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This Year In View - 2004

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... This was a bad idea and I was so bad I could hardly stand. My boyfriend had to take me home after a couple of hours and I was grateful to see my bed! ***February*** After a month off sick already I didn't think it could get any worse. I was wrong, I woke up one night in pain with my ... Read review

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Community Level 7salem_witch


My dizzy 2004 Review with images

AdvantagesIts over!

DisadvantagesToo many to list here!

"...give it a bash. Now this year has been very different from previous years as I was off sick for most of it so I apologise now if it isn't a happy read! ***January*** I actually slept my way into 2003 believe it or not! Me and my boyfriend had been shopping on the 31st of December and then we went and saw the Lord Of The Rings (yawn!) By the time we got back to his we were both really tired as we both work nights and our sleep pattern had been ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Elffriend


Look back with compassion.

AdvantagesIt may make you think.

DisadvantagesIt's a personal review.

"...a review, which would cover this topic. Looking back at 2004. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ New year’s day 2004 found me hung over and angry, the previous evening my best friend Ann told me that my partner Allan had found himself a council flat and she had known about it for three weeks. She gave Allan the chance to tell me he was moving out, but when he walked out of the pub at midnight I knew something was going on, so reluctantly she told me. At that ..." Read review

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My Eyes Were Too Dilated To See In 2004

Advantagessee below

Disadvantagessee below

"...to write an op on this topic. However, I think it is about time that I lay everything out on the table so that 2005 is a better year for me. Yep, you are thinking right: 2004 sucked for me. Sure, it had its moments, but to tell you the truth last was year was more depressing than I thought. It took me a long time for me to get over the death of my father; he died in August of 2003 of brain cancer. It was very quick, and all too sudden and that is ..." Read review

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Community Level 8thingywhat...



AdvantagesAnother Year bites the dust.

DisadvantagesSome didn't live to see today.

"...see things with clarity and this was one of those years. It started well and instead of the usual negativity, and the huge question mark over whether I was going to stay married or not, I decided to take my life into some kind of order which began in January with a little of an ultimatum. Either we stay married and head in the same direction, or we separate. Luckily, our feelings for one another were strong enough to decide to go forward. Globally, ..." Read review

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Wedding Bells and Babies!

AdvantagesEvery month I made a negative into a positive

DisadvantagesThere aren’t any if you turn a situation around

"...that a lot more than this was to follow. I hope this will help anyone who can relate to any of this. So here is how my year panned out… JANUARY One week into the month (now 7 weeks pregnant) I have begin spotting. I rushed straight to the doctors to find out it could be a number of things and is very common in the first 3 months. Fortunately it stopped after a few days, but I was still left confused as to whether the baby was ok or not. I however ..." Read review

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