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published 04/03/2015 | thedevilinme
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"Seth Rogen in a stoner comedy?"

This is the End (DVD)

This is the End (DVD)

Star – Seth Rogen
Genre – Action - Comedy
Run Time – 107 minutes
Certificate – 15
Country – USA
Awards – 12 Wins & 12 Nominations
Amazon – £4.89 (£5.39 Blue Ray)
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I must admit I’m not a huge fan of Seth Rogen but the bubble perm loud mouth and his gang of mostly Canadian comedian friends have changed the game in the comedy genre. Superbad is a really cool film and smartly written and although I didn’t enjoy Pineapple Express, Knocked Up and Bad Neighbors, there is no doubt his stoner and his friends sharp humor was needed to shake things up in Hollywood. If the North Koreans do take him down for The Interview (which I hear isn’t terrible like we thought) then fair enough but we have to admit he has been the unlikely heartbeat of the twitching corpse of Hollywood comedy in recent years.

‘This is the End’ is a journey up Rogens backside if the truth be told as the comedian and his famous comic actor friends play an exaggerated version of themselves, the premise being the end of the world arrives in Hollywood and they all cower in James Franco (127 Hours) mansion to wait it out. With £32 million dollars of wad to blow the world up with, writing and directing team Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen make it work and pull in $126 million for this riotous buddy comedy. It seems quite a lot of Americans are quite happy to see the now familiar obnoxious new wave of comedians to ass about telling stoner and knob gangs once again.


James Franco ... James Franco
Jonah Hill ... Jonah Hill
Seth Rogen ... Seth Rogen
Jay Baruchel ... Jay Baruchel
Danny McBride ... Danny McBride
Craig Robinson ... Craig Robinson
Michael Cera ... Michael Cera
Emma Watson ... Emma Watson
Mindy Kaling ... Mindy Kaling
David Krumholtz ... David Krumholtz
Christopher Mintz-Plasse ... Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Rihanna ... Rihanna
Martin Starr ... Martin Starr
Paul Rudd ... Paul Rudd
Channing Tatum ... Channing Tatum
Jason Segel …Jason Segel


Jonah Hill: A huge earthquake happens, who do they rescue first? Actors! They'll rescue Clooney, Sandra Bullock, me. If there's room, you guys will come.

Seth Rogen is at LAX (Los Angeles International) to pick up his best mate and fellow film actor Jay Baruchel (Pineapples Express). Jay doesn’t enjoy the pretentious Hollywood lifestyle and prefers to live out on the East Coast. The two are soon smoking weed and catching up in Rogens pad as Seth persuades a reluctant Jay to go to James Franco’s house warming party, which will be packed full of their celebrities friends, people like Rihanna and Emily Watson also in attendance.

Whilst Seth and Jay are out buying cigarettes at a local convenience store large explosions and fire reign down on them as blue beans of light suck up half the customers in the store, this apocalyptic scene repeated across the city. Fearing an alien invasion the pair flea back to Franco’s where the guest are unaware of the coming Armageddon, until a huge sinkhole opens up on the lawn and most of the guests fall into it for a fiery death, including Jason Segal, Paul Rudd and Riahanna.

Along with Seth and Jay the only other party survivors are James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson, all cowering in Franco’s house. The plan then is to try and wait it out with what supplies they have, which is mostly drugs and beer. But when a man pleading for help is gruesomely and inexplicably decapitated outside the front door it’s pretty clear whatever is going on outside it’s not an earthquake or natural causes. This is far bigger than any Hollywood actor can survive and its time to repent their sins and make up whilst they still can.


As one critic said, for some people putting all these actors in one place is their version of hell. But happily it wasn’t mine and I did chuckle away at quite a few of the jokes and situations here in this silly two hours. I suspect the in-joke wasn’t quite as funny to a wordy America audience as they know more about the actors and their lives, where as for a British audience we don’t a lot so went along with it more. Where as this stuff is very clever in shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Extras and The Larry Sanders Show it’s rather bland here. If it’s A-List celebrities and important people sending them selves up then it’s funny whereas this lot are not really at that level. Either way this is better film if they had been playing characters, Pegg & Frosts ‘Worlds End film way funnier on the subject.

The ubiquitous improv stuff with these guys isn’t too full on like it can be (Will Ferrell movies) so that aspect is fine. The second act does drag and the film a good 20 minutes too long because no one is tapping them on the shoulder to stop them going on and on to get everything in. Michael Cera (Arrested Development, Scott Pilgrim, Juno, Superbad) gets a fun cameo as the drunken party pest and other also get to have fun by being rude to each other – in their movie life and the present.

As a comedy it’s OK and as an action movie its OK but it never really gets near the 4th ciao star. Its shortcomings are that it doesn’t quite go far enough with the exaggerated selves thing and be a bit naughtier. This movie is clearly a bunch of friends being self indulgent rather than a cleverly written satire on Hollywood lifestyles and more Entourage than Extras. I just about enjoyed it but you do tire towards the end once you know their fete and they do increasingly disgusting things to its puerile ending.

RATINGS – 6.7/10.0 (259,234votes) – 83% critic’s approval – 67% critic’s approval
Leonardo Maltin’s Film Year Book –‘

Special Features

- Audio Commentary -

As you would expect it’s a laughy jokey one with the writers, directors and casts.

- Jay and Seth V The Apocalypse: A short film

The boys final 107 minute movie is based on this little short.

- The Making of the ‘Making of ‘Pineapple Express 2-

Seth and those in this who appeared in that do a spoof piece on the possible sequel.

- This is the Gag Reel –

As the film is ‘improv heavy’ there are a lot of outtakes. As you can imagine some are indulgently annoying.

- Directing Your Friends -

Rogen makes it quite clear these are his mates in the movie and so that’s why they rip the crap out of each other in it.

- Meta Apocalypses -

More behind the scenes stuff

- This is Marketing -

More fillers

- Let Get Technical -

More fillers

- Party Time -

We look at the party scene and all the beautiful people in it, including Rihanna.

- The Cannibal King -

More fillers

- Line - O - Rama -

This is where the actors try to out improve each other, which gets very annoying.

- Deleted Scenes -

As you would expect quite a few.

Movie Talk –‘If your tolerance for druggy banter and puerile sex gags is low then the idea of facing Armageddon with Rogen and his chums will probably strike you as hell’.

Cinema Autopsy –‘A funny self-aware critique of the actors' indulgences - along with several violent deaths, demonic monsters and dick jokes. There are lots of dick jokes’.

ABC Radio –‘If you're familiar with their previous films, you'll be laughing often and laughing loudly’.

Concrete Jungle –‘It's a giant Hollywood in-joke, but one that invites you to share in the laughter’.

The Mail –‘Enjoyable, time-killing piece of throwaway Friday-night pap... It's broad, stupid fun that, against all odds, ends up coagulating’. into an actual story with a point.

Cinema Crazed –‘Writers Rogen and Goldberg run out of ideas before the second act and just half a** it until the end credits...’

Reno Gazette –‘The best thing about This Is the End is playing "spot-the-celebrity" in the early frames. Do this, and you'll find everyone from Jason Segel to David Krumholtz. If all that talent were put to better use, the film might have been worth watching’.


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