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published 16/11/2016 | Kat1987Reviews
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Cons Ridiculous and absurd though i'm not sure if that's a disadvantage.
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"A star studded comedy on an apocalyptic scale."

This is The End [15]
Released: 2013, Run Time: 107 minutes, Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Film only review.

Plot Synopsis
There is a party going off in the Hollywood hills and all of America’s hottest comedy stars are invited. James Franco is hosting and anyone who’s anyone will be there. From the cool Seth Rogen to the genteel Jonah Hill (what do you mean you don’t know the difference?), from the eager Michael Cera to the reluctant Jay Baruchel. Even Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) is going.

What’s the worst that could happen? I don’t know...maybe the Apocalypse perhaps?

My Opinion
First things first, you won’t have seen a film like this before. Yes, you’ve seen comedy actors making cameo appearances before. Yes, you’ve seen a ridiculous apocalypse movie and yes, you’ve seen James Franco acting like he’s stoned. But all in one film? I don’t think so.

This film has been a true revelation for me. I expected it to irritate me but it has inadvertently become one of my favourite films and is the funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time. Just thinking about it now makes me chuckle. I genuinely loved it.

The basic premise is that all of Hollywood’s finest are at James Franco’s house for a party when the apocalypse begins. Hell is raining fire on the whole of LA, craters open that swallow houses and homes and even the richest of celebrities can’t escape sudden and instant death. It’s a ridiculous plot line, the acting is exaggerated and it isn’t in the slightest bit believable but it’s a hoot and a half! I love the acting throughout this film. There will be no Oscars for most moving performances but the actors played genuinely hilarious versions of themselves. In fact, even though the storyline was preposterous and the events that occurred absurd I genuinely feel like I know James Franco a little better now. Each of the actors are totally believable as themselves (What!?! Did I even just say that?)

One of the most beautiful aspects of this film is how it challenges the conventions of the modern disaster film. It mocks the production, the effects and even the music associated with modern film making. It also mocks the people what star in such films and although this isn't a new thing the fact that the actors are so well known and are mocking themselves is something which I find endearing and it makes me appreciate the actors even more. I love that they can make fun of themselves.

In regards to the soundtrack, I can’t say that I follow the logic of why the songs were chosen but I will say that you will be singing ‘Backstreet’s Back’ for at least three days afterwards irrelevant of whether you like the song or the film. The special effects hark back to the era of early apocalyptic films and are very far fetched and lack the realism that audiences have come to expect.

The action is silly and far-fetched and there is of course the obligatory exorcist reference but as far as I’m concerned all these little things add to the overall effect. It is a parody, not to be taken seriously and as long as you bear that in mind you’re in for a real treat. It wouldn’t have worked with a lower calibre of comedy actor. It needed to be done exactly as it has been done. I don’t like slapstick, silly, lose plotted films and this is all of those things but for me the comedy and the actors overshadowed all those things and made this one of the most enjoyable things I have seen in a long while. The opening scenes are like a ‘Where’s Wally’ game, spotting all the celebrities who are at the party. It is genuinely fun and I am genuinely surprised by the amount of people that were willing to participate in a film that mocks their entire industry.

Overall if you like the actors involved and you’ve seen and loved Pineapple Express then watch this. I could quite happily watch this over and over and still find it funny. I'm not sure how a film manages to be both unique and stereotypical at the same time but this one manages it.

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  • DodoRabbit published 09/04/2017
    I may have to give this a watch then :)
  • mikemelmak published 29/11/2016
  • Secre published 25/11/2016
    Nicely reviewed
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