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Top 10 Children's TV Shows

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... But the show has to go on and more puppets were added along with a new host who I can't recall, Topov, Pig, Mooney, Pigeon and Octavia the newbie's. The show was very low budget and the puppets rather moth-eaten and cheap but it was either that or school dinners, so a very reassuring experience ... Read review

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Up above the streets and houses, rainbow climbing high.... Review with images

Advantagesthose were the days

Disadvantageshidden messages

"...of wikipedia here are my top ten children's programs. As I was only as big as a thimble when most of them were on telly it's only fair I research them to put names to faces, hands to puppets bottoms, Finger Mouse well and truly fingered by 'Yoffy'. I always wondered about Yoffy. Some of you older ones will know who Yoffy is and most of these and one or two of you will even remember them in black n white...as dose Totalserenity... #1 Rainbow 1972-1992 ..." Read review

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Community Level 2LuckyPip


There is nothing better than the good old days ! Review with images

AdvantagesRemembering the good old days

DisadvantagesMakes you miss the good old days

"...tricky part is chosing my top 10, as I would think I have more than that in the nostaglia section of my brain. Before I tell you all my choices, I'll tell you about my experience of my childhood watching children shows. My experience would be rather different from most of you because of one particular reason, my deafness. "Why ? What difference does that make ?", you may ask.....it is all down to the access to subtitling. Perhaps some of you ..." Read review

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Straight from the Broom Cupboard Review with images

AdvantagesThose were the days...

Disadvantages...but we won't see them again

"...(Jones the Steam) inhabit "the top left hand corner of Wales", and very Welsh it is too, what with coal mines, gold prospectors, huddled pit villages and places such as Llaniog and "Grrrrrrumbly Gasworks"! As always in Postgateworld, it all feels, in the best sense of the words, safe and comforting. '''Best known for:''' Ivor's "voice": not only his "chhh-t-coo" chuffing, but also his membership of the local choir. '''Catchphrase:''' "Is it coal ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Ozi600


The children's favourites of the 90's

AdvantagesPure Cassics

DisadvantagesThey don't make them like they used to

"My top ten children shows are from the early 90’s period and so are of a different age to shows like Bagpuss and are older than the shows like Fimbles. They are also from when I was small at an age such as 3. Here they are in no specific order of favouritism: 1. Thomas the Tank Engine I always loved Thomas the Tank Engine because probably I had the same name as him. He was my childhood hero and I thought it brilliant how every time the ..." Read review

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We're off to Button Moon . . .

AdvantagesClassic children's programmes, educational

DisadvantagesI wish they would bring them back on TV!

"I was born in 1979, so I am reviewing the children's' programmes that I most remember as a child. Once I started writing, loads of programmes came back to me, so I have picked the ones that I enjoyed the most. It's just a shame that these classic children's shows are not bought back onto our screens, as I think that they were much more interesting than some of the current children's programmes. So here goes . . . My top10: 1. Button Moon This ..." Read review

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