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Top 10 Crisp Flavours

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I haven't yet wrote a review about food but what better way to do it by writing about my favourite crisp flavours? I'm always eating crisps and would classify myself as a big fan of them................not long will i be wearing the t-shirt as well! Have a read of my top ten crisp flavours ... Read review

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Community Level 5Siobhany


Mmm Crispilicious! Review with images

AdvantagesThey all taste soo delicious!

DisadvantagesSome of them are limited edition only

"... Have a read of my top ten crisp flavours and see what you like out of them (if any.......) Let the countdown begin.................................................................... 10. ~~~~~ Walkers Mediterranean: Tomato and Basil Flavour ~~~~~ This flavour is new at the moment along with another two of my favourites that you will read about in this review. I love this flavour and what you see is what you get - a sumptuous flavour of tomato ..." Read review

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Community Level 5DDG_Moi


Fancy A Good Nibble



"...favourite nibbles out of my top 10, but hopefully you'll enjoy the one's I have put in. ***10) Monster Munch – Flamin Hot.*** I havent had a bag of these in ages but they are just so scrummy. They are quite spicy in taste and can feel very spicy on your tongue. But after that first crisp they just become so addictive and I really cant get wnough of them. They come in a bigger bag than normal Monster Munch and will set you back just 45 pence ..." Read review

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Community Level 4jamesd


A bit of a one flavour race

AdvantagesSo many to chose from.

DisadvantagesNot very good for your health.

"...So here goes my top ten crisp flavours. 1. Walkers Sensations – Roast Chicken and Thyme. A new generation of Walkers crisps and these have knocked cheese and onion off the top spot after years of domination. These have a very strong and distinctive flavour and are well worth a try. 2. Walkers – Cheese and Onion. There is not much that I can say about this flavour except that they have been my favourite for many years until Walkers introduced ..." Read review

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Community Level 5weekellso


Could Walkers be the leader.......

AdvantagesThey are all yummy time... well to me

DisadvantagesSome may not like them

"...Onion - Have to be top of my list. Think it is the distingushing taste of the cheese & onion - normally there is an after taste with them and with the Walkers there isnt. (Blue Packet - costing about 33p per packet or available in multipack) *2* Walkers Beef & Onion - Yummy yummy in my tummy - Definitely by large another fave of mine. Not too beefy or oniony, just the right amount of each flavouring and they go down a treat. Infact a packet of ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Louise90


Gimme Gimme Gimme

AdvantagesAll lovely tastes


"...to share with you my top 10 flavoured crisps. I've written enough opinions on crisps in the past to know what I'm talking about I think! 1) SALT AND VINEGAR WALKERS This is one of my favourites. I don't eat it as some of the other flavours, but this flavour always makes me feel better. The salt and vinegar together gives the crisps a pretty strong taste, but it's really nice! 2) CHEESE AND ONION WALKERS This flavour I eat the most. I'm a ..." Read review

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