The Walking Dead: Fall of the Governor Part Two - Robert Kirkman, Jay Bonansinga

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The Walking Dead: Fall of the Governor Part Two - Robert Kirkman, Jay Bonansinga

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Review of "The Walking Dead: Fall of the Governor Part Two - Robert Kirkman, Jay Bonansinga"

published 26/10/2015 | cath_del
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Pro some action, mentions other characters, good closer book for the series
Cons can be slow, not as good as others in the series, bit slow compared to them
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"The Walking Dead: Fall of the Governor Part Two!"

The Walking Dead: Fall of the Governor Part Two - Jay Bonansinga, Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead: Fall of the Governor Part Two - Jay Bonansinga, Robert Kirkman

Whenever I start a series, no matter how bad it is, I always have to finish it - this has ended up being the case for the Walking Dead novels that have recently popped up. The first two in the series I did enjoy, however from the third I started to have a feeling they might start to decline in quality. While the fourth and final (of this arc) wasn't a terrible read, it definitely didn't grip me as much as the others.

I bought this book in WH Smiths for about £9, I couldn't find it in any other bookstores though when it was released, occasionally I see it in Waterstones. It's only been in 1 library near me to, so it must not be too popular. The book comes in two parts and I wasn't entirely sure why, they were quite thin and totally could have just been released together. Possibly money maker for the book publishers cashing in on the zombie fans...?

Target Audience
The target audience for this series of books definitely either has to be Walking Dead, zombie fans or even those who just like some simple gory, horror. At this stage, there are some twists in the stories, but none as surprising than within the first two books. As a real introduction into the Governor and just how gory/devastating The Walking Dead can be, I definitely would recommend that others read the first two before anything else.

Those who have read the comics, will enjoy this book, as some of the characters from there do pop up and make an appearance, which is a nice addition. Some parts are slightly different to what happens in the TV series, something to highlight if those reading are expecting it to be a follow on from that arc.

The plot of the story is a follow on from how Rick and his fellow survivors escaped from Woodbury after being captured, and the painful effects that Michonne has left the Governor with during their escape. He recuperates and starts to try and lead the town back to normal, but Lily starts to doubt whether he will be a good leader and his intentions...

To stop myself from giving away too much info, I'll keep it brief. There are some tense scenes featuring search parties for missing characters and supply runs, which can be quite tense and packed full of gore. They seem to be filler for part of the story though, and I did find myself just wanting them to get to the prison assault. Many will recognise the prison assault in the book, as the one from the comics - and is packed full of zombies, fighting, guns and action. This was definitely the highlight of the plot and kept the book's flow from being utterly slow.

Flow and Readability
The flow of the story is quite a hit and miss, some parts are really fast, packed full of action with lots of zombie fighting or even human against human. But others, tend to be quite slow, it often seems that the 'planning' of the attacks are quite dragged out. I probably would read it again after a couple of years when I decide to read the other books and the comics - but just as a way to close the series again, and not because it was a thrilling read.

The characters are built upon within this book, there are some new changes to relationships as expected. But it's nothing that you can't really just guess - it is quite predictable for most of them. The characters of Lily and the Governor, are clearly two of the most important in the series, and pretty much the only ones I was interested in. Supporting characters such as Austin, Bob Stookey, Alice and the Governor's band of cronies etc do have some parts in helping Lily, but they're quite in the background and just seem to follow orders instead of having their own brains and arguing against orders.

Lily's character does have a slight character arc, in her relationship with Austin and her reasons for joining in with the prison assault (won't ruin why). She does get tougher and more hard edged as she blames Rick and his gang for what has happened to her. Her relationship with the Governor is a bit of an odd one, as you do start to see the changes of whether she trusts him or not.

Seeing as the series revolves around him, the Governor does have a very central role in this book. It was a good development arc for those who have read the comics or the TV series, as while we saw the damage that Michonne did, we never saw the inbetween of his recuperation. It shows just how much of a toughie the Governor is and how he'll do nothing to stop people ruining his ideal town and leadership position. His leads for the story arc are what made for the interesting twists and turns, a character that I found will probably always go for the extremes... making this book just that little bit more bearable.

As expected with a horror novel, there is a lot of gore in this story. I don't think they do it as well with the surprises for zombies appearing as they have done, but when it happens there probably is likely to be a full page description of how they brutally kill/dismember them. Some parts can be squeamish but at least it does break up some dull parts of the book.

Overall, if you have read the rest in this series, the book is great to tie this arc to a close. I did enjoy it to an extent, maybe because I am a hardcore Walking Dead fan, but having two separate books did seem a bit pointless to me - as they were quite thin to begin with! The characters of Lily and the Governor keep this book bearable, but don't expect to be that thrilled until you get to the prison assault. A good closer to a series, but could have just been a little more exciting.

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