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Food is something the nation needs to stay alive, and what a selection we have to choose from to provide us with our five groups each day! It's really difficult to choose just ten of my favourite foods, as there is so many I love! Unfortunately, some of the foods I often crave are not the healthiest! So don't worry when you look at my list, I don't indulge in these all the time! Ooh, if only I could! So, I came to a conclusion after a long, heard think! In no order, my top ten favourite foods are…

1) rolls

2) potatoes

3) pasta

4) pies

5) cereal

6) s andwiches

7) pizza

8) vegetables and fruit

9) yoghurt

10) cake

1) Rolls;
For those of you who do not know what a roll is, it is an Aberdeen delicacy, a bread-based product, also known as a buttery. They are round in shape and tougher on the bottom than the top. They have a slightly salty taste to them too! I have included a picture of a roll to help you picture them see picture1
Rolls can be eaten either hot or cold, and I love them both ways! I think they are so perfect to have for breakfast on a freezing winters' day, oozing with butter after they've been in the microwave for a minute or two! They sit on the plate, piping hot, with the butter making a little pool on the top, glistening away. You tear into them, and the grease sticks to your fingers as the smell of powder and butter fills the air. The taste is even more satisfying, mixing both savoury and sweet in such a clever way! It really is a remarkable sensation as the softness of the roll tingles your taste buds!
As I said, I like cold rolls too! I'm not too keen on them cold with butter, but when finely spread with a layer of marmite, the savoury sensation is phenomenal! It's quite delicious with a slice of cheese, too! But most of all, I love to dip my roll into a bowl of soup (homemade preferred!). The roll soaks up the soup, and it's perfect! Unfortunately, rolls are not that healthy for you, with over 300 calories a roll.

2) Potatoes;
There is no way a person can dislike potatoes, not when they come in so many different shapes and forms (well, the end products!). I'll start simple, and work my way up!
My first favourite product is the baked potato - I could eat that until it comes out of my ears, no exaggeration! I don't necessarily have to have a topping on it, though if I do; it's either got to be cheese, tuna or beetroot! And I don't always cut it right down the centre either, sometimes I just make a little nook in the top of the cooked potato and dig out the steaming hot contents with my fork! I also eat the skin! I think it is weird how some people don't enjoy this part - I adore it just as much! I remember these little microwavable jackets I bought from Somerfield a few years ago, they were disgusting! Clarted in greasy cheese and little bits of what was supposed to be ham, they could fit in the palm of your hand when opened, and tasted extremely disgusting! As for the school potato, that is surprisingly delicious, especially when it's covered in stringy edam cheese! I went to a restaurant once and ordered a baked potato with tuna, and when I received my plate, I stared in horror - the potato was about the size of my head (ok, slight exaggeration there!). The best type of baked potato is the one when it is done in the oven though, and the skin is just about to split…mmm!
My second favourite potato dish is the good old chip! They, themselves, come in quite a variety! I adore homemade chips, the ones done in a chip pan, smothered in tomato sauce…heaven! And then there's chunky oven chips - they taste best soaking in a bowl of gravy and vinegar! What next - McDonalds' fries of course, especially when they are dipped in a little pot of curry sauce (though, they can be a little bit salty!). And, of course, despite the grease, I do love chips from the chip shop! They're always so fluffy and light from my local!
Mashed potato - that stuff is amazing! With, or without lumps, I couldn't care! I love it with cheese, or with corned beef, creating corned beef hash! Ooh, I haven't had that in years! Or mashed potato with gravy and sausages - of course that is an old favourite! Does anybody else like mashed potato and tomato sauce? Or is it just me? It's heavenly! I even like the mashed potato we got at primary school, served, dished up with those plastic ice cream scoops! It always tasted salty and was quite lumpy, but my god it was gorgeous!
I think one of the potato products I have eaten for as long as I can remember is the potato waffle! Apparently, I was addicted to them! I still do love them, especially with cheese, or marmite, or pasta shapes! Nothing beats a good old waffle!
If you are having a Sunday Roast, you cannot have a completed meal unless there are roast potatoes piled high, steaming hot, covered in gravy! I went through a phase a few months back when I craved roasts none stop! I love how the inside is so soft, and the outside so crispy…ah, perfection!
Of course, we are all familiar with the infamous crisp option - another potato product! I am not a 'crispy' person normally, but there is times when I crave them constantly! When I do, I have specific favourites! One being Pringles, cheese and onion flavour to be precise! There is something about their simple yet satisfying taste that I adore, though what it is, I'm not sure! I also love Frazzles, those smokey bacon flavoured strips! They're quite thick and crunchy too! Other than that though, I rarely eat crisps!
Luckily for me, potatoes are not the unhealthiest thing in the world, but I suppose too much of this carbohydrate couldn't possibly do you any good! Eat it in moderation, and vary the products, and all should be ok!

3) Pasta;
Another carbohydrate here and another dish I could live off of - pasta! Again, it comes in so many different forms, it is unbelievable! I couldn't possibly pick just one type!
The first that comes to mind is macaroni cheese! The first macaroni cheese I probably ever tasted is most likely the stuff from the little green Heinz tins - it's so creamy and smooth, I can give it that! Though, to be honest, it doesn't taste too cheesy! It's nice, all the same! I love that thin little macaroni cheese strips you get too, smothered in tomato sauce, accompanied by mashed potato or chips! There's something quite special about that! My dad's macaroni cheese with smoked sausage through it is probably my favourite though, especially with the garlic bread alongside it!
I love pasta twists with a variety of toppings on it too, something my school serves quite regularly! I'll eat it hot or cold, with either cheese or tuna! I'll sometimes have baked beans with it too!
There's a special pasta dish I adore - it's best eaten cold too. Pasta shells, with mayonnaise, cheese, tuna and sweetcorn! Oh, wow, it is such a heavenly delicious dish! Something I enjoy making too!
Back to Heinz - I love pasta shapes, something I have been eating since I was on solids! I remember spending ages browsing the selections of cartoon shapes you could get! There were always special token offers with the Barbie variety; I managed to collect enough to get a pink watch! There are the Heinz spaghetti hoops too, that's delicious on toast!
Sticking with spaghetti, I absolutely adore spaghetti bolognaise! That is one pasta dish I'll never get sick of either! I don't know what it is about it I love, but I do!
I really like those little pots of cold pasta you get too with a variety of vegetables in them! The ones Somerfield provide are delicious and a simple snack to have anywhere, especially since it comes complete with a little plastic sauce!
Tortellinis are another of my favourite pasta options - little pasta parcels with a filling stuffed inside! The three-cheese ones are really nice, as are the tomato ones!
Wow, I'm so hungry now! And luckily, pasta is so filling! For some odd reason, my dad gives it to my dog with tuna most nights…I'm not sure why!

4) Pies;
Who ate all the pies? Most likely to be me! Actually, I don't really eat pie that often, though why, I do not know, as I absolutely adore them! And the options there are…my wow!
The first type of pie I love is macaroni pie! You can buy these from Iceland, but I only ever eat them from the local chip shop! They are circular in shape, with plenty
Pictures of Top 10 Foods
of little pasta shells inside, smothered in a rich and creamy cheese sauce! The top is tougher and chewier, but still gorgeous! It locks in the flavour, I suppose! As for the pie crust, it's really smooth and crunchy at the same time - a unique and satisfying combination! I must eat this with tomato sauce, and nearly always have it accompanied with chips!
Steak pies are gorgeous from the local chip shop, but that is the only place I will eat them from! The crust is the same as that for the macaroni pie, but the filling is so different! The steak inside is in little chunks, and a kind of light creamy sauce, making it ever so slightly chewy! The flavour lasts right throughout the meal, and you can taste it for hours after - possibly a good thing! Again, tomato sauce is needed here!
Fray Bentos pie - such a heavenly make! The 'filling' is underneath, with the light, flaky crust sitting neatly on top! Part of the crust is dry and crunchy, and the other part is creamy! It makes a fantastic combination! I adore their mushroom pie - the mushrooms are just the right size, and the gravy is a perfect accompaniment! see picture2
You know the little pies you are supposed to brush milk on with a little pastry brush? They are the type of pies I have eaten for as long as I can remember, and yet I never did realise why you smear milk on! Anyway, they come in such a selection of flavours! I adore the vegetable one, though the pieces of vegetables locked inside the gravy base are so minute, they may as well not exist! They do a great chicken pie too, so creamy and loaded in taste! But the part I adore most is the crust and the pastry! The base is so soft; it almost melts in your mouth! And as for the lid, when you peel it back and the steam bellows out of the pie, the aroma filling the room, the gravy all soaked in; making the underneath moist yet the top stays dry…it's such a perfect, crunchy combination!
When it comes down to mince pies (savoury), I am quite fussy! I will eat them, but I must be really in the mood, and it must be accompanied by mashed potato, and a lot of gravy! If the dish is just right, then I am in heaven! If not, I could be put off pie for a long time!
One type of pie I have had once, and never again because I cannot find it, is a baked bean and mashed potato pie! If I remember rightly, my cousin treated me to one from the bakers' about four years ago, and I adored it! I will keep my eye on the lookout for one again!
It's not just savoury pies I love either, I like sweet pies too! Most particular, apple pie - piping hot with cold custard or cream, or even just milk! Ooh, I could just do with that just now! Something I have always wanted to try, proper rhubarb pie! I've had some before I think, but it was some cheap brand, and not very satisfying!
I think I will have a pie for tea tomorrow…mushroom, perhaps! I'll just get my brush ready…!

5) Cereal;
When it comes down to it, if I had to pick one food to live off of, it would definitely be breakfast cereals! Partly because there is such a variety, and you can eat it hot or cold (depending on the cereal itself), and it provides you will a lot of what you need! But not forgetting the most important thing - the great tastes! Though, I could not pick just one type of cereal though, that's too great a challenge!
Oh, how many cereals I have sampled over the years! I love to try new brands, and I'd give anything to be a cereal critic! Nine times out of ten I'll have cereal for breakfast, and as expected, I go through phases with my favourite types too! I cannot possibly mention every brand and variety I like, so I will try and single it down to a select few, in no order!
Ok, straight it with a fantastic option - weetabix! Of course, I enjoy eating this in a variety of ways, and those of you who have read my weetabix review will be aware of some of my strange habits, like drinking it with tea instead of milk! I'll rarely eat this cold though, I always find myself heating up my weetabix in the microwave, especially on the cold mornings we are faced with just now! Normal is ok, but I've switched to organic weetabix, and I find it heats up and tastes much better! I don't generally have any type of topping on it any more, but when I do, it's usually something simple like raisins! I also adore the weetabix minis, flavours Fruit And Nut, Honey And Nut, and occasionally the chocolate chip (though I find the chocolate chips wedge themselves uncomfortably in between my teeth and irritate the life out of me!). I've tried the Oatibix minis and they are quite pleasant, but nowhere near as nice!
One of my favourite cereals is muesli! I don't mind whether it is plain muesli, or fruit muesli, both are equally satisfying! This is eaten usually cold, with milk! My favourite part of it is the dates that come in the Jordan's Fruit Muesli - they are so sweet and soft! In fact, that was the first time I had ever had a date (the fruit!), and I suddenly became addicted! see picture3
Sticking with the healthier options just now, I also adore bite size raisin shredded wheats! They soak up all the milk in a glorious manner, but do not crumble or break apart because of the little raisins that are parcelled inside, providing me with plenty of satisfying little bites! In fact, I adore any cereals with raisins in them!
One cereal I have found the most filling out of all I have tried is a brand I have only seen on the odd occasion - Cinnamon Hoops. They are exactly as they sound - little hoop shaped cereal that tastes of cinnamon! When they are absorbed by the milk, they go so soft and sweet, and almost melt and crumble in your mouth! Although they are quite high in calories compared to some other cereal options, you do not need such a big portion size because they are so filling! Ooh, I adore their rich cinnamon taste; it's so wonderful and unique!
As great as the healthy options are, I do enjoy the rare indulge on a bowl of the more sugary cereals! I won't go into too much detail here is this really is a rare occurrence, but to name a few; sugarpuffs, frosties, coco pops, rice krispies, and those Winnie The Pooh Honey Bees with the pink Piglet faces (though it has been a while since I have seen these around!).
Another great thing about cereals too is the fact they can come in bars - there's an equally large variety of cereal bars available, and I love almost every one of them, especially the nutrigrains (apple, blueberry, strawberry, and cappuccino), and the peanut butter Chewee bars, Oat bars…the list is endless!
I cannot find one negative thing about cereal, it's healthy, comes in a wide variety, and its simply 100% perfect and ideal!

6) Sandwiches;
Some of you may have already read my sandwich review, but for those of you who have not, I have a special appetite for sandwiches! There is such a variety of these and so many combinations you can come up with! Creating the meal is half the fun! What, with the massive selection of fillings, and the different types of bread, the creativity is endless! I seem to eat all my sandwiches in a weird way though, I cannot just pick it up and bite…I have to prize them apart and pick away at them. One reason I do not eat sandwiches when I am out and about!
Again, it would take me forever to name all the sandwiches I adore, so I will name but a few.
First of all, I love a good old cheese and beetroot sandwich! This can be in either a bun, or with brown bread, I'm not too fussy with this one! I find the whole combination of the filling satisfying enough! I love the feeling of the two textures in my mouth, and then when it's mixed with the bread…wow!
Another of my favourites, this time nearly always in a bun, is the good old, nice and simple jam sandwich. I'm not particularly worried about what flavour the jam is, but if I were given the option, it would have to be strawberry! I love the sweet taste, and the way the cool filling oozes across the soft, powdery bun!
You could give me a tuna and mayonnaise with sweetcorn sandwich any day, providing it is chilled, and in brown bread! Okay, so I'm slightly fussy with this one, but I do enjoy it! Never would this sandwich go to waste! I first tried this combination at a friend's house, and now I am hooked! It is very savoury and very satisfying!
Another type I tried for the first time at a friend's house is the ham and salad cream combo, but I do not like this one in bread - it has to be in a bun! I think we ate this every day for like a week in the summer holidays, lazing around in her back garden, and yet I never did get sick of it! In fact, I fancy one right now…!
Did you ever eat chocolate spread sandwiches when you were little? I used to enjoy one every now and then in my packed lunch, as I know they are not the most healthy options, but boy are they delicious! This must be spread finely on a slice of brown bread, and folded in half. I cannot eat an entire two-slice sandwich of this, I feel sick. But one is enough to provide me with a sugar rush and a chocolate sensation!
Again, with packed lunches, I used to eat marmite sandwiches nearly every day! Although I do not eat them that often now, I do still enjoy them on the odd occasion, with the marmite spread about on the bread, so that the entire slice is covered in a fine layer of the delicious beefy taste!
Quite a traditional combination next - ham and cheese, in brown bread! As long as the cheese is grated though, otherwise I'm not that struck on it! I don't like ham on its own either! Otherwise, a fantastic filling!
Not only do I like cold sandwiches, but I adore hot ones too! In particular, bacon! This should be eaten in a bun; with layers of tomato sauce all over the top…I can just smell it now! Crispy bacon…melted butter…mmm! I also like hot fish finger sandwiches, and egg in a bun too, both with tomato sauce!
There are many other sandwiches I adore, but as I said, I would quite literally be here all day scribing them out!

7) Pizza;
It is very rare that I will have pizza, so that means that it makes it even more special when I do! In fact, it has been so long since I have had pizza! There's so much of it out there too…!
When I was little, I used to eat those little circular pizzas, the ones covered in plastic that you shoved in the microwave for however many minutes! I'd have it cut up into little 'squares', and then soak it in vinegar, adding a dollop of tomato sauce to the side of my plate, so I could dip my cheese and tomato pizza pieces in. These particular pizzas are great for party buffets too, as they can be eaten both hot and cold!
As I got older, I started to try new pizzas, new flavours. I still adore plain cheese and tomato, but I don't really eat it that much! Well, that is unless I am taking a trip to Lidl. They do the most glorious thin crust cheese and tomato pizza. The mozzarella on the top is unbelievably stringy, and the base is so powdery and light, it just falls apart in your hands, yet it is such a satisfying pizza, and the taste is so gorgeous, you would not believe it!
Another pizza I adore is the pepperoni pizza…so spicy and cheesy! I think the first pepperoni pizza I tried was the McCain's microwave pizza. At the time, I liked the little square feast, but now…not so much!
When we have pizza, we generally go to Dominos to order. They have the thickest pizza crusts, it is unbelievable! And the toppings - oh wow! I especially love the barbeque range they have - they use barbeque sauce instead of tomato sauce, and it makes such a pleasant change! I remember a special The Simpsons pizza they released a while back- spicy meatballs with a barbeque sauce and a selection of onions and peppers! That's my idea of heaven! We also get these luxurious chicken strips with our order to have with our garlic dip! Yum!
We went to Pizza Hut a few months back for my friend's birthday. This was the first time I had been to a pizza restaurant before, and I had no idea what to order! In the end, I just had pepperoni pizza, and there was something surprisingly different about this one. I don't know what it was, but at a guess, I'd say it was the cheese- perhaps it was a new type I have not had before, but it was certainly not the usual cheddar or mozzarella! I think, if I ever get the chance to go back to a pizza restaurant, I quite fancy trying a pineapple pizza!
And of course, no pizza meal is complete without a helping of glorious, rich and buttery garlic bread!

8) Vegetables And Fruit;
Because of high calories etc, I don't tend to eat a lot of my favourite foods, which is a bit of a disappointment. Fortunately though, I do adore healthy foods too, and have developed quite a taste for fruit and veg! Again, I cannot name all the dishes I adore, but I will mention a few!
I think my favourite vegetable has to be beetroot - when it is found in slices, in a tin! I tend to eat it either in sandwiches, with potatoes, or alongside other vegetables. I love the vinegary taste, and I don't even mind the fact that it dyes everything pink, including my fingers!
Another vegetable I adore is peas. I don't mind garden peas, especially when they are mixed in with mince, but if I eat them on their own, it has to be the mushy peas I go for, and they are really nice in bread too!
Sticking with the greens for now, I love broccoli, especially when it comes out of a bag of steamed veg! They are gorgeous, I love the little tree-like stalks, and they are even nicer when covered in cheese!
Something many people claim they hate: sprouts. I must admit, I was sure I hated sprouts, that was until I actually tried them one day on a Sunday Roast with gravy! Now, I could eat them all the time, with or without gravy, I'm not fussed! They have a surprisingly creamy texture to them at the centre too, which I had not expected!
When I was little, I was pretty much forced to eat my carrots, but luckily for me they were only ever presented in front of me on a Sunday Roast, so I wasn't too bothered. Now, I eat them more willingly, and enjoy them too! Yes, they are divine with gravy, and I don't mind whether it is slices, or baby carrots! And have you ever had fried carrots? They are so gorgeously juicy and crispy!
Another vegetable I am quite new to is the cauliflower, though I am now hooked! It has such an amazing texture, I am highly fascinated by it! And of course, because of my 'addiction' to cheese, I could not wait to sample cauliflower cheese, and fell in love with that instantly too!
The final individual vegetable I'll mention is sweetcorn. I first tried this in a tuna sandwich, and now I eat it in many forms! Not only is it delicious with potatoes, or in sandwiches, but I also love it on the cob too, and that's quite fun as well!
As well as single veg, I also have taken a particular fancy to one vegetable dish at the moment; Ratatouille. It is made of the chewy vegetables, like red and yellow peppers, and courgettes, sitting in a tomato and herb sauce…I could eat that every day if I let myself!
On to the fruit. When I was little, it was a struggle to get me to eat fruit! Now, I can't get enough of it, and there's so much of it out there, too! I remember my mum used to put chocolate over bananas, and roll them in sprinkles. Sneaky little me, I'd lick this off, and bin the banana! Now, this high-fibre fruit is actually one of my favourites, and I could scoff them all day! I love anything banana flavoured too!
I love the good old blue fruit too; blueberries! They have next to no calories, so I'm satisfied there, and I find the juicy little blueberries really fill me up too! Also, who can resist a blueberry muffin?!
When I was younger, I used to take a little tub of raisins to school, to eat at break time. Since then, they became most likely one of the fruits I have enjoyed my entire life! I don't really eat them on their own any more, but I do enjoy cereal with raisins, or raisin bread, and of course any chocolate with raisins in it!
After eating dates for the first time in a bowl of muesli, I had to get my hands on an actual packet of them, and that is exactly what I did! They have such a sweet, sensational taste, I'd never guess they were a fruit if I did not know!
Something I always thought I'd hate was prunes- everybody I knew hated them, so why wouldn't I? But my taste buds are in some ways phenomenal! I like really weird foods and combinations, so I thought I might as well try these! So I bought some, and became addicted! They really are just like giant raisins!
There's so much fruit and vegetables in this world, so many with extraordinary, great tastes, that it is almost impossible for a person not to get the recommended five a day, and more!

9) Yoghurt;
There's something I find really fascinating about yoghurt. I've always loved it, for as long as I can remember! And again, the options you have to choose from are endless when picking this snack! There's certainly something to suit everybody, no matter what you crave! I love any yoghurt almost, I couldn't possibly name every one, but there are some I am quite partial to!
One of my favourite brands is the infamous Muller variety - they, alone, have so much to offer! To start with, I love their Corners! I've eaten then for so many years now, sampling many of the flavours! Some of my favourites include; Banana Choco Flakes (a very creamy, banana flavoured yoghurt with little chocolate pieces), Strawberry Crumble (very sweet, with a light crumbly sugary biscuit), Strawberry Orange Balls (a smooth, strawberry yoghurt with orange and chocolate flavoured crunchy balls), Strawberry (a simple vanilla yoghurt with a strawberry puree) and Toffee Hoops (a toffee flavoured yoghurt accompanied by sticky chocolate flavoured hoops). My all-time favourite though is the Mississippi Mud pie - a toffee and chocolate sauce combination with sweet yoghurt and biscuit pieces! These corners are quite large, so are not idea for lunch boxes or anything though, and can create a bit of a mess!
I also adore the Muller Light range, very simple yet satisfying snacks; Sticky Toffee Pudding, Cherry, Strawberry, Toffee, and Vanilla! Each one is smooth and creamy, and the fruit versions have real pieces of fruit in them, too!
Muller also have a Cadburys range - their flake option comes with an extremely heavenly, thick and creamy chocolate yoghurt, with little flake pieces. Mmm, delicious!
Another brand of yoghurt I love, again with a wide variety and selection, is the Yoplait range! They do a fantastic selection of Weight Watchers yoghurts too! Their fromage freis are quite literally to die for, especially the blackberry and the raspberry ones! They're quite 'bitty', but delicious in their layers, all the same! I adore the normal weight watchers yoghurts too with the real fruit pieces! They come in some pretty delicious flavours too; Lemon, Toffee, Strawberry, Black Cherry…they're all gorgeous! They also have a Prune option, and a Toffee Apple option I would like to try, if I can find them anywhere! see picture4
Frubes, by Yoplait, have been on the go for years, at least since when I was about six! I remember you used to get a free pencil case, I assume you had to collect tokens or something! Not only are these glorious in taste, but they are practical too! No spoon is needed, therefore there is no mess! They can also be frozen, and used to keep lunches cool, and can be eaten this way too! They are most definitely a fun and entertaining yoghurt, and appeal to all!
Yet another brand I love which provide me with many yoghurt option - Nestle! They tend to do a lot of 'sweet' ones, my favourites being the Rolo yoghurt (chocolate yoghurt mousse with a sticky rich caramel centre) and the Milky Bar pots (a creamy and delicious white chocolate yoghurt with a toffee strain through it). Though, they are both quite unhealthy compared to other options!
Do you remember those teletubby yoghurts you used to get all those years ago? They came in a little tub, in packs of four, and were a sweet pink shade. They were quite thick and gloopy, and ever so satisfying! Some people called it the tubby custard… I wish you could still buy this!
When it comes down to it though, nothing beats a good old traditional, healthy Greek or natural yoghurt! It has such a sour, tangy taste, and really gets those taste buds tingling! I eat this with all sorts; ginger cake, lemon curd tarts, cornflakes…you really can mix this one with any sweet dish, and it's extremely delicious too! You can buy it in individual pots, or big tubs!
Yoghurts are very good for you, as long as you don't eat too much of them, as they are quite high in sugar levels! Usually though, they are perfect!

10) Cakes etc.
When it comes to sweet things, one thing I am a fiend for is the good old cake, and its close relatives! There's so many to choose from, and although they are generally extremely fattening, the one I have every now and then always provides me with a long lasting period of pleasure!
There are many different flavours of cake I adore from the 'sponge' collection, the first being coffee cake. Anything with a coffee taste, and I love it, so a delicious slice of rich and creamy coffee cake with coffee butter icing would go down a treat! So does marble cake, though I have no idea what exactly is in marble cake! It does look pretty though! I adore the traditional Victoria Sponge too, with its simple vanilla sponge, and its fine layer of sticky sweet jam and cream in the middle! Mmm, I can just feel the light and airy sponge trickling down my throat, washing it away with a nice cold glass of milk! Another favourite of mine is the Carrot Cake. I remember going into the bakers' after school almost every week on a Friday I think it was, to purchase my square of delicious, rich carrot sponge cake with the fine layer of sickly sweet vanilla icing on the top, the little picture of a carrot plopped on the top! I've never came across such fine confectionary since! And then there's ginger cake…so sticky and sweet! I adore a slice of this every now and then, especially when it is accompanied by a dollop of delicious, natural yoghurt! It's the perfect combination, as is fruitcake and custard!
It's not just cold slices of cake I enjoy either, I love the hot puddings you get too, especially those by Heinz; Spotted Dick, Treacle, Sticky Toffee see picture5 , Hot Fudge…they're glorious! And so simple too, just shove them in the microwave to heat up, then plop them into a bowl! I love these hot cakes with a nice scoop of ice cream too; it runs everywhere and makes a great combination for the taste buds to enjoy!
I do love brands too, the most common one of course being good old Mr Kipling's' fine cake selection! He has plenty of delicious desserts to offer me and my stomach! The first that comes to mind are the French Fancies see picture6 - so light and creamy! I tend to devour all the pink ones first! Then there's that special pink and yellow cake I have been eating for as long as I can remember- Battenberg! I love the mini ones, they're great for a sugary snack in lunches, and then the big one is fabulous when cut into slices and served aside custard (more in particular strawberry custard!). He also does fantastic Lemon and Angel slices - a particular addiction of mine with milk a little while back! His raspberry Swiss roll is quite nice, but nothing beats chocolate Swiss roll! Then there's the traditional cherry bake well- a combination of crust, icing, jam and a glace cherry! Nobody ever got my cherry, I love them! Mr Kipling also has a new festive fancy I am dying to try, as well as his apple slices!
As I said, it's not just simple cakes I take a fancy to! I love all sorts of sweet treats, especially donuts! Either ring donuts with layers of sweet icing, or coatings of sugar, to round donuts with dollops of cold custard, toffee or jam shovelled inside! Ah, my mouth is watering at the sheer thought! see picture7
I don't do much baking myself, and aside from the delicious upside down pineapple sponge cake I made at school last year (wow, the taste!), I have never made a full, round cake! Although, I do occasionally buy the packets of Green's cake mix! They have loads of fun recipes for baking, and plenty of different types to choose from too! My favourites include; Tom And Jerry Strawberry, Chocolate Harry Potter (with purple icing!), Banana Barney And Friends (I love banana icing!), and Noddy Googleberry (they come with little jelly berry sweets to put on the top!). And what's my favourite part of cooking these? Getting to lick the bowl! I haven't actually done that in a while though!
Despite all the glorious and delicious cakes and confectionary available, nothing beats a nice, traditional, good old Birthday Cake! I get one a year…of course, and I love it! Last year, I think, I got a Homer Simpson one…rich yellow icing, sweet butter cream in the centre…mmm! I've never had one of those giant cakes you get made though, the ones with the unbelievably thick and sweet butter frosting on the top, but several of my cousins have had them at parties, which of course meant I have been fortunate to have a slice or two, and that is by far my favourite! I'm hoping for one of those cakes for my 16th next year!
Unfortunately, cakes may well be my favourite snack, but it is something I rarely indulge in because they are not good for you at all! Though, when I do, I always make sure I wash it down with a nice cold glass of milk, and enjoy every second I share with my sugary snack!

All those foods…I feel so hungry now! But there's so many cravings buzzing around inside me now, the mix is unbelievable! I mean, who really wants to eat a bowl of macaroni cheese with a handful of blueberries and a spoonful of Mississippi Mud Pie?! Not I…!

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tune57 08.01.2008 14:09

WOW all that food, and it's nearly lunchtime. I love beetroot too ( hubby won't touch it makes him ill)

fabgirly 23.12.2007 19:08

Cake is one of my big downfalls too, well it at least explains my wobbly bits, lol! But what about chocolate????? Great review!

arnoldhenryrufus 21.12.2007 22:35

our favourite sarnie at the moment, is grated cheese mixed with salad cream and crispy onion (or fresh onion), yummy - lyn x

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