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i just had to write this opinion on my favourite childrens tv. Obviously most of my favourites are from the 80's cos this is when i was a kid...all those years ago, last century, last millenium even.....

in at number ten, it's everyones favourite little blue engine, yeah you guessed it thomas.

thomas the tank engine tells a different story each week of thomas and his friends, believe it or not thomas is now fifty years old. the staries were created by rev. w. audry to entertain his son while he was in isolation suffering with scarlet fever. the first books appeared in 1945 but the tv programme did not appear until 1984.

narrated by ringo starr, the tale was told of thomas and his friends, james, edward, gordon (the engines) and bertie the bus, and a helicoptor...i forget his name..... and of course who could forget the fat controller.

and in at number 9 we have that lovely machine bertha....yep that animated childrens series first shown in 1986. the programme is set in spottiswood factory - an engineering plant. the factory makes everything and anything from cuckoo clocks to inflateable bears! of course the star of the show is bertha an old factory machine who sprung to life as soon as she was computerised. she is very tempromental and luckily for the program (there wouldn't be one otherwise!) a different crisis happens each episode. bertha would make anything mr sprott told her, usually with disaterous results!

and of course who could forget the theme tune!?! 'bertha lovely bertha....such a lovely machine' or something along those lines anyway. wow thats brought back memories haven't seen this in years!

ok my number eight has to be everyones favourite postie, thats right it's postman pat.

another animated series from the bbc, set in greendale. we hear of the adventures of Postman Pat and his black and white cat Jess on their travels delivering the mail.

Of course their was also Mrs Goggins who looked after the post office and got Pats mail ready for him and would often invite Pat in for a cuppa out the back! Then there was Alf and Dorothy Thompson - The farmer and his wife. he always seemed to be riding round on his tractor and Dorothy was another one always inviting Pat in for a cuppa tea! Ted Glenn was the village handy man always happy to help and of course there was Granny Dryden, Sam waldren and Peter Fogg and not forgetting Reverand Timms and Mrs Hubbard.

Umm bom bom umm bom bom ....kinda how the theme tune went.....

My number seven favourite is Wacaday.

This was usually shown during the summer holidays between 1985 and 1992, and was simple mindless fun!! I loved it!!

It was presented by Timmy Mallett (where is he now!?!) and his friend Pinky Punky a cheeky little pink mallett who always wanted to go to the toilet!

Popular features of the show included Malletts Mallett - "Mallett's Mallet is a word association game, where you musn't pause, hesitate, repeat a word, or say a word I don't like... otherwise you get a bash on the head like this...or like this...the one with the most bruises loses.... look at each other and go Bleugh! Look at everyone at home and go Bleugh! Everyone at home look at them and go Bleugh"

Looking back it was quite pathetic, some bloke in bermuda shorts shouting bleugh all the time and wearing 2 baseball caps at once!

Right so we are down to number 6 now.. and who could forget Pigeon Street. Obviously set in a street called Pigeon Street! Again an animation shown on the BBC around the mid 80's.

"If you lived in Pigeon Street,
Here are the people you could meet,
Here are the people who would share
the sights, the sounds, the air
Where pigeons beat their wings, wings beat.
Pigeons beat their wings, wings beat
to meet in Pigeon Street"

So the People you could meet are:

Hugo - The chef, Married to Long distance Clara.

Long Distance Clara - A long distance lorry driver.

Mr Macadoo - The petshop owner

Bob - Owns the bike shop and a lot of pigeons and enters them into competitions

Dr Glossop and Mrs Glossop married and have 3 children Gerald, and Polly and Molly the twins.

Mr Jupiter - The Astronomer and his dog Flash

Mr Baskerville - Sherlock holmes type character always with his magnifying glass and his dog Watson.

Rose and Daisy - the two old ladies.

Every character has their own song aswell but the one that stick's in my mind is long distance Clara's!

Only 13 episodes were made all together which is a shame. Again another show I haven't seen in years, but undoubtedly much better than the stuff they put on for kids now!!

Half way through my top ten count down now...and at number five it's Maid Marian and her Merry Men. Another BBC program shown at tea times. An interesting twist on the Robin Hood Classics, same sorta thing but Maid Marian plays the part of Robin and makes it into a comedy. Of course it has all the usual Robin Hood characters – Friar Tuck, little John etc. It was written by Tony Robinson who also starred and played the Sherrif, but my favourite character had to be Rabies, if you have watched the show you will know who I mean!

Another BBC program now for number four, Fingermouse. A little paper mouse who sat on the end of some blokes finger. Finger mouse and the music man learn about a different instrument in each 15 minute programe. They show us how it should sound, what it looks like and it's origins. Afterwards, Fingermouse would journy out into the woods and meet up with some of his friends, yep more paper animals.

It's a shame, as after watching the top 100 on channel 4, I learnt that the music man actually burnt fingermouse, but I guess we could always make a new one, wouldn't be quite the same though would it!?!

Right so we're into the top three now, and in at number three we have Inspector Gadget.

Cartoon of the 80's telling the tales of Inspector Gadget and Penny his neice. Inspector Gadget and the other members of the MAD team have to win against their enemy Dr Claw, who would do everything in his power to get Gadget. Obviously he was full of gadgets to help him, hence his name! He would use things such as rollerskates, handcuffs, bucket and an oil stick and far more others which I don't have time to mention. He would just say what he wanted and as if by magic it would appear. Go Gadget Go!!

My number two choice is again an animated classic from the 80's, Button Moon.

The main characters are: Mr and Mrs Spoon, Eggbert, Small Bottle and Captain Large and The singing Hotspots.

Mr. Spoon liked nothing more than taking his spaceship out to Button Moon - every episode. It's a good job otherwise there wouldn't have been a show!

During his visits there he loved to use his telescope to spy on what everybody else was doing!

Daddy Egbert was one of Mr. Spoon's best friends, and they used to enjoy watching the football together on television.

Mr. Spoon was rather possessive about the spaceship - but Mrs. Spoon eventually talked him into letting her have a go.

She was Mr. Spoon's wife, and Tina T. Spoon's mum.

Egbert was one of Tina T. Spoon's best friends, and they often went to Button Moon together.
Egbert lived with his Mummy and Daddy, who were known as Daddy Egbert and Vanilla.

The Egbert family lived near the Spoons in a block of flats.

Daddy Egbert was the local ice-cream man, and was good friends with Mr. Spoon.

Small Bottle & Captain Large
Captain Large and Small Bottle. They were part of the Bottle Army which lived on Button Moon.
The bottles lived in Drainpipe Castle, and generally kept Button Moon in order.

Captain Large (as his name suggests) was always a bit larger than life, and he was often found to be at the centre of any events which took place on Button Moon, such as the annual pantomime, or the Singing Hotspots' concert.

Small Bottle was friends with Tina T. Spoon, and he had another friend called "Tiny Bottle". Small Bottle was always a bit cheeky, especially where Captain Large was involved!

The Singing Hotspots - the most popular band on Button Moon.

We're off to Button Moon to follow Mr Spoon Button Moon, Button moooon...well you get the idea.

Well it's time for my all time favourite kids programe and at number one we have.....RAINBOW.

Now, Everyone loves Rainbow...up above the streets and houses rainbow climbing high....

Yep those lovable puppets zippy and George and the bear that I found a bit scary Bungle. Not forgetting their 'Dad' Geoffry.

Each episode we would hear about their adventures....in fact I have just bought the DVD!!!

But anyway, we would have Zippy, the cheeky yellow chappie always getting into some kind of mischeif. Then there was George, shounding slighly camp, pretty sensible and then boring old Bunglebonce!

Rainbow ran from 1976-1992 and was one of the highlights of the evening as every kid rushed home I'm sure!

I'm not gonna ramble on about this one as it would ruin it and everyone knows what rainbows all about, I have s seperate op on it if you really want to see it.

Well there we go, my favourite kids tv shows. Much better than the teletubbie and tweenies - I'm sure you'll agree. hope it's brought back a few memories for a few of it certainly has me!

Well until next time, bye bye children...

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eve6kicksass 31.05.2004 13:26

Since I'm American, I've never heard of any of these shows...Chris xxx

m.lyon 23.04.2004 16:27

Some classics there - apparently Timmy was going to be on I'm a Celebrity!! Great op. marc

AnitaM 20.04.2004 01:41

My brother used to get up every morning in the school holidays to watch Wacaday - I preferred my lie in!

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