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Review of "The new Nintendo Switch"

published 28/04/2017 | SirJoseph
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Pro Price, Wide Audience, Controls, No Rival
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"No Battle, No Balls"

I was rather pleased to see a Current Issue concerning video games - regardless of how it seems to be based more on marketing ploys now. I'd had my first console at the tender age of about 5 - a Super Nintendo! So I'm no rookie when it comes to the Japanese corporation. My second was a Gameboy so I', at least well versed in the retro kit they had going on in the 90s. Not to be completely outdone, my sister had a Wii as does my partner and although we only really play the sporting games, I think I get the gist. Nowadays I play most, if not all my games on PC via Steam and the games consist of fantasy, horror and puzzles - so safe to say, I'm not as optimistic about Nintendo's newest squeaky clean release as Ciao seems to be...

First Impressions

Not being as avid a follower to the video games industry as I used to be, I was only fairly aware of an impending release from the old school developer. It would be an advert that first gave me the whole picture - and it was an pretty average one. A group of people walking around what seemed to be a party, with these protruding plastic devices in each hand. They games they were playing were par the course for Nintendo - clean but incredibly simplistic and full of baby bright colours. Personally, I felt I outgrew this sort of stuff after the Nintendo 64 (I was a Playstation kid anyway) so even the Wii with its odd bit of family fun drew a yawn rather sharpish. However, with an RRP of just £279.99 the appeal practically doubles as it's around the price of the current competition (if there is any?!) for now let's say PS4 & Xbox One - 4 years after their release date. So even after several price drops of the others, this looks a fairer deal. Just what is this up against though? The handful of virtual reality headsets from the likes of HTC, Samsung and the Oculus Rift? I suppose not having much similar competition is a good way for the company to stay afloat in a cut-throat industry. Then again, not having a rival might dull interest as there's no alternative. I had to dust off the old memory banks but something seemed familiar about this concept. Pretty sure they tried combing their old handheld with a console before - the Gameboy Advance/SP with the Gamecube.

The girlfriend had to help me out with this one. What she seemed to tiredly get across was that the thing sounded good because of it's 'pick up & play' style in that it comes with 1 controller that can split into 2 and is small so people can carry it around. A hand-held'll do that. Zelda. A lotta gamers love Zelda (I'm not one of them - I prefer Final Fantasy) a game that holds a place in many hearts and nostalgia will get them wallets opening with lightning speed. Being a hybrid type of gadget obviously has it's advantages but from the looks of things, there's a lot of average looking games that could be played on smart phones, or more hardcore ones via another Nintendo device: the DS or even a PSP. The controls look simple but tried and true which is a great plus.The controller colours are rather pretty... Ok I'm struggling now. The price is great for a console...

...But bloody outrageous for a handheld! You know they're playing it safe when the first result that comes up upon googling the thing is along the lines of "why the Switch is better than ANOTHER NINTENDO CONSOLE." Most sites would have you believe it a 4-4.5 out of 5 rated bit of kit but I don't believe enough time has elapsed for anyone (buying from release date) to have formed an adequate opinion yet. All I can do is look at the evidence and sprinkle a little bit of angry veteran gamer opinion on it. Brace. First red flag - the controllers are an eye watering £60-70 - that's at least 20 over the norm. The grips, yes GRIPS are £15! Needless to say that the extras are where the moneys at. Getting privy to this device via a television advert didn't bode well either - it was epic, it was a media storm online - it was a lukewarm ad in the middle of a young adult channel that was so very un-intimidating.

Often, a good indicator of the future is the past - we need only look at the demographics flocking to Nintendo's motion detection console. Broader than its competitors, PS3 & Xbox 360, the Wii took in the elderly, more women and girls, but also the children deemed by their parents, too young to be playing what the others had to offer - which is usually gun-toting violence. I don't begrudge anyone still into Nintendo's offering, there are obviously millions of fans, however this has struck me as an attempt at swiping some of the mobile gamers we hear so much about. Taken into account, the gender divide in those who play games gets closer to parity than without the likes of Candy Crush and Farmville apparently declaring people 'gamers'. I believe that this may be an attempt at attracting more girls and women to gaming with a versatile medium that doubles up as a console - with the same type of mini-games. That isn't to say there won't be any in-depth titles heading their way, but rather the platform is in its element with the safety of novelty controls and a vivid spectrum. News of a possible platform for the Dark Souls franchise certainly got my attention but it'd take more than a return to a tough set of games to get my money a spendin'. I just don't see it taking off anywhere near as rapid as the DS - the undisputed best seller of handhelds because this is far bulkier than that lil' package. I do envisage a few more quirky accessories hitting the market soon though...

Loyals' will flock as they always do and I imagine some mainstreamers may follow eventually but without a console battle to partake in, a fellow handheld to riposte, it really does seem a case of no battle, no balls.

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  • bettyboo47 published 04/05/2017
    so....not switching then??!!
  • DanniiJ18 published 03/05/2017
    fab review x
  • stacie17 published 03/05/2017
    Great review x
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