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... The manual arrived a few days after ordering it and came in the form of a ring binder containing A5 printed pages and a CD in a plastic case with holes in that also fitted onto the large rings. The idea of the ring binder is that the optional future updates can be added as needed. Flicking ... Read review

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Enhance Your PC with Windows Advisor

AdvantagesSaves money on fixing window problems quickly and easily without too much jargon


"...it didn't end there. With the 632 paged manual came 5 CD ROMs containing programs and tools to enhance the performance of Windows. When a company is willing to send products without being pre-paid, they are obviously confident in their product. So with my hardened scepticism softened a little, I sent for it. The manual arrived a few days after ordering it and came in the form of a ring binder containing A5 printed pages and a CD in a plastic ..." Read review

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Windows Advisor Issues Yet To Be Resolved

AdvantagesThe bonus DVD

DisadvantagesIt stopped my laptop working altogether

"...I thought I had found the answer to my problem without have the expense of calling in a computer specialist. I could not have been more wrong ... my machine no longer functions at all having gone through the precise instructions under the heading 'Tuning your Windows drive cache settings for super-fast performance' After 3 days no suggestions have been put forward so to say I am disappointed is an understatement. It did also come with ..." Read review

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Community Level 1greg-the-g...


Mailing seems to good to be true

AdvantagesPotentially offers simply explained problem solving

DisadvantagesUnknown annual costs of updates. Hardly mentions Vista

"...nothing better to do at the time, so I read it. A very convincing read, but very little mentioned about Vista, just XP. Whereas the offer price of £14.97 incl P&P for a 618 page document, with 5 free gifts (too keep) and 6 week review seems pretty good, there is no real indication on how much the additonal updates are likely to cost other that 18p per page. How often would updates be sent, and how many pages? However you can cancel updates anytime. So ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 08/11/2005

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