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published 27/10/2003 | Marandina
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Chat rooms can be a daunting thing. If it’s one thing that I’ve avoided so far, it’s the ultimate time stealer that is mainly associated with MSN and Yahoo. However, facilities like this do have their place and there are many people who will have met and become more than just good friends courtesy of an online speakeasy.

Way back when, I joined the Ciao competitor - Dooyoo (December 2001 if memory serves me correctly), one of the biggest drawbacks was the inability to leave messages for other writers that were easily accessible. When I say that, what I mean is comments on opinions were left in thread formats but meant that if you wanted to see if the writer had posted a reply to your comment or even just to see what others had said then it meant returning to the opinion in question. With Dooyoo’s current slow connectivity this can be a chore.

April 2002 saw the member IloveJackDaniels (Dave) launch the unofficial guest books originally intended to compliment Dooyoo threads. Whilst this had been a suggestion to the powers that be at Dooyoo, little or nothing ever happened about it although the ill-fated Aurora project seems to have consumed the site in all sorts of different ways.

There was an initial rush of members signing up. After all, it is free and there was the magnetic pull of the novelty factor. At last, something comparable to Ciao public guest books was available. Only a few months ago, the founder decided to overhaul the site with a number of improvements and with it came the name change to T2 as it is now known.

***T2 Basics***

T2 can be found at the URL The main portal has a blue banner across the top with a number of links down the left hand side. The opening message will tell you that the site is designed for members of Ciao, Dooyoo and URI along with the latest administration notice from May 2003 announcing the new look as well as requesting feedback if you see anything wrong or simply want to suggest improvements.

The links down the left hand side include:

 Tooyoo News. Clicking on this will take you to the latest developments on site.

 Quick Links include routes to a shared message area called GMA or General Message Area; a notice board for general/public notices and "A Good Read" where members can leave messages really aimed at alerting other writers to up and coming new writers worthy of attention although established writers have ended up being recommended anyway.

 "Who’s Online" will tell you who is active so that you can enter into a conversation with that writer if you wish as well as the number of writers active at that time.

 "Your Friends" shows those writers you’ve decided to add in a buddy list fashion so that you can tell when they are online.

 Newest Members shows the user names of those members who have just joined usually sparking a number of "Welcome to T2" messages in their GB.

***How to Join***

Simply follow the link mentioned earlier. There is no onerous questionnaire to complete. Joining literally takes seconds and the biggest thing you’ll need to worry about is choosing a user name and password.

***How To Use T2***

On the main portal underneath the blue banner are a further 8 links going from left to right. These include: Home/Your Guestbook/Settings/Edit Profile/Log Out/Members/Links/Help

Each time you visit T2 you will need to log in with your user name and password. Alternatively, you can opt to be remembered via a check box that pops up underneath keying your user name and password. There is a further check box which merely says “invisible”. This allows you to log in and not have your user name displayed while you are online. Most members opt for this option although I’ve never been completely sure why apart from the anonymity allowing them a certain privacy.

Connectivity is reasonably quick compared to a lot of sites and the style and format is easy on the eye.

Your Guestbook will take you to your own area where you can read and reply to messages. Each message will show the date and time of post to the minute. It is possible to delete these messages either individually or in bulk via the settings page. Replying is easy and simply involves clicking the writer’s user name, which will take you to their guestbook.

Edit profile is a way of enabling links to your profile at Dooyoo, Ciao and URI. Instructions are easy to follow having been put together by an established member of all the sites i.e. The Duke.

Settings allows you to configure your guestbook. Options allow for changes in background colours including text, links etc whilst you can also change your password. There is an e-mail notification system to save you having to log on every day. By inserting the e-mail address you want to use then as soon as a message is posted, an e-mail is triggered so that you know a message has been left. This works well as I have got it hooked up to a Yahoo e-mail addy I’ve established. You can enhance this to include all massages left on the GMA if you wish.

The help link allows members to change text to include bold or italics etc. One of the most popular facilities is to include emoticons such as smiley faces and the codes are included for general consumption.

***Revenue Streams***

IloveJackDaniels is a professional when it comes to web design etc. No surprise really, considering that this is his line of business. However, the site is run at Dave’s expense so does have the odd link in the form of advertising. These aren’t onerous and take up little of the actual page space. Of course, it would help if members did clink on the links from time to time and may even find some of them quite useful.

***What’s bad about T2?***

Well, needless to say, members come from all walks of life and now again you can’t help but notice the odd disagreement. Then again, I guess if we all agreed on everything, it would be a pretty dull place! The buddy list system seems a little hit and miss. Some of the folks in my list do show up as online when they are but others don’t which is a little odd.

As a whole, this resource is hugely under-used. A lot of writers seem to prefer Chatterweb which is a thread based forum and far less interactive than T2 (in my view, anyway)

Some members get frustrated when the site is used to compliment private conversations on MSN etc. This can lead to a feeling of exclusion when conversations tail off because some folks have disappeared to their own private chats but as to how to whether it’s possible to stop this is another question.

The speed of posting is not as quick a bona fide online chatrooms but it's still pretty quick and if you are a broadband punter then I guess the difference will be negligable.

****What’s good about T2?***

Many of the exchanges both on GMA and in private GBs are humorous. There is a nice community spirit on T2 and over time, I’ve got to know many of the people that post on GMA. I’m sure there are plenty more who prefer to remain anonymous and an advantage over Ciao is the ability via settings to make your GB visible only to you. This does put people off a little when leaving messages as half the fun is reading what others have said but it’s horses for courses and depends on your preference.

If you want help with something then a simpler message in the GMA will usually spark a series of replies, most of which are helpful!

I do log onto T2 most days and like a lot of the people. I haven't covered every single aspect of the site as I'd encourage folks to go and have a mooch for themselves. There have been parties in the GMA, special GBs set up for meetings and, all in all, I just like the set up. I’m unlikely to ever get immersed in chat rooms so T2 is ideal for folks like me. Give it a go, I’d love to see more people take part!

Thanks for reading


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Comments on this review

  • gemmawild published 10/11/2003
    Good op. Gem x
  • COOOEEE published 04/11/2003
    I asked three times for my password to be re-sent to me cause I forgot it and have never received it. Fionaxx
  • ickkate published 31/10/2003
    You can always trust a Jack Daniels.
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