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EAN 9780373483525
Publisher Silhouette
Type Fiction
Genre Romance
Title Three Brides, No Groom
Author Debbie Macomber
Number of Pages 376
ISBN 037348352X


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Very readable
I didn't want it to end! (*)
light and easy reading
none (*)
Can not put it down (*)
great character development, draws you in, makes you feel part of the story
none for me (*)
Beautiful, heartbreaking, uplifting, tearjerking.
None for me. (*)
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Intelligent and thought- provoking.
Not the usual romance story. (*)
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The rest of the plot; forced humour isn't my thing (*)
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None, unless you want "literature" rather than story-telling (*)
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Too much of the story is given away by the blurb (*)
Gripping saga with warm,sympathetic characters
None as far as I am concerned (*)
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Enjoyable, lots going on, great characters, interesting stories
None for me (*)
Intersting story
Main male character wasnt the same as in a previous book (*)
immensely readable, great characters
didn't like Tilly as much as I have previous heroines in Mansell's novels (*)
Different concepts in each story. Steamy romance. Fast paced stories.
Some more enjoyable than others. (*)
Good story, characters, well written
Ending a bit rushed (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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