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published 06/05/2004 | Sarah_Louise
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"Well, thats a novelty. Its got sparkly bits in!!"

Well, its been a while so I thought it was about time I wrote another op!

Being a natural dark blonde myself I often wish my hair was a bit lighter naturally. I've died it a lighter blonde in the past (although not really light it must be said!) But re-growth REALLY annoys me. I've even used the lemon stuff you can put on your hair in summer to take advantage of advanced lightening through the sun. This helps but it doesn't help when the UK is plunged into darkness for the rest of the year. What's a girl to do between October and March?

Well, ever since Timotei brought out the new "Golden Highlights - Camomile" range which, according to the TV advert naturally lightened your hair through regular use of the shampoo. The TV advert (and the back of the Timotei bottles) would have you believe that 86%* of women have perceived highlights in their hair after product usage.

(* consumer test carries out on 245 women with blonde to light brown hair)

I'm a sucker for TV adverts and fell for it hook, line and sinker. I wanted it. I NEEDED to try it. However I was in love. With Herbal Essences Clarifying shampoo. I didn't want to switch. I bravely decided to branch out from Herbal Essences the other week and finally got around to trying this (once new) Timotei range.

I bought the shampoo (in "New Larger Size" - 300ml) from Asda for £1.68. As I knew I wanted to try it I didn't actually bother having a whiff of it before I bought it.

So, I stuck it in the trolley and proceeded to try the shampoo that night when I came to wash my hair like I do every evening.

Whilst lying in the bath I decided I'd read the back of the shampoo bottle before applying. Nothing of real interest on there it must be said, just the above statistic already quoted. Just as with the TV advert, I was impressed.

"The active power of nature brings you 100% natural beauty"

Sounds impressive for £1.68 doesn't it?

Well, it claims that its the highly concentrated active camomile flower extract that does the business. It combines these lightening properties into a gentle yet highly effective formulation. Result: hair is shiny and healthy looking, with beautiful natural highlights.

And yes, you've guessed it. I just copied that from the back of the bottle too!

So, enough of the theory, it was time to put it to the test!

I opened the bottle and took a whiff of it for the first time. I must admit, I was a little disappointed. I'm not overly fussy when it comes to shampoo smells, I'll usually like anything. (Although I do have a preference for fruit type smells). However, the Timotei one doesn't smell like other Timotei ranges, its different in a hard-to-describe manner. To me it kind of smells a bit too much like bathroom cleaner (or something similar). Its different, I'll give it that. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying its an unpleasant smell in any way, shape or form, it just isn't to my personal taste. I dunno, it may smell like camomile for all I know, I'm not sure I know what camomile smells like!

So, having whiffed it, it was time to apply. I squirted some out onto my hand to find it was of a good consistency - I hate it when shampoo's are so runny they might as well just bottle it as plain water.

The first thing that struck me about the shampoo itself though was that of the colour, or more precisely, the seemingly sparkly bits inside it. Its not actually glittery bits as such. (That would just be impractical, afterall!) Its more like dissolveable bits of fine sparkly powder. Or thats the best way I can describe it anyway!

Away I go and apply it to my hair. I have long hair (to about waist level) so I need to apply quite a bit of shampoo to get a decent lather going usually. Timotei was no different. I applied a good 50p piece and a bit extra size to my palm, this seemed to later up well so full marks on that aspect. Some shampoo's are terrible and mean you need to put LOADS on to get any lather going at all.

I decided to leave it on my hair for a few minutes. I thought this might increase the chances of the camomile getting to action! (Can't blame a gal for trying, can you?)

Then it came to rinsing time. The shampoo rinsed off easily and left my hair feeling clean and soft. I let my hair dry naturally so I had a long time to wait to see the results. In fact I had to wait till the morning until my hair was 100% dry.

So, the important bit....

Was it any lighter?

Well, I can't say I noticed it looking any different to normal.

I tried recalling the TV advert. Perhaps it had claimed that the results were noted after 3 washes. Or maybe 5? (Wishful thinking).

I've now been using the shampoo for a couple of weeks, generally every evening. Sadly, I still can't see any difference in the colour of my hair. Still, on the plus side, at least my hair isn't any darker! My hair is slightly lighter at the ends than the roots due to a previous colouring I had in a few years back (like I say, my hair is long). This I don't mind so much as re-growth near your scalp. It just looks really obvious when its near your scalp but half way down your back when the colour you died your hair was just a shade or two lighter than your natural colour anyway and it doesn't look obvious at all.

I've been inspecting these ends and comparing them to my roots diligently to see if there are any differences. I honestly can't say that there are though. I've even asked my mum but she can't see any differences either.

The bottle clearly says that the shampoo is designed to work on blonde to light brown hair so my hair should be ideal for it to work on. I guess I must be in the 14% of women who didn't notice any difference though. Sadly :'(

However, as those who may recall reading my previous shampoo op's may know. My main problem when it comes to shampoo's is that of build up/rinseability (dunno if thats a word, but it is now!) :o)
You see my hair gets greasy if I don't wash it every day or so. I couldn't possibly go more than 48 hours without washing it. This was the only reason I took so long to even try this shampoo. I didn't want to change from my Herbal Essences Clarifying range that I absolutely adore because its the ONLY shampoo I've EVER found to not get built up over time.

Like I say though, so far I've been using Timotei for about two weeks. Its yet to get built up but then I did switch brands on two occasions due to staying at a friends house.

I do feel like its about to get built up any time now though. Call it psychic or womanly intuition, I don't know. I just get the feeling its only a matter of time. I *highly* doubt I'll get through the whole bottle without feeling my hair getting greasy and built-up despite just having washed it.

I sharn't bother buying another bottle of this. I'll be sticking to good old Herbal Essences for the forseeable future I think.


Smell = 2/5
Consistency = 4/5
Rinseability = 4/5
Effectiveness (cleaning) = 4/5
Effectiveness (lightening) = 1/5

Total = 15/25
= 60%

So, overall, its not bad. It's just not great.

I would try it if you're after highlights and have light brown to blonde hair naturally. You may be one of the lucky 86% after all. Just don't expect miracles.

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  • HighPriestess published 01/07/2004
    Hi, love the review, though I don't think the product would be too good for me on my black hair!!
  • angeelu published 30/05/2004
    I use this shampoo and love it - I've got lots of blonde highlights in my hair so it pretty much looks blonde all over now, and this shampoo definitely made the blonde look more shinier. Shame it wasn't so successful for you. Was nice to hear a review from someone it didn't work for though!
  • Pumpkin published 27/05/2004
    I nearly bought this the other day - I mistakenly thought it was to enhance salon highlights, like the John Frieda Sheer Blonde range - so thanks for the info! Hannah
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