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published 30/11/2017 | IzzyS
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Thanks for all the rates through the years. Its the end of an era - im thankful to all who talked to me. Apologies for the mass postings but I have a ton of film reviews in drafts! ill try to re-rate as many ppl as I can.
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"A Poignant Film Name For A Poignant Time (the film mildly amuses)"

- Story -

While attending a party, a number of (b to z-list) celebrities find themselves facing the oncoming Rapture (Apocalypse). They desperately band together to try to survive until the very end - will they manage it? you'll have to watch the film to find out.

- More Info., Thoughts & Opinions -

This is a comedy fantasy film and it covers themes including sieges, panic and selfishness. Its pretty basic, with the comedy being very much of a teenage type, think of the American Pie films and other Seth Rogen films (i.e. quite sexual and drug oriented - quite immature, purile but partially amusing at times).

The characters are laidback and even fairly lazy at times but I suppose you could say that makes it seem a bit more realistic, if you believe the stereotype of teens being lazy (ok I'll stop with these not so great comments). I found it amusing how some characters reacted, in terms of their body language, to others who were attempting to show themselves up to the rest of them - there are definitely some awkward social moments, you may find yourself cringeing in response to them!.

Unsurprisingly, its an easy, uncomplicated watch and given most of the characters are basically 'playing' themselves (including James Franco, Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen), there was an added element of humour, in that some of them mildly make fun of themselves via the plot and dialogue at times. Its hardly hilarious but its mildly amusing at times.

Cast wise, as I say most of the characters are basically the actors playing themselves (that sounds wrong...hmmm, well hopefully you know what I mean!) and this includes Seth Rogen, James Franco, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel. However, perhaps less expected are Emma Watson and Rihanna, although they are supporting actors and not main characters. It is a diverting watch but it didn't seem especially memorable to me (not that, I suppose, I expected it to).

The main plot seemed a bit over the top (well, what can be more over the top than an impending apocalypse?) and somehow unbelievable but then again, without something of an exciting plot, it would have been pretty boring, had it consisted of constant scenes of late teens and young adults getting increasingly more inebriated and high on drink and drugs. As I say, it is entertaining but its hardly incredible stuff.

Content wise, the film contains multiple sex references, strong language, drugs references and violence, with blood spurts shown. The violence, however, is very much of a comical nature and I feel it would be hard to take it entirely seriously but there were some moments where things happen quite suddenly and they could potentially frighten some people, particularly young viewers. There are some moments which may make you jump. Due to this, the film has been given a 15 rating in the UK.

There was one scene or moment which I found to be particularly distasteful, involving the use of the word rape. I wouldn't say its entirely serious but no doubt I'm not really the target audience. In case your wondering, I watched it as I read online that its quite funny and I wanted a light and easy watch, which it is, pretty much, so im sort of stuck between giving it a 2 star or a 3 star rating. Perhaps I should go for the lower rating but I have little doubt that some people would find this reasonably entertaining (whether thats a good thing or not is up to yourself to decide!).

- Would I Recommend It? -

I thought this was a relatively humorous and entertaining film. It is quite quirky, its definitely a switch off, sit back and enjoy type of a film, no heavy thinking is needed here! its pretty much what you'd expect of a film featuring the main cast (Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen et al). If you don't mind their kind of fairly immature comedy and your just looking for an easy watch, then you could do worse than to see this but there are numerous other similar films around as well. I'll go for 'undecided', as far as recommending it is concerned, as it depends on what types of films you like, if your ok with more juvenile comedy and so on, as to whether you'd enjoy this or not.

- Availability -

If your interested in seeing this, you can buy it on DVD for £2.24 at Amazon UK, at time of publishing this review.

- Thank You -

Thank you for reading my review, I hope you found it useful and thanks, as ever, for any and all rates and comments. This review may be published elsewhere but where this applies, it'll be posted alongside the same username.

Oh and may I point out that the star rating obviously refers to the film, not my appreciation/enjoyment of the site and the community over the years. Speaking of which...

- Oh and... Regarding Ciao / The End Of An Era -

It would seem wrong of me not to say anything about the fact that this is my last review while Ciao are offering to pay. I imagine there will be far fewer members on this site from tomorrow onwards (other than those who log in to request payment for money earnt previously). I thought this film had such a poignant name, so I felt compelled to publish it as my last review on here for now.

In all honesty, I'd like to think I will still publish film reviews here in the future, a lot less regularly but every now and then, if the site is still going of course. I'm going to (attempt to) take a break from typing out film reviews over Christmas.

Anyway, I've enjoyed sharing my reviews here and I hope you've found them useful. I'm grateful for all rates and all the kind comments received. Thank you.

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  • siberian-queen published 06/12/2017
    vh so long and farewell, thanks for all the rates
  • mikemelmak published 02/12/2017
    Thanks too for your major input over the years and I hope to read more of your work here in future!
  • RICHADA published 01/12/2017
    I can think of no more appropriate a movie title on which to finish with here! R.
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