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The United States and China - John King Fairbank

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... This is a rather long preamble to introduce a book of importance, 'The United States and China', by John King Fairbank. When I first studied political science as an undergraduate, I had completed the requirements for my primary major without having once heard a lecture or participated ... Read review

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International Relations: Sweet and Sour

AdvantagesGreat history and insight into China and Sino-American relations

DisadvantagesA bit dated now, but historically useful

"...an era where America is the last remaining superpower, it is sometimes easy to feel that there are no real threats left in the world to American security (apart from the occasional terrorist, that is); it is easy to slip into a complacency a la the British Empire in thinking itself impregnable due to its relative insularity from the rest of the world (truly, for a variety of reasons, Canada and Mexico pose no real threats to America) and the power ..." Read review

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Type Non-Fiction
Genre Politics
Title The United States and China
Author John King Fairbank


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