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Too Close to Home - Linwood Barclay

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... Too Close To Home seems to fall into the crime thriller genre, even if at times there's more detail on the drama side of things than killings and case-solving. The book opens with one side of events and then shifts to put Jim Cutter in the role of protagonist. This basically tells us who ... Read review

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Too Close To Murder

AdvantagesInteresting plot, well written, good depth of characters

DisadvantagesA tad slow in places

"...published by Conrad Chase not too long after. Chase is known to the Cutter family, and the tensions are clear to see. Obviously there's history between them, and the curiosity of what happened to this book plays on Jim's mind. Taking the investigation into his own hands, Jim attempts to investigate. With police getting no closer to solving the puzzle, we see how Jim moves through ideas in his head, tries to figure out what's going on whilst keeping ..." Read review

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The Secrets Come Out... Review with images

AdvantagesIt is a top read from start to the nail biting end.

DisadvantagesA couple of typing errors

"Last year, the first book I read was Linwood Barclay’s, “No Time for Goodbye”, it was a gripping read, full of twists and turns. He became an instant favourite, and his talent for creating an excellent book was clear. In turn, I leant the book to my younger brother, and best friend both of whom also thought it was amazing. I was keen to get my hands on more of his books. From looking at his Waterstones listings, I saw that his second UK release was ..." Read review

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'Too Close to Home' - Read one you've read them all

AdvantagesGood story

DisadvantagesBad writing, weak characters

"...that won't leave you thinking too much after it. =Plot= The Cutter family is thrown into the deep end of a nightmare when their next door neighbours are brutally murdered. Things get even more terrifying when they discover that they were the intended victims and the killers went to the wrong house. Initially they can't believe it, but as each of them think back on their lives they all discover secrets that they have kept hidden might just mean someone's ..." Read review

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When the Cutter family's next-door-neighbours, the Langleys, are gunned down in their house one hot August night, the Cutters' world is turned upside down.

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Title Too Close to Home
Author Linwood Barclay
All Authors Linwood Barclay
Publisher Orion
ISBN 0752888625
EAN 9787528886255


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enjoyable up to a point, some really fascinating sections to do with courts and laws.
some sections were just plain dull, the outcome was easy to guess at. (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (T)
Clever use of forensics and psychology
Characters now a little dull (*)
Great read with loads of information
Too many characters (*)
Intriguing central character; interesting locations; good tempo
Terrible type-setting; some incredible elements (*)
It only cost me £3.73, if you're an aspiring Paul Daniels
Characters, storyline, settings, dialogue, need I say more (*)
Wonderful story, superbly written.
Too graphic at the Morgue (*)
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interesting central concept, gripping read, engaging characters
unneccessary coincidence towards end (*)
One very unusual story with great lead characters
Long and slow going in most parts (*)
Great suspense, well written, good story.
Slightly abrupt ending (*)
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Boring romantic subplot, unoriginal, unbelievable, unsatisfying. (*)
Original premise, great characterisation, well written, keeps you guessing
Quite a lot of chess-related knowledge comes in to play (*)
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