the exhibition you will notice there is lots of information on the walls, which obviously require a lot of reading. It starts off with whom Tutankhamun was and it gives you information about hieroglyphics. There is an activity sheet that children can fill in for fun, and it will require them to read some of the information in order to get the answers. There is a big stone piece on the wall which has hieroglyphics on and children can try to write their name, my nephew enjoyed doing this. Further into the exhibition you can read more about the life of Tutankhamun and about his family. This made very interesting reading and it was interesting to read about him and his family and some of the problems that he apparently suffered from such as some health issues. There are various pictures and other supporting information to go with the different areas of information printed. It was interesting to read about the death of Tutankhamun and the theory of some people thinking that he was murdered. In this part of the exhibition, there is a replica of Tutankhamun’s body when it was found. Some children may find this a little gory how-ever it’s not that bad. There is an accompanying video to watch about when he was found as well and the fact that x-rays of his skull revealed that he suffered a blow to the head.

There is a big bit about the discovery of Tutankhamun and Howard Carter as he is the one whom discovered the tomb. They have a replica room of his treasure room and there is a large area where you can read about the discovery of his tomb. There is a large replica tomb in one of the rooms where you can read about the discovery of the tomb and what the tomb looked like when it was discovered. There is again a small video in this section which you can watch and this gives you some interesting information. In the last section of the exhibition Tutankhamun death mask is displayed, it’s a replica but the mask is truly amazing and very detailed. My nephew loved seeing the death mask and the other things in this section such as some of the jewels he wore and a golden chair as well as other beautiful items. There is information beside each item displayed in glass that you can read and this is very interesting. My nephew also liked the golden dagger which was beautiful with lots of detailing on it. It’s was unfortunate that you can’t take pictures as I would have loved to have taken pictures; how-ever because there were signs stating not to take pictures, I obviously didn’t. Although the exhibition isn’t very big, there is a fair bit of reading so it does take a good hour or so to get around the exhibition. If you are not bothered about reading all of the information, then you could get around the exhibition a lot of quicker.

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The Mummies Exhibition
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This exhibition is upstairs from the Tutankhamun exhibition and this is a lot smaller. In fact, it’s only in one large room but this was very interesting. My nephew didn’t want to go so me and my Dad went up to have a look at this exhibition. There are stairs up to this exhibition so wheelchair users will not be able to visit this part of the exhibition. The exhibition features a select group of Royal Mummies that have been specially recreated using a new technique developed in Europe that makes it possible to create perfect facsimiles of ancient bodies. The process makes the mummies accessible to the public whilst preserving the originals in perfect environmental conditions and thereby not putting them at risk and preserving them for future generations. The process which was developed in Dorset by World Heritage uses medical skeletons and actual animal skin to re-create bodies based on accurate measurements, X-rays, and wherever possible laser scanning. I have to say that this room was fascinating. The mummy’s look very real, so it may not be to everyone’s taste to visit this exhibition. They even had some mummy animals as well. Some of the mummies have been made to look as though the bandages have just been removed.

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The Shop
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The shop is located where the main entrance/exit is to the exhibition. They have a great range of gifts and souvenirs here all Egyptian themes. Prices of the products vary but I thought they were reasonable without being too over-priced. My nephew purchased a pen, gold statue, pyramid and a small golden plate. I purchased a small scarab beetle which I am going to glue a magnet to so that I can make my own fridge magnet. They have some interesting things in the shop such as name stickers and bamboo sheets with your name on in hieroglyphics. They have some nice items of jewellery as well and some keyrings which are on display in a glass cabinet under the counter where the till is.

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Overall Opinion
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I have been wanting to visit this exhibition for quite a while and I am glad that we visited although having said that I do think it was a little over-priced for what it was. There was a total of about 4 rooms with all the various bits of information in, and children will no doubt find the majority of the reading a little boring. I have to admit that I did spend a lot of time reading the information but in the end, I did skip some of the reading. My nephew loved the room at the end with the death mask and other gold items displayed in the glass cabinets. The exhibition is suitable for wheelchair users and for families with push-chairs; although if the exhibition is busy it can get a little cramped. There are no steps during the exhibition, only small ramps. The only stairs are the one’s going up to the Mummy exhibition, which was interesting but it was only one large room with lots of information; how-ever it was interesting to read about the mummification process and other things. If you have a keen interest in Egypt and Tutankhamun then the exhibition is well worth a visit; how-ever I wouldn’t have said it was particularly interesting for children, due to all the reading there. Overall, I am glad I visited the exhibition but I do think it’s a little over-priced for what it is.

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Other Information
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Address: West Street, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1UW.
Phone: 01305 269571
Opening Hours: Mon- Sun: 10:00 – 17:00

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